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Sam skywalker
23-02-2009, 18:55
So I am kinda new to fantasy... But I have several army lists... Now I was planning on running my chaos warriors with a front rank of 4... And am about to make my movement trays... But while talking to a blokey in GW he said that of course I would be taking them with a front rank of 5. Eh..?! Why is that an obvious statement?! So what are the benefits of taking a 5 front rank and a 4 front rank?! If I take 5 would I then take a unit of 15?! Where as if I take 4 I was only planning on taking 12...

I was planning on doing a squad of Khorne warriors with add h/w and another of nurgle with sheilds. So what do you guys suggest...?!

23-02-2009, 18:59
if you take 12 then run them at fronts of 6. You dont really have to rely on static combat res with those guys. a rank of 4 doesnt grant you rank bonus. A rank of 5 does. A tank of 6 takes 1 rank away but you kill them dead pretty quick

23-02-2009, 19:13
Does the notion of using a front rank of 6 fall apart when playing against units with the smaller infantry base? (dwarfs, mostly)

Because this whole front rank of 6 thing seems like something I'd never heard until I went on Warseer. It makes plenty of sense if everyone's running ranks of 5, but a rank of 5 dwarfs is about the same size as 4 warriors, with no definite chance that the corners will be touching.

23-02-2009, 19:21
5 dwaves = 100mm, 4 Warriors of Chaos = 100mm, so that gives the 4 in the middle excatly plus 2 on the corners. Therefore 6 will work fine on small bases or someone is not using the standard bases.

23-02-2009, 19:26
6 warrior frontage is optimal, i run 6 by 3 ranks and it works out very well. 6 ranks give you maximum attacks against the average unit and gives you some bodies to soak up wounds

23-02-2009, 19:30
I may well be pointing out the obvious but I will anyway -

If you go 4 wide, you do not get a rank bonus.

5 and over gives you the rank bonus.

6 Is optimal, in units of 12, 2x6. That way you get a rank bonus and maximum attacks against against 5 wide 20mm base units.

23-02-2009, 19:44
I run three units of 10 Khorne Warriors with Gw and shield.

Basically I reform them to whatever number I need to get maximum frontage against whatever units going to charge them.

Just recently I got charged by a 7x3 Saurus unit, killing 2, and striking back with 21 attacks of my own I managed to kill 14 back.

Also charged by a Black Knight bus in 1 game. Wiped them out (despite rezzing) in 3 combat rounds.

23-02-2009, 20:20
6-wide is pretty standard, yes. Chaos Warriors are some of the most expensive infantry you'll come across, so taking units of 15-20 is as big as you'll likely ever see them. I'd recommend making your movement trays 6x3 just in case you add characters to the unit or something to bulk them out a bit. I hate having guys sticking off the back of the tray :p

Also be sure that you measure things carefully when you make your trays. My 6x1 cavalry trays do NOT fit 6x2 infantry. They should, assuming GW's bases were exactly as wide as advertised... but the infantry bases are slightly larger than the cav bases for some reason. If you make all your trays 6x2 or 6x3 infantry sized then you can guarantee that Knights will fit in them as well. Versatile trays ftw :)

In the most recent game, I started 6x2 and after taking some casualties I just ended up reforming a unit of Warriors to be as wide as possible and it worked out well. I was gonna end up being charged by 18 White Lions with a Noble, no longer any way to avoid it, so I figured I would just kill as many as possible before I died.

Worked out pretty good, my 10 attacks stripped almost the entire 6-wide back rank off the buggers so my Knights could deal with them easier later on. :)

Guy Fawkes
23-02-2009, 20:58
You can put them however you like, and aren't limited to making even ranks. You can take 12 and put 7 in the first rank and 5 in the second, if you so desire. Obviously only the last rank can be different, but I see all of the time people running Swordmasters in a unit of 10 as 5x2, despite 7 in the front rank and 3 in the back being a bit more optimal. Ogres are commonly run 3x2, when in fact a front rank of 4 allows maximum attacks.

You aren't limited in how you deploy them until you put them on the field either. If your opponent is using 20mm bases (Dwarfs, Humans, Elves), then deploy your Warriors 6-wide for maximum attacks (you can reform to take on wider targets, but deploying wider makes wheeling a pain). If your opponent lines up 25mm models (Warriors, Daemons, Cavalry) across from you, deploying 7 wide is the best option. Of course n+1 is the optimal width for 20mm while n+2 is the optimal for 25mm, where n is the opponent's front rank size. So if your opponent deploys 7-wide, you can deploy 9-wide in order to maximize frontage.