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23-02-2009, 21:27
I still need to plan the things i gonna say.
If you like please add some relevant information that you hink is important for dwarves.

I think dwarves are good at both ranged and close combat but at the cost of magic and movement.

if you dont like to defend well, while waiting for your opponent to strike first in close combat then this army is not for you.

personally i prefer to use close combat with dwarves but their range is also good.;)

you could be put off by the movement of dwarves but they have a special rule which lets them march even if they end up 6" next to an enemy unit.

while playing dwarves you could either base your army on defense, using a lot of ranged or go nearly all out attack. you can try to mix the both but it is very hard to get a mix because of the different combinations of runes.:cheese:

24-02-2009, 06:55
First lets start with the core units:p

Core units


These are great at taking out smaller armies. you can give them great weapons for 2 points each which gives them a strenght of 5. Since these dwarves have an initiative of only 2 this would be a great choice for close combat unless you want a shield. you could tae a unit of around 18(6*3) to get maximum attacks. this can help against those pesky:p large, low cost units of goblins etc.

Long beards

these are a very good choice for cc(close combat) coz if you add 3 points to the warriors you get +1 ws and +1str. this unit is also immune to panic and they can take a runic standard like the master rune of grungni which gives your units within 6" a 5+ ward save or a rune of sanctuary(magic resistance(1)). you could use these in unit like the warriors(you could tae a unit of around 18(6*3) to get maximum attacks. this can help against those pesky:p large, low cost units of goblins etc.)


these units are one of the main shooting unit of the dwarves. they are armed with dwarf handguns which give +1 to hit. they may carry a shield. they cost quite a bit , at 14 pts each but they will be useful especially at shooting at large units. use these in units of multiples of 6( 12, 18) or 8(16, 24) this is to get the most attacks and use in ranks of 6 or 8.


these units are nearly he same like the thunderers but they have a crossbow instead of a dwarf handgun. although you dont have handguns(and their +1 to hit) you get an extra 6" of range. they can be aremd with great weapons, this could only be useful if you want them to become rangers. they also are cheaper by 3 points than the thunderer. beacause of this it is quie hard to choose between the two(quarrellers & thunderers).use these in units of multiples of 6(6, 12, 18) or 8(8, 16, 24) this is to get the most attacks and use in ranks of 6 or 8.


i really dont get the point of these units, unless you are playing on a very large battlefield, where you cant really get next to your opponent quick enough then their scout ability is really useless. the only reason you might go for these is beacause of their throwing axes. these are good for stad-and-shooting as a charge response since their range is only 6". i think that these are not worth paying the points for because the cheapest one you can get with throwing axes are 12 points which is not wroth wasting points on.

Dead Man Walking
24-02-2009, 11:35
If you look you may find a dwarf tactica here already, and not to be rude but your net-speak gives me a headache. :cries:

That and units of thunderers cant be bought in groups of 6, 10 is the least that can be fielded.

Also warriors should rarely use great weapons as surviving the charge is more important than striking last, loosing your front rank and getting no attacks back. Then you take your casualties into combat resolution and you run away. Dwarves win through combat resolution denial. :skull:

24-02-2009, 12:05
The way i look at it,

Dwarves are meant to shoot the enemy from afar, whittle down the numbers so that in the last 2-3 turns, the infantry blocks can hold/break the enemy.

However since the Dwarven book was written,

1) The subsequent armies have gotten tougher to kill, Ward saves, Regenerative saves, Regeneration banners.

2) The subsequent armies have gotten better psychology (immune to panic, fear, frenzy).

3) The subsequent armies have gotten better melee abilities ( increased number of attacks, hatred, ASF).

All these effects have made it that much harder for dwarves to kill enemies through shooting while the same enemies having reached the lines are harder to beat in HtH.

To spend points on shooting and risk the melee combat in the last few turns or to spend on infantry blocks for the eventual combat and not have enough shooting to whittle down the enemy?

That i think is what the dwarf player must have in mind while constructing an army list.