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23-02-2009, 21:42
Well I've always had a yearning for a undivided genric daemon foot troop, and thought of this little idea.

Soul slaves

The uncountable tortured souls which reside in the Realm of Chaos, men from all races which have pledged to Chaos as a form of slavation in life, yet in death they have become the slaves of the Gods, the lowest minions of the Dark Gods the vermin of Chaos. When Daemonic incursions are led by the undying champions, the Daemon Princes, these broken spirits take form into that of maddened, starved and depraved men. They are with out number, for throughout the centuries hundreds upon thousands have turned to the Dark Gods, in false hope, only to be gifted an eternity of foul servitude to four Gods of Chaos and their Daemonic hordes.

Soul Slave Pts - 12

4 4 0 3 3 1 5 1 7(8)

Wargear - twisted limbs and mutations - two hand weapons.

Special Rules-


Fear Of the Gods
The Soul slaves are in a constant fear of their Dark masters, ever watching them in life, they still feel their burning gaze upon their backs.

Soul Slaves have +1 Leadership as long as the army general is still alive.

Soul Slaves may only be taken as long as a daemon prince is present in the army.

what do you think, daemonic cheese or is it alright?

24-02-2009, 00:13
If you only add this new troop to the current armybook I say the unit goes directly to te bottom. Even daemonettes without herald are better. If you are going to use them because of some conversions are lurking your mind go for it. But the rules are rather poor.


PD, i love your conversions and themed armies