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Askil the Undecided
24-02-2009, 01:06
This is the kinda WIP background and stats for my Interrogator character Aldus Kailian.

Aldus Kailian was born to Ardus Adolpho and Mernia Kailian in Stonecliffe Manor on the garden world of Skelto. The Stonecliffe Estate had been bought by an offworlder called Lord Lehnav one hundred and seven years ago and with the exception of a single visit seventy years ago he hadn't come back. Apparently he had paid the house's upkeep and eventually passed it on to a man called Nammiz fourty one years ago. Nammiz had made visits but never stayed long. At the time of Aldus's birth Nammiz had been absent for two years. The illegitimate son of an understandably bored butler and a similarly underemployed scullery maid Aldus was raised for a life of service. Aldus was regarded as an odd child by the other manor staff, Aldus seemed to know who was nearby and where they were. To add to their discomfort he suffered extreme headaches and seizures, especially when in crowds.

Eventually at the age of thirteen Aldus was given the laughable job of personal aide to the master of the house who at this point had been absent for sixteen years. This was more to get him out of the way than anything else seeing as the young Aldus was regarded as irritatingly enthusiastic in comparison to the indolence of rest of the staff. Aldus endured two years as aide when Nammiz returned to Stonecliffe for the first time in seventeen years.

Aldus’s father Ardus was the first to notice the unannounced arrival pulling onto the drive. Aldus met the stranger at the door having arrived there only moments before due to a feeling he needed to be there. Aldus met the stranger at the steps to the front door and was immediately struck by the sheer power that radiated from the man like the dark halo of his unkempt hair and the dark piercing eyes that fixed him in place.

Aldus was so taken back by the force of the stranger’s presence that he stumbled over the unfamiliar words of his ceremonial greeting. “Hail honoured visitors welcome to Stonecliffe Manor the seat of Lord Nammiz of Stonecliffe.” Aldus had hardly noticed the man’s entourage until a man in red robes impatiently pushed him out of the way. “The master of the manor has been absent for some time sirs, but if you care to leave a message and a place of dwelling we will contact you when he returns.”

“I am Nammiz.” Said the wild-haired stranger in a guttural off world accent. “Who are you boy?” Aldus’s mind was blank under eyes of the master who had been absent his whole life his name eluded his mind’s grasp. The wit that had gotten him so many punishments in the past for irreverence picked up the slack in Aldus’s mind “I am your personal aide sir.” Nammiz smiled. “Yes, you are aren’t you?”

Nammiz stayed at Stonecliffe for a year and six months relying heavily on Aldus’s quick wit and knowledge of the manor to get the business of the house in order and when he left he decided to take Aldus with him. “To assist him further.” Aldus was told he would be taking on “other duties in keeping with his master’s.” Aldus’s father came to him the night before he was to leave and gave him a old-style high calibre six-shooter pistol and a dark blue flak coat that had belonged to his paternal grandfather. “My father always said these old things helped him to survive his guard service.” He said. “I hope they will bring you back to us too.”

After a tearful goodbye Aldus and Zimman’s entourage left in a procession of black groundcars to the spaceport in Skelto Secundus. As soon as they had left the soil of Skelto Secundus. Nammiz turned to Aldus and reintroduced himself as Inquisitor Kyne Wylf Zimman of the Ordo Malleus of the Emperor’s most holy Inquisition. “None of which matters for I’m still just to call you master?” Aldus ventured. Zimman grinned wolfishly “Indeed young Aldus. You still just call me master.”

The Fifteen and a half year old Aldus didn’t know it then but he had just become an acolyte of the Inquisition.

“Is it really only six and a half years?” Asked Zimman. Aldus assured him he was correct “Lucky I found you then before you psyker gifts truly awoke. Non-Inquisitorial sanctioning can take decades.” Zimman handed Aldus the rosette. “You are to be my Interrogator Aldus. Go forth and help me do the Emperor’s will in my service.”

Thus at twenty two Aldus the “Personal aide” became Aldus Kailian Interrogator of the Ordo Malleus of the Emperor’s most Holy Inquisiton. During his six years of training he had become dedicated to the idea that an agent of the Inquisition should not use his power for idle personal gains and strove to use the bare minimum of the gear available to him.

Aldus became a fair shot with his chosen weapons the standard issue Lasgun and the revolver his father had given him at Zimman’s encouragement had devoted himself to the weapon of the frontline officer the Chainsword and has begun to grasp the seeds of it’s mastery. At the urging of his master Aldus has taken to wearing Arbites issue carapace armour but refuses to encumber his shooting arm in case his aim is affected. He still wears his grandfather’s flak coat and carries the irritatingly inaccurate high calibre pistol everywhere he goes as a good luck charm.


WS: 67
BS: 63
S: 59
T: 59
I: 67
Wp: 69
Sg: 68
Nv: 73
Ld: 70
Speed: 4


Lasgun (Necromunda Pattern) 2 reloads
Revolver 12 manstoppers
average bionic left eye (range finder & laser sight)
filtration plugs
Carapace armour all locations but head and right arm
Flak armour right arm


Wyrd: Detection

Arbite judge body
Arbite judge left arm (Shock weapon clipped off)
Chainsword from chain weapons pack (OOP?)
Duke Von Castellan head
Imperial guardsman right arm (with lasgun on sling possibly OOP)