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07-12-2005, 18:15
Dwarfen list against Beastmen:

Dwarf Thane: HW, GA, Sh, + MR Spite, Rune of Stone

Dwarf Runesmith: GW, GA, Sh+HW, MR of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking
Dwarf Runesmith: GW, GA, Sh+HW, MR of Spellbinding, Rune of Spellbreaking

2* 20 Dwarf Warriors- GW, HW, Sh, HA, Full Command

2* 12 Crossbowdwarfs- LA, Sh, HW, Xbow, Full Command

Cannon: Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning

20 Longbeards- Full Command

Organ Gun


Now, I'm entirely unable to build my flame cannon before the game, and this is about it that I have available for the game. I have a spare cannon that's easy to swap in in place of the Gyrocopter, but I suppose the Gyrocopter'll be more useful. Will it?

My last game against someone else's beastmen was quite disastrous, any tips?(obviously, I can 'convert' the CrossbowDwarfs to Rangers if need be, but I'd rather not, y'know...).


Tormentor of Slaanesh
07-12-2005, 21:07
the gyrocopter wouldn't be much use if he had lots of raiders.
longbeards, not the best elites.
you'd have to stand in a corner and not move, too few units and you could be outflanked.

08-12-2005, 02:31
ive found beastmen to be a huge pain in the butt for dwarfs. my first experiences with my dwarf army were 12 straight games against beastmen all part of a map based campaign. the gyro is a great choice, but i dont think the cannon is either.

the flame cannon is your best friend

08-12-2005, 09:13
The cannon use on his bestigor and keep pummeling them.

The Gyrocopter I would honestly no take he will have at least two beast herds and they do pretty well at getting flanks especially with lore of slaanesh.

I would actually suggest playing a stoic game. He cannot reach you until at least turn 3

try to bring th eorgan gun or flame cannon to bear on his mino's they are pretty nasty and he will likely have them. If he has dragon ogres same as mino's they get nasty in close combat and there is no champ to challenge.

Spawns are crap don't worry about them.

a giant is pretty useful against dwarves so try and take them out quickly they are large targets but honestly I usually use mine as a missle magnet as it is only 200 pts. and it has W6 and T5. at the very least wait until it is in close range and throw a :eek: load of shots at it. It's terror and fear will not be a factor with your LD unless he does yell and bawl which means you lost to a fear causing unit and you auto break.

Honestly chariots would be my main concern in a beast list as they are only 85 points and the tuskgors get S5 on the charge. but those can be cannoned so definately swap out your gyro.

All in all count on the magic 5 CR to bring you through. Ranks numbers and Std. for the herds and centigors and if it looks big or scary shoot it!

As for the list I would take thunderers instead of cross bowmen and ironbreakers in stead of longbeards. Also if your in a pinch for some points the rune of burning is gonna do nill against beasts.

08-12-2005, 17:23
As it happens, the list played reasonably well. He had:

2 Shamans(which did bugger all)
1 BeastLord(who killed a couple of champions before failing to kill a runesmith in one combat)
1 Banner Bearer with some sort of bound D6S4 hits item banner.

1 'Big' Herd of gor-things(~25)
2 11 Strong Herds in ambush
2* Units of wolfy things(11 strong and 5 strong)
1 Block of bestigors(~20)
2 Tuskgor Chariots
1 6 Strong unit of centigors
1 unit of Six Minotaurs

He deployed in a line:


with the two small herds and the small wolves ambushing(which came up directly behind my line, which looked like this:)

|Organ Gun-Crossbows-Longbeards-Warriors-Cannon-Warriors-Crossbows
in an angle such that the organ gun touched the short edge, and the crossbows touched the long edge. All the ambushers came on behind.

Well, the game went okay. Armour and Ld held up reasonably nicely until my two units of warriors(inc thane and runesmith) got tied into combat with the Minotaurs, then fled after four rounds of combat, with them running down one unit of warriors.

Longbeards and Runesmith2 ended up facing against his Lord, Shaman and massive beastherd. Eventually they won and ran-down the herd(wows!) after a flank charge by a unit of crossbowdwarfs who were on the side of the longbeards.

Gyrocopter held up the bestigors for a couple of turns, and kept a chariot away from the main lines, last thing to die, but it didn't actually do very much damage with it's steam gun.

Cannon hit a chariot square on with the first shot, then when ambushed by some wolfy things, turned and grapeshotted them, but they didn't flee, and the crew had to fight on, finally beating the wolves by killing them all, then got absolutely clobbered by the arrival of the minotaurs.

Organ Gun did okay, caused a few casualties to skirmishing things nearby, and fought in combat against some wolves and a charge by one of the small herds. Fortunately, it won against the wolves, who fled and panic the centigors, who ran away, but returned later. It held up the small herd for a while before finally dying in combat.

Overall, my armour and Ld held up very nicely. If my warriors had held again for another turn, the Minotaurs would've got charged by the Longbeards, but it wasn't to be. After that, it was a slow, but inevitable massacre of dwarfs. Fortunately, by the end, he only had a ~15 bestigors, 1 chariot(wounded to 2 remaining), 3 Centigors and 4 Minotaurs.

A good and close game for the most part, a shame it all fell to pieces near the end.

I think I'd have preferred a unit or two more of Iron Breakers in place of the cannon/warriors, though the longbeards were handy(if I had the models, they'd be out, but I like the longbeard models too much :rolleyes: )

Cheers though folks!


Tormentor of Slaanesh
10-12-2005, 19:08
try it again with the new book and nect time kill the minotaurs, they kick ass!!!