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Roast Ice
24-02-2009, 07:35
Hi i was playing one of my first games with any real magic in it because i was playing at 500 pt battles.
This was battle for skull pass.
My friend when he was rolling for spells rolled 4 and got foot of gork and it crushed 3 of my thunderers but i thought lvl 1 wizards cant get those high casting spells.
And annoyingly he miscasted before and i forgot to tell him to roll on the miscast table. We are still playing.

So do dwarfs have a resistance to magic and what is it? because i don't know all the rules but iam learning all the time.

thxs Roast

24-02-2009, 07:45
He can indeed cast foot of gork, but he can only do so with 2 power dice max

As a dwarf you get 4 dispel dice on top of any dispel dice you generate for rune priests and magic items.

24-02-2009, 07:56
You can use 4 power dice with a level 1 shaman if you have a power stone :)

24-02-2009, 08:25
A Lvl1 goblin Shaman gets one random spell from the little whaag.
He can cast spells using 2 dices (if not using for example mushrooms)

He needs to roll higher than the casting value, nothing else prevents him from casting spell number 6 in the little whaag if that was the spell he got.

And remember even if the casting value is 15 and you roll double 6 its a success.

Best regards

Best regards

24-02-2009, 08:27
He needs to roll higher than the casting value

equal to; or higher you mean. but carry-on.

24-02-2009, 22:22
About dwarf magics resistance: I believe dwarves get 2 dispel dice extra each turn for being dwarf.

With 2 basic dice everyone gets, this makes your total 4.
Since he has a lvl 1 shaman, he gets 2 basic casting dice +1 for his shaman (1 dice per wizard leve), so he has 3.
He can use a max of 2 on a level 1 shaman to cast, and since he can't cast his single spell twice, that's the maximum he can use.

This comes down to:
He casts with 2 dice.
You get to dispel with up to 4.

Do note, this is only for this specific situation, and only if he didn't use any kind of magic boosters, like power stones.

25-02-2009, 09:06
Regarding the number of dispel dice etc remember that battle for skull pass is lacking many of the army specific rules and that including some of them but not all may do strange things to the game balance (ie if you add the extra dispel dice for the dwarf and the +1 to hit for thunderers you can just as well decide that the dwarf player won instead of actually playing the game).

I find the set rather balanced without the army specific rules but with them it is usually a walk over victory for the dwarfs unless you also allow the armies to take some additonal units or equipment (such as fanatics and mushrooms).

25-02-2009, 10:40
He can use a max of 2 on a level 2 shaman to cast, and since he can't cast his single spell twice, that's the maximum he can use.

This is incorrect; you can use 1 more dice to cast than your magic level allows. A level 1 wizard (so shaman, mage, sorceress etc) can cast using 2 dice maximum, a level 2 up to 3, and so on. To the OP: there is one exception to this, Dark Elf sorceresses can use any number of dice to cast, and so can Lord Kroak. There are probably other exceptions, however the rule is your opponent must show you what allows them to override the normal rule!

You are not allowed to attempt to cast the same spell twice - i.e. if your first attempt to cast either fails to reach the value OR is dispelled using normal dice OR is dispelled through dispel scrolls then you are not allowed to attempt to cast it again.

Finally, ANY mage in the game can cast any spell of any value, as long as they use 2 dice to do so (well, and actually know the spell....) A roll of double 6 (Irresistable Force) means the spell goes off (and cannot be dispelled!) regardless of the actual value you were attempting to reach. For example, Lizardmen have a character with a casting value 20 spell - if you are lucky and roll 2 6s from 2 dice, the spell is cast even though you were nowhere near the casting value.

Like all things, there is a downside: miscasts (double 1) always override irresistable force (e.g. 4 dice - rolls of 1,1,6,6 would still be a miscast), and automatically cause the spell attempt to fail - and also cause the dispel attempt to fail (although you dont roll on miscast table, as you werent casting just dispelling). So while dwarves may get 4 dice basic, plus bonus dispel dice per runesmith and other runes, its not a good diea to throw max dice to try to stop a spell - you increase your chance of automatically failing to dispel the spell casting attempt.

Good luck with playing, next suggestion would be to read the full army books for each army and start to play with real points values and rules. To make it easier still use the skul;l pass minis, and start adding differnet units as your confidence grows :)

25-02-2009, 16:54
This is incorrect; you can use 1 more dice to cast than your magic level allows.

Yes I know, little error sneaked in :D
Changed it in my post, to avoid confusion.