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24-02-2009, 19:38
Hello, I recently picked up the 'Battle for Skull Pass' starter set with some additional models and am in the process of painting and building a 1000 point Orc and Goblin army. I drew up an army list and just thought I would share it for some criticism from more experienced players, thanks in advance.

65 Orc Shaman
16 Boar Mount
35 Level 2 wizard
50 Equipment

50 Night Goblin Shaman
35 Level 2 Wizard
50 Equipment

30 Night Goblin Big Boss
4 Great Axe
2 Light Armor
50 Equip

60 Night Goblins x 20
19 Spears
35 Nets
25 Fanatic x 1
20 Full Command

60 Night Goblins x 20
19 Spears
35 Nets
25 Fanatic x 1
20 Full Command

60 Night Goblins x 20
-- Bows
25 Fanatic x 1
20 Full Command

75 Squig Hoppers x 5
75 Squig Hoppers x 5

40 Troll x 1

Total: 1000 PTs

Power Dice: 2
Dispel Dice: 4

I would also appreciate any suggestions on what units to take up to 1500, since that will be my next step.:D

25-02-2009, 01:48
For a new player, this list isn't bad, but needs a lot of work.


Units of 20 goblins are only really acceptable for archers or things you expect only to deliver fanatics and die. For a unit you expect to go into combat and hope to win they absolutely must be 25 in a 5x5 or 30 in 5x6. This lets them keep rank and outnumber bonuses after combat and shooting.

The general consensus is that spear goblins are not as good as Hand weapon and shield goblins for the points. WS2 S3 attacks tend to bounce off most attackers no matter how many you get, and losing the +1 armor for hand weapon and shield hurts more than that helps. Staying alive and denying the enemy kills is really the best goblins can hope for.

Musicians are a good choice for all units, pretty much no matter how big. Standards are really only for goblin units that you can count on- specifically, ones with 30+ guys, nets and a character to provide some hits. Goblins, as opposed to NGs, are better for this due to their better leadership

Night goblin archer units absolutely never should have a standard or champion- if this unit gets into combat it is dead, and thats 100 Victory points for captured standard you just gave away.

Squig hoppers in units of 5 are okay if used to annoy the enemies flanks and hop through terrain and stuff- for frontal attack units they are just throwing away points. The lone troll works in the same way.

For 1500 points I reccomend you get some-

plain old orc boyz- blocks of 25-30 are a cost effective, tough anchor. HW&S and 2x choppas are both good. The big'un upgrade is not really worth it, except for small (10-12) flanking units with 2x choppas that maximise the extra hitting power.

2 Spear chukkas- cheap, ignore armor, 2-1 special choice. Pretty much as must have.

A black orc general- So much better than goblins it's not even funny.

An orc boar chariot- D6+1 impact hits, plus crew and boars make for a brutal charge. This combined with a charging infantry block will wreck most units.

A unit or two of goblin cavalry- spiders or wolves, preferably one of each. Cheap, throwaway units for flank charges. Best run in units of 5.

Welcome to the hobby! Also, take all the above with a grain of salt for two reasons 1) People disagree on the best use of units 2) Whatever you enjoy the most is the best unit. As long as your opponent isn't trying too hard to wipe you out you'll have a fun time with a sub-optimal list and even get a good amount of victories.

P.S. The legendary Avain has a webpage with more O&G tactics than you can shake a stick at http://folk.ntnu.no/tarjeia/avian/index.php highly recommended. My sig has an article on cheaping on on hobby stuff if that's an issue.

26-02-2009, 18:14
Hey man,

awesome start with your list! i have a few suggestions tho...

if you decide to take a banner with your gobby units, i suggest making your goblin boss a BSB and taking poison attacks banner for your gobbie spears. its a fun banner and yet at the same time lets you reroll that low leadership score...

but remember...keep that orc boss close!!! put him in a unit of orc boys (great value for the pts) cause T4 will help defend from shooting.

nets and fanatics are great, good on those

beef those gobby units up..i say 25+...on every combat you need to defend yourself with
-3 ranks, banner, outnumber, w/warbanner? if you can afford


good call on shaman, but with such low points I say (personally) you gotta go BIG with magic mushrooms (buy 2-3 and maybe a dispell scroll). you can afford not to have a solid phase with that little guy. blow your opponent away with extra mushroom dice (just dont roll a one!! lol)

So...all in all

consolidate gobbies into two big units w/nets and fanatics a go-go. Throw in Orc boys with high leaderhsip orc boss to keep those gobbies IN LINE.

refuse the flank with gobbies and take a charge like a man! heck, buy the standard of stubborn if you need to, re roll your leadership with BSB and FLANK HARD with handweps orc boys.

throw in a cheap unit of spider riders for flanking/shooting warmachines!
a nice orc chariot never hurt either, good suggestion burger. maybe a bolt thrower as well if you can afford!

now go out there and waagh!