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08-12-2005, 00:37
After not playing for a very long time, I've been asked to run a couple of BFG demonstration games. To that end I've put together a pair of 2500 point lists using my existing Chaos and Imperial fleets. My options are somewhat limited by what I have and what is painted, but the Pair of Lists break down like this.

Imperial Task Force Hyperion

Retribution Class Battleship "Imperator Imperialis"

Mars Class Battlecruiser "Regina Caelorum" - Admiral with two extra re-rolls
Overlord Class Battlecruiser "Conqueror"

Lunar Class Cruiser "Black Prince"
Gothic Class Cruiser "Warrior"
Dictator Class Cruiser "Eternal Might"

Dauntless Class Cruiser (Lance Variant) "Audacious"
Dauntless Class Cruiser (Lance Variant) "Adventure"

Dauntless Class Cruiser (Torpedo Variant) "Huntress"
Dauntless Class Cruiser (Torpedo Variant) "Diana"

Five Sword Class Frigates
Four Firestorm Class Frigates
Four Cobra Class Destroyers

Ghost Fleet Orpheus

Desolator Class Battleship "Helot's Shackle" - Warmaster with Mark of Tzeentch

Styx Class Heavy Cruiser "Dominion" - Warlord with Mark of Tzeentch
Devestation Class Criuser "Clytemnestra"

Acheron Class Heavy Cruiser "Tannhauser"
Carnage Class Cruiser "Erinyes"
Carnage Class Cruiser "Agamemnon"

Slaughter Class Cruiser "Warspite"
Slaughter Class Cruiser "Nightstalker"

Six Infidel Class Raiders - Warlord with Mark of Tzeentch
Five Iconoclast Class Destroyers
Five Iconoclast Class Destroyers

Both fleets (especially the Imperial one) have been picked to show off the full rules and the fleets at their best, however, as an old hand at playing Chaos but with very little experience of the Imperial Navy, I'm afriad I haven't balanced them against one another very well.

What do you think?

08-12-2005, 02:18
I can't really help you with the Chaos fleet (though it seems like a pretty good list), but here's a few thoughts about the IN:

-IN ships aren't like Chaos ones in that they cannot operate on their own. For this reason, it is always best to have at least two ships of the same class squadroned together.
-If you want to use Nova Cannons, you are going to have to have at least two for them to be effective; the first shot will usually drop the shield, and the second will cause the damage. Since the rules for NCs are going to change when V2.0 comes around, you might want to learn the Experimental rules right away. In this case, 3 NCs or more isn't too much in a 2000+ pts fleet, since the scatter will mean that you need to fire more shots to achieve the same effect on a single ship (that is unless you really sucked at guessing range in the first place).

Keeping this in mind, I suggest the following:

-Switch the Ret for an Emperor: -20 pts
-Switch the Dictator for a second Lunar: -40 pts
-Switch the Overlord for a second Mars: +35 pts
-Add an extra Cobra: +30 pts

This adds an extra 5 pts to the total points, which really isn't a big deal. If you absolutely need to be at 2500 pts, drop a sword and add a sixth Cobra.

I personnaly prefer the lance-armed Dauntless, and a squadron of 4 of them is rather deadly, but this is a matter of personnal preference.

Hope this helped.

Cpt. Drill
08-12-2005, 08:32
With imperial all you want is dominators (I belive? they have nova canons!) and for chaos you want the most broken ship in the game SLAUGHTER!