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25-02-2009, 14:50
I'm testing the wizard Lord as an Lord option so any toughts are welcomed. The model will be the Max Schreiber figure, making it a fit general of the army. This army is themed for Stirland (again) and thus there is no steamtank, alltought other warmachines are....

Maybe for even tournaments but mainly for friendly matches...

Empire Army of Stirland


Wizard Lord w. lvl 4, Wizard's Staff, Luckstone 245p
- Keeping him as cheap as possible, ido't think he requires anything else (exept maybe armor)... Lore of Fire would be daedly on his hands.


Battle Wizard w. lvl 2, Rod of Power, Power Stone 150p
- More casting with this and maybe with the lore of heavens.

Warrior-Priest w. Great Weapon, Armor of Meteoric Armor, Icon of Magnus 144p
- Greatswords need him, maybe also a good choise for general.

Warrior-Priest w. Barded Warhorse, Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Van Horstmann's Speculum 141p
- Going after the monsters that GC can't see...


25 Spearmen of Stirguard 170p
Shields, Full Command
Detachment: 9 Miltia Freemen 45p
Detachment: 5 Archers 40p
- Lord goes with the spearmen, the stirlands finest youth guard. Bulls give either supporting charges against attacking enemy.

10 Crossbowmen w. Musician 85p
- Hero wizard goes here with the finest marksmen of stirland...

15 Flagellants 150p
- Covers the flank beyond the Ld range

5 Knights 123p

5 Knights 123p
- Need flankers, mounted priest goes with the other one. Don't know how I'm going to fit these in theme tought...


20 Greatswordsmen w. Full Command, Warbanner 255p
Detachment: 9 Miltia 45p
Detachment: 5 Archers 40p
- Old guard of Stirland, with foot priest.

Great Cannon 100p

Mortar 75p
- Old relyable Thunder and Duster

5 Pistoliers w. Musician 98p
- Mounted river patrol, they allways get killed...


Hellstorm Rocket Battery 115p
- Battlefield conversion, model is converted and fits the look.

3 Ogre Kindom Bulls w. Iron Fists, Light Armor, Musician 139p
- Hired help, working for meat... Can be tradet for Man-eaters, counting as orge hunters, etc...


26-02-2009, 02:45

26-02-2009, 03:28
On a general sence I think this lacks in a lot of places and it could be themed and still much more competitive, it's just a question of maximising the effectivness of your units.

Now, if you are going to take a level 4 mage, you'll want at least a couple more, though likelly the full 4 mage cadre to make sure things go right. The lord keeping him cheap is a mistake but perhaps you could field him in a way you might not have thought about. How about the van hortsmann's speculum for him, joined by either a holly relic, or more likely a sword of power? Enough power to stop most lords as they won't dream o a level 4 wizard charging them if they get too close. Also give him a power stone.

Now I like you level 2 mage and a few more should be fitted. I'd opt for a dispel scroll and a power stone to each.

You should put more archers in the spearmen detachment, should you need them for screen, just 5 aren't enough, maybe 7 or 8. Also raise the militia to 12 models, you want to keep as much alive as possible for a counterchage or a support charge.

Crossbows don't need a musician, other than that they fill their role.

Just 15 flagellants? Either get something like, 25+ or don't at all, they'll just die all to quickly to be efficient.

The knights are small and no musician needed if kept in small numbers, much less a guy inside.

Now what I really see as the bigest waste of points is the greatswords, they are costy and they don't kill anything, plus you waste a special choice there. Just put a unit of swordsman in their place.

Just a great cannon won't cut it through, you need a bit moe of firepower, maybe another or 3.

The pistoliers... Well they really are what you say, they always die and more often than not, they don't do anything orther than dying. Being part of the them as necessary I will understand not taking them out.

The rocket bateries are something cool to look at, but they never land a hit, swap for a hellblaster.

The ogres are something that might be cool for a change of pace but I'd be more interested in a second hellblaster. Once again I understand the themed part here.

Also even if you feel the need to include greatswords as a themed part of the army, there isn't, if you think about it, they are supposed to be the elector count's guard and not really an elite force and since there is none present, you can leave them home.
PS: I know, it's called a general of them empire on the army list, but fluff wise, we all know what they are.