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25-02-2009, 15:21
Hey guys just bought a black coach off ebay and I wondered what tactics are best to use? Any good combinations we can pull off? Also I'd like some math hammer on chances of pumping it up.
I'll have 2pool, the enemies 2 pool. mannfreds 6power and 2 more vamps with 2 more each (lvl2)..for a total of 14 first game turn, probably with 10 (mannfreds plus pool dice) game turn 2...can anyone churn out those math hammer stats for me?
Also, the math-hammer based purely on pool dice for the first four turns.

If anyone can help with that, I'd really appreciate it!

The Red Scourge
25-02-2009, 15:31
1-6 of those dice should be 6 ;)

25-02-2009, 16:10
1 in 6 with 14 dice = 2.33 levels in first turn.

Caine Mangakahia
25-02-2009, 18:33
The black coach is a must have if your Lord has the crown of the damned. If he goes stupid, park your coach next to him and hopefully suck up some dice.

Some other buffs for the BC: Blue Scribes Banner of Sorcery.

Guy Fawkes
25-02-2009, 21:14
First off, I would put this in the Vampires Tactica. It is more useful to others there, this has probably been asked before, and more people would respond.

However, I really like the Black Coach - even when it wasn't so great in the last edition (Evocation was more a cantrip than something to base a strategy around).

For the probabilities: 14 dice on the first turn = 2.333 powers on the first turn + 10 on the second turn = 4 powers by the second turn. That's more than enough to let it see combat.

However, I try not to base anything around the Black Coach. Some games I've managed to attain 4 powers in the first turn, and others I've had nothing. Obviously anything based around pure chance (rolling a certain spell, getting certain Black Coach powers, not rolling stupidity, etc...) is a doomed plan over a long enough period of time and multiple games (eg. in a tournament). I play it as a regular chariot with some added survivability (you can heal a wound on a 4+ and it has a ward save). I just smash it into things and hope for the best. It rips through weak enemies really quickly, and makes great conjoined charges with infantry (charge the chariot into corner-to-corner with an enemy unit, march your Skeletons with Warbanner or whatever up, then danse them in). The Black Coach destroys most of the front rank, especially if it has scythes at this point, the Skeletons or Ghouls take no wounds and win through combat resolution by 2 or 3 points (often more if the enemy is a killy opponent with little rank bonus, like Swordmasters or Chaos Warriors). Black Coaches make a great alternative to tarpits, are more maneuverable than Black Knights or Blood Knights, really shine against ASF opponents, and has multiple high-toughness wounds with a ward save, allowing it to take a few wounds and still fight at perfect strength. They aren't quite as fast as flyers or Dire Wolves, etc... but are perfectly sufficient. If you are playing a magic-heavy army, I actually find them a bit more preferable to cavalry, because they have narrow frontage (allowing them ease to joint charge with infantry, which are generally taken en masse in a magic-heavy Vampires army) and gain much better survivability and offensive capabilities with several turns of Evocation (Once it starts flying or becomes ethereal, it is much more useful, in my opinion, than the expensive Blood Knights, who are more dangerous, but harder to control and less useful on a tactical sense).

I don't think I'd ever take 2 in 2k, but I've been tempted - they are that useful. The only reason I even consider Varghulfs ever is that they have a longer charge (important in a slow army) and are capable of fighting well even when charged. If the Varghulf didn't have these advantages, I would always take a Black Coach over one.

Finally, one last point to make, is that they have that all-so-important 6" march range. Their speed allows them to see off a Dire Wolf march move in the second turn, something even Hero-level Vampires struggle to do. Obviously this isn't always relevant, especially since two other rare choices are just as fast and can allow you to march as well, but it is always nice to allow you to field a separate detachment, if necessary, although Black Coaches are still really vulnerable to cannons (but fast enough to use terrain to block LOS, the Vampire list has tons of flyers and fast units, and you are safe when you hit ethereal, except against Dwarfs).

My thoughts, anyways.

26-02-2009, 15:35
Some other buffs for the BC: Blue Scribes Banner of Sorcery.

How about lord croak putting all 4 of his dice into the pool? For 6 enemy pool total!