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25-02-2009, 16:11
Hi, my Mordheim plog hasn't attracted much attention, (find it here http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=184777 ;)) So I've decided to post pics of my zombie pirates, mostly because theres a lack of zombie pirate armies on here, and partly because I think they're pretty cool (zombies AND pirates, whats not to love?)

So here we go, first, a unit of deckhands;


First rank






And fourth


25-02-2009, 16:12
I want to increase the unit size from 20 to 30, so heres my WIP extras

Fifth rank


Sixth rank


25-02-2009, 16:14
Ok, so heres my second unit of deckhands, I've painted up twenty models, but again I want to increase the unit to 30 zombies


First rank


Second rank


Third rank


Fouth rank


25-02-2009, 16:15
Heres the WIP fifth rank for the unit;


25-02-2009, 16:17
And heres my WIP deck droppers;


I want to add another two models to this unit, ask if you want close ups :)

25-02-2009, 16:18
Obviously the army is still kinda WIP, bases need to be done, and a bit of tidying up, but mostly finished.
So thats it for now, I'll post pics of my ranged units (handgunners, cannons, deck guns, pistoliers) a bit later, if your all nice and leave me comments :)

Ta guys

25-02-2009, 17:57
(zombies AND pirates, whats not to love?)

That pretty much says it all. Love it all around and hope to see more.

25-02-2009, 18:17
Pirates! In zombified format. With a load of mad ideas from their creator. Grrrreat, an' shiver me timbers!

25-02-2009, 18:20
As an avid pirate fan, as well as being particuarly fond of eating people's flesh, I find this log very pleasing :D

Are you going for wooden deck bases? Or treasure island beach? Or something else entirely?

25-02-2009, 19:02
Hmm, i was going to go with the sandy beach base theme for the bases, but maybe something special for the deck droppers, I think it's to late to add wooden decking to the majority of the models...so golden sand it is :)

25-02-2009, 19:14
Sounds like a plan :)
I think it would look extremely awesome if you added little shellfish on some of the bases and/or models. Lots o' seaweed too.

Getifa Ubazza
25-02-2009, 19:17
Loving the Zombie Pirates. I cant exactly remember whats in the Zombie Pirates list, so look forward to seeing what else will be in the army.

25-02-2009, 19:30
I'll post some more of my army tomorrow :)

You guys got an comments on the painting? I don't think some of them look piratey enough, so o my new models, I'm gonna paint plenty of stripey tops, trousers, bright colours...like an Errol Flynn movie lol

@OutOfContext...sounds great :) I'll have a go at that sometime soon

25-02-2009, 22:29
I second the sea shells on the base. Also I havent seen a single wooden leg or hook hand!

26-02-2009, 02:38
Needs more ninja ;)

The models look great. I had personally considered doing one myself, but I don't think there's 'that' good a counts as army for them at the moment (VC has no shooting, TK isn't bad... but you miss out on some other things). Keep up the good work, Zombie Pirates need more love.

26-02-2009, 14:40
I second the sea shells on the base. Also I havent seen a single wooden leg or hook hand!

I agree with you, I need to make them more piratey, ASAP I'm going to buy some more zombies, and make more piratey models, to mix in with the existing units, to hopefully create a 'proper piratey' army.

Although, if you look at the second rank of the second unit, the model on the far right does have a peg leg :)

Any more C+C? I'd really like your input guys....gonna post more pics a bit later

26-02-2009, 15:01
Ok, I promised some pics of my ranged units, so here we go, first, the cannons;

The crew, ignore the bases, as these were done before


And the gun itself


The second cannon, is unpainted, so I'll get to work on it, also, the crewman with the cannonball, has since been more - zombified, so I'll post pics of him when the whole things painted :)


26-02-2009, 15:05
My Deck Gunners, who are armed with swivel guns, the guns are made by another manufacturer (sorry, can't remember who!) I'll try and get these painted ASAP. I'm planning on adding another five to the unit


The first model needs a bit of gs work


The gunners missing arm is not on purpose, I'll have to find him a replacement



26-02-2009, 15:06
And the last two deck gunners



26-02-2009, 15:10
And, to finish for today, my zombie gunnery mob. The unit as a whole was too long to take a decebnt pic of, as it's two ranks of ten.

So, heres the first five


The next lot


Second rank now, the first five...


And the last fi-three? Two seem to have shuffled off...I'll find them later :P These ones are still wip...


26-02-2009, 15:12
Again, these need to be made more piratey, (I know, I sound like a broken record!)
Lol, soon I'll post pics of my Wip Heroes :)

C+C please guys, I really want to know your thoughts. Praise? Constructive Criticism? Suggestions? I'll accept it all


26-02-2009, 15:38
Yarrrr! Off to a good start, but I agree they could use some more color in the outfits, especially to provide some contrast for the dull and lifeless zombie flesh. If you have any greenstuff modelling skills at all, I think at least one or two guys with an eyeball hanging out of socket would be a great zombie touch, maybe a skeletal parrot on someone's shoulder (not to steal from POTC of course, but hey it's on topic LOL). The cannon and crew look like they'll be a nice setpiece when finished, can't wait to see a full army pic. Cheers!

26-02-2009, 15:54
haha, awesome army! really great mixing the Empire Militia and Zombie box. whats the commander gonna look like?

26-02-2009, 16:04
Ahoy! Love the middle gunner in the first rank. Very Zombie-y.
Maybe you could try adding some more pirate-y bits. Ropes, pulleys, deck rigging and the like. They are obviously pirates now, but just like pirates you should hit people over the head with the theme.

26-02-2009, 16:28
@Mooglemen - Yer, I've started painting, re painting, and buliding more zombies, with a very OTT sterytypical pirate feel, even though I want an army for serious gaming, I don't mind mind a few silly/crazy pirate models :P

@Nordic - Haha, haven't really thought of the commander yet, the rules say the special character 'Luther Harkon' has to be the leader, and today i started getting some very good ideas on how to model him...I'm thinking a very dandy pirate :)

Thanks alot everyone, the feedback I'm getting so far is really good, got more?

27-02-2009, 22:50
Not much of an update, just wanted to ask your opinion;

Here's a WIP shot of a new zombie, with a more piratey paintjob;



Sorry for poor pics, just wanted to get a quick shot to show y'all. It's my first ever attempt at painting stripes, so go easy

Obviously it's still very much WIP, I just wanted your opinion is all

Any thoughts? All C+C is much appreciated :)


28-02-2009, 10:07
I dislike Pirates, but I like these guys, they look more ramshackle and undeadish this way.

The mixture of kits and the paintjobs does some up pirate zombie horde nicely, but I like the new Blue/white pants.

28-02-2009, 18:40
So, now new comments on the trousers? I posted these pics to get some feedback, and to get me paint more, so leave me some painting C+C, be as harsh as you like, I can take it :)

Anyway, I noticed I hadn't posted pics of my pistoliers...so here you go;


Zombies in the gunnery mobs have the option to swap their handguns for braces of pistols, so I'm planning on two units of ten zombies, to give close support to my deckhands. See, pirate's use tactics too, even if they are dead...

28-02-2009, 19:11
As you say, what's not to like. Yes, the addition of ninjas, robots and/or dinosaurs is about all you can do to improve, though perhaps not thematically consistent.

Will you be rolling out the stripey 'loons to other mobs? And do you have an undead Pirate King in mind?

28-02-2009, 22:00
Looks like a nice start on your army.
Personally I don't see what's particularly piratey about striped pants.
I think that finishing the bases would make a lot for the whole look of the army.

Keep it up. :)

28-02-2009, 22:59
That's one damn fine army you're building. It warms the cockles of my heart to see someone put so much effort into their rank and file. And the waterlogged weapons has been gotten down to a T. Maybe make a few corpses more bloated and waterlogged themselves?

01-03-2009, 06:38
Yesss! hahah!
Sorry for the enthusiasm, mate. I started a zombie Pirate army a while back but never finished it..,glad to see sum1 else doing one! Ill be watching this one.

01-03-2009, 09:14
Cheers guys :)

@Feugan - Yer, I've got a load of unpainted zombies, so what I'm gonna do, is paint up a batch with the stripes, and then mix 'em in to the existing units

@mrtn - I agree, the bases will tie in the whole army under the theme (I hope!) so I'll get started on some bases real soon

01-03-2009, 16:31
@spetswalshe - Yer, I'll give it a go, but my green stuffing skills aren't great...but, whats the harm in trying?
@sharke - Thanks pal, well nows the perfect chance to get back to your army, to post some pics on here, and show me how it's done :) Cheers for the compliments mate

Thanks everyone

13-03-2009, 22:11
Ok, I know it's taken aggeeess, and I know its only a small update (I paint really slow!) But heres some progress, my first attempt at stripey trouseres finished :)


And I've started work on the second stripey guy;


I should start churning them out quicker now

And now for my first hero, a Syreen;



I'm not 100% happy with her, and I still need to paint her hair (I'm thinking blonde) What do you guys reckon then? C+C as always :)

14-03-2009, 09:52
Come on guys, even negative comments would be a help :)

14-03-2009, 10:38
the conversions a great and must hav been painstaking, i think some of the new washes would help your painting and unify the pirates a little, (sometimes things that are supposed to look ramshackle, clash)

14-03-2009, 23:25
wow:eek:, looking rewaly nice, are you going to game with them?, because if you do please let us know how you do, i know they are a very, very weak list but it is still fun to play with weak lists as long as you are versing another friendly army:D