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Guy Fawkes
25-02-2009, 23:04
2999 Points: Dwarfs

We're having a game where I'll be using a friend's army (although I'm including some of my Dwarf figures as well) and we'll play 2999 points. This is a tough level, because you're only allowed 4 characters, 4 specials, and 2 rares, even though you'll have a 3000 point-sized army to control. This level also means nobody will be pulling punches, and I expect to see some powerful magic, dragons, etc... With this in mind, I tried to create a balanced Dwarf list to hold and take the enemy down.

Army General, Shield, Rune of Might, Master Rune of Steel, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Spite
293 Points

Battle Standard Bearer, Rune of Fury, Rune of Cleaving, Master Rune of Gromril
160 Points

Shield, Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Fury, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Stone
142 Points

22x Dwarf Warriors
Shields, Full Command
223 Points

22x Dwarf Warriors
Shields, Full Command
223 Points

22x Dwarf Longbeards
Shields, Full Command, Rune of Battle
314 Points

22x Dwarf Longbeards
Shields, Full Command, Rune of Battle, Rune of Stoicism
339 Points

10x Quarrellers
110 Points

10x Quarrellers
120 Points

10x Ranger Quarrellers
Great Weapons, Shields
150 Points

20x Hammerers
Shields, Full Command, Rune of Courage
320 Points

Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning
130 Points

Grudge Thrower
80 Points

Bolt Thrower
Engineer, Rune of Penetrating, Rune of Burning
90 Points

Bolt Thrower
45 Points

Organ Gun
120 Points

Flame Cannon
140 Points

Total: 2999 Points

The Runelord is more survivable than anything in the list and provides a very nice bonus of dispel dice to the army. He has a 2+ armor save, with a reroll, WS 6, T5, all attacks against him above S5 are S5, and a 4+ Ward Save. This makes him the match against very powerful enemies. A WS10 S10 model will need 24 attacks on average just to wound the guy, which averages out to 72 attacks to off him. Of course, only a few models are that powerful, and on average he will just cause Chaos Lords and the like to waste their time while everything else kills his unit and wins through static combat resolution. Alone, he can tank a Bloodthirster the whole game. Even though he only has 2 attacks, they are WS6 and S8 against T5+ models, which still makes him a threat.

The BSB can go with either the Runelord or combat Thane in order to avoid challenges, but will most likely just be placed in the center of the army.

The combat Thane is really just filler to enable a unit of Warriors or something to actually make a few kills if necessary. Obviously, he can possibly down a Chaos Knight, even when they charge, but really shines in challenges. Between both Thanes, there are 8 WS6 S5 attacks, 4 of which will strike first. Either Thane can really rip through the average Champion and possibly pose a challenge for heroes too.

Then we have 108 Dwarf Beardlings, 64 of which are S4. They all have shields, and let me tell you: T4, WS4/5, 3+ AS is very hard to get through. The Longbeards both have +2 CR from their Standards, and the Hammerers are Stubborn, which makes them nigh-impossible to shift, especially with the BSB nearby. Of course, Ld9 and a reroll even makes losing mild. With 5 big units, the enemy will be bogged down and driven away by characters, flankers, or just be unable to win. I gave the Hammerers protection from Fear and Terror, because that is their bane with no Lord in the army, and I need them to weather the worst.

20 Quarrellers help take a rank off the most pressing enemy infantry units to give me an advantage in combat. Fighting Longbeards after being reduced to 3 ranks puts you at -3 (Rune of Battle, Only +2 Rank Bonus, and Outnumber), which is very hard to even out considering how resilient Dwarfs are. The 10 Rangers pose a problem from the very beginning of the game, march-blocking if they get the chance, but more often just shooting out the crew of warmachines and charging little support units.

This army is really afraid of two things: Monsters and heavy cavalry. To combat both, I took 6 warmachines. I get 3 flaming shots per turn (all of which with multiple wounds) to take down Hydras and Varghulfs, but can generate quite a few powerful hits to take down Steam Tanks, dragons, chariots, single characters (eg. on a Daemonic mount or Pegasus), and the like. The Organ Gun offers some help against skirmishers, while the Flame Cannon starts causing panic checks right off the bat. The two Bolt Throwers, Cannon, and Grudge Thrower all don't allow armor saves, which makes them perfect for taking down heavy cavalry (although the Grudge Thrower is a bit better suited to shooting at heavy infantry, a result of its poor accuracy). The 6 dispel dice I have help stop the worst of the enemy's magic phase, although I will have to suffer through some magic in most cases.

Any recommendations?

26-02-2009, 02:47
I generally don't play games larger than 2k, but I'll give my 2 cents on how I think you could make this army better. Firstly, I think you could do w/a slight change in character setup; you should drop the non-BSB Thane for a Runesmith w/MRBalance (providing you w/the 6DD you'd otherwise have w/a Runelord) and scroll (w/a shield this setup will cost you only 5pts more than your Thane). And in lieu of your Runelord you can add a Dwarf Lord w/enough equipment to put him to around 290pts (probably less if you're frugal).

W/the points saved from not needing the RCourage on your Hammerers you could give shields to your 2nd unit of quarrelers and rune-up the 2nd BT and grudge thrower.