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26-02-2009, 03:26
So I am fielding a 3000 pt Lizardmen army against my two most common opponents. Neither are, generally speaking, as good as me but both are improving and I think they will complement each other. From their armies I know I can expect most of the basic troops to be undead with some ethereal units (wraiths and spirit hosts) and some magic heavy vamps. The DE will bring elite stuff (big shock) dark riders, shades, executioners, and witch elves. They will also be bringing a combat lord, possibly on a monster but probably in a unit, a lvl2 sorceress and either another lvl2 or Fellheart. So with out further ado my list thus far

400-Slann: BSB, Focused Rumination, Becalming Cogitation, Focus of Mystery

460-Old Blood: Carnosaur, Scimitar of the Sun, Maiming Shield, Talisman of Protection, Light Armour

415- Skink Priest: lvl2, EotG, Plaque of Tepok, Venom of the Firefly Frog

150- Skink Priest: lvl2, Diadem of power, Dispel Scroll

384- Skink Chief: Stegadon War Spear, Light Armour, Shield, Ancient Steg

70- Skink Skirmishers: x10

76- Skink Skirmishers: x10, Brave

270- Saurus Warriors: x20, Full Cmd, Spears

355- Temple Guard, x20, Full Cmd

120- Terradon Riders: x4

150- Salamanders: x2

150- Razordons: x2

Total: 3000

So essentially my plan is to have the Saurus, and Temple Guard move up as my center, the skink chief will work on breaking the DE flank while the center hold them. The Old Blood will concern himself with taking out the Vamp general and then dealing with any targets of opportunity. The razordons will start by taking out the witch elves and then move on to targets of opportunity. The skinks will work on destroying or breaking the fast cav units (I expect dire wolves as well as dark riders), and the sallies will focus on spreading some carnage among the undead. The Terradons will take out lone characters, war machines, you know flyer stuff.

Ok, so tear it apart.

26-02-2009, 21:15
I know, I know, someone asking for opinions is clearly making a joke, I mean really who asks for somebody's opinion. But believe it or not I really want input. :)

26-02-2009, 21:19
actually that is very close to what I would build. How are going to deploy the stegs? In a single unit?

26-02-2009, 22:51
No, I know that not everybody agrees that Burning Alignment is magical but my group does and I have found it to be very useful against wraiths. So the EotG will move against them, so either supporting the center or one of the flanks. Providing the wraiths are in a convenient position to which ever flank is DE heavy then the two stegs would work as a unit and both skink units would be redirected to the opposing flank. So both Stegs and the razordons on one side and the skinks and sallies on the other.

However I expect the wraiths to move towards the center so I will want the EotG to throw its support in there. I know that doesn't really seem to make sense, why would a flanker like wraiths plow into the center but my opponent has had unexpectedly good luck with the banshee and he has developed a trend for running it at a diagonal across the board trying to take out shooters and then mess with combats. I try to tell him he shouldn't bet on more than about one wound per turn on average for Ld 8 and none against Ld 9 but like I said he's been lucky.