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26-02-2009, 11:10
First of all, my apologizes if its not the correct subforum, because this is about modelling and there will be no pics, and a little about fluff too...move it if you consider this in the wrong place to post this.

Yeah, you read that right. The wraithguard is insanely expensive for me and the variety in the poses is inexistant, though models itselves are quite nice. So i decided look for an alternative. The dryads of the wood elves of WHFB are really cool models, eldarish´and sinister, so after a brief search, i choosed them for my counting as project.

The idea is they are spirits awakened in the ancient woods of the Craftworld, from the wood of the most ancient and sacred Oaks. The "skin" would be bone white to represent the purity and their supernatural nature, and to fit with the typical eldar accesories and constructions.

Fluffwise, the warlocks use the soul shards of Banshees fallen in battle to "detach" the bark of the ancient oaks, which surround the stones and form over them the new receptacle for the Banshee soul. I choosed banshees as the base for them because Dryads are kinda femenine beings, and another kind of sould would look...weird.

The wraithcannon would be represented by the "spiritual howl " of the Wraith Maidens (provisional names), actually their psychic power concentrated that they project through their mouths. I think this is also a nice analogy with the real lament of the banshee in the mythology, which predicts death to all who hears it (though here it causes it instantly).

Your toughts?

26-02-2009, 11:18
Sounds fine to me; It's a strong concept and you've got some good fluff reasons for it. They're about the same game size too, so it's not like you'd be gaining an advantage through doing it. Go for it, says I!

static grass
26-02-2009, 11:26
Sure why not? I had the exact same idea but that the dryads are wraithguard from a maiden world and that the wraithguard/dryads grow from the wraithbone structures on the planet by themselves.

You might want to consider some form of weapon though, just for your opponents sake.

26-02-2009, 12:53
I can see no problem with it. Try to put them on the round bases so people dont think your just doubling up your armies (unless you really are and in that case, I say still do it anyway).
Try to paint them up in wraithbone colors rather then "wood" colors to tie them in with the rest of your army.
I found that I was able to get my hands on "crystals" at Wall Mart a while back. You know the kind, they usually use them for dragon's eyes and all in the small pewter shops. Those would make great spirit stones.

Miggidy Mack
26-02-2009, 13:02
I too think it's fine. If you go the extra step and carve eldar runes into the bark with a hobby knife and pain them with a different color recess it will help to sell the idea and look REALLY REALLY cool on the tabletop!

Maybe even take some old Eldar bits and make wind chimes to hang from the branches.

26-02-2009, 13:09
Heh, I use them as Tzeentch horrors.

Captain Micha
26-02-2009, 13:15
I love this idea. Go for it!

of course I'm also the guy playing a Warforged Druid in D&D, and the Warforged is actually an adventuring Treespirit. (Like a Warhammer Dryad :p )

26-02-2009, 13:23
I've been trying to think of a cheap alternative to wraithguard for ages and this is by far the best idea I've heard. Perhaps one of the woodelf spellsinger models could be used for the squads warlock.

Anybody else know of other wraithguard substitutes in use?

lord ugwart
26-02-2009, 14:26
Sounds good to me, I always like hearing about alternative uses that people have for certain models. I'm going to use some ork deff kopters from black reach as a pumpwagon in my orc army. my opponent recently used 3 gyrocopters against me (using house rules)
I destroyed 2, so i'm going with salvaged parts fluff wise to use against him. I just need to figure out how to remove the rockets and the like and what to replace them with.

26-02-2009, 14:34
Gah! As the owner of 30 wraithguard, I wish I had thought of this first. The Dryads are some of the few WHFB models I actually *like*, and it would have been the perfect excuse to use them.

Go for it!


26-02-2009, 15:48
Sounds really cool, although perhaps a little more Exodite Eldar than Craftworld (particularly the use of a Spellsinger for the Exarch). But I don't see a problem with it beyond that minor 'feel' issue.

26-02-2009, 15:56
This sounds like the perfect excuse for an Exodite army, so why stop at Dryads. How about using Orion as an Avatar, Treemen as Wraith Lords and Mounting Jetbike riders on War Hawks. Also some of the HQ figures would look great in Eldar Army, namely the Lord with great weapon and the floating Spell Singers.

ED: Beware the ninja

26-02-2009, 16:55
Well, I like the idea alot, but you dont need to say they are ancient tree's with soul stones seeing as bone weaving/singing is a form of art, each bone seer would add his/her own touch to their work. I find it hard to believe now that I think about it that every wraithgaurd would look the same, even on the same craft world there must be many seers that craft them, each one making it diffrent. Especially the Eldar, I mean they are always described as super artistic and stuff, making "assemble line" type stuff just seems out of character.

26-02-2009, 21:01
Thanks for the comments. :)

Well, about the analogy Treeman / Wraithlord...how do you explain that a walking tree has attached flamers? :d its kinda ironic. I honestly don´t see it (but i admit i once considered the woodelf" theme and i thought exactly the same). One of the things that makes plausible the "count as" of wraithguard is the fact their weapons can´t be changed, and only had one. So, wathever you tell about how it works in the alternative unit, nobody could get confused about what are you using. I think its better just add foliage and oaks to the average wraithlord, to make it look like it was resting in the depth of the wood since ancient times.

Besides it, would you imagine how cool could be some shining Spears mounted in giant Hawks with shuriken cannons atached to their necks? and a Vyper /Giant Eagle? :D

Anyway, i want to keep the sophisticated look in my army, its too late to repaint it entirelly to make fit perfectly just one unit . But if someone wants to start a "wood eldar" army, i think he can get some good advices here. :)

Inquisitor, this wraith ladies are not exactly created by bone singers; the warlocks/singers just "call" the wood from the oaks to surround the pulsating shard (wich lies in front of trees). Whenever the wood covers it, is the spirit within the stones, in symbiosis with this one of the Oak who molds the wood, converting it in a wild version of the eldar ladies who were once.

I have a short story about this since around one year, give me time to translate it ( english is my second language, i´m spaniard ;) )

druchii lord narakh
26-02-2009, 21:22
do you by any means go to a GW in a place called redtop plaza in libertyville illinois?? there was someone there who had the same idea

26-02-2009, 21:27
No buddy, i live in Spain, a bit far from there. I´ve never traveled outside of Europe. ;)

But this proves that all human minds work in a similar way!

26-02-2009, 21:48
This is all inspiring me to make some exodite eldar. I'm thinking a mixture of woodelf and lizardman stuff with dark elf coldones.

Stegadon = Wraithlord
Dryads = Wraithguard
Coldone riders = Harlequins or Shining Spears

How about waywatcher pathfinders with the bows made to look like wraithbone weapons?

Would it be too much to use a carnosaur rider as the avatar?

26-02-2009, 23:57
@Picto - I think the Way Watchers as Pathfinders with Wraithbone Bows would be Ace. Think there's any way of making it look like they're firing "Psychic Bolts" from their Bows?

27-02-2009, 01:55
I really like this idea actually. Customize them a bit maybe, but i say go for it.

Dr Cuddles
28-02-2009, 10:11
This actually sounds very temping, what are people's thoughts on some of theses?

Wraithguard = Dryads
Rangers = Waywatcher
Warlocks = Spellsingers
Harlequins = Wardancer?
Cold One riders = Shining spears?
Avatar/Carnosaur = Orion?

28-02-2009, 18:30
Only problem is weaponry. Wraithguard have guns that you should try to represent on the dryads. Quins have the kiss, which should be worked into the 'Dancers. Shining spears are jetbikes, I'd try to get some sort of wings on the cold one models, etc.

You'll also run into trouble with the wood elf and dark elf models having very different armor and weapons, styalistically.

It' not an impossible task, but it would be more work then it initially sounds like.

28-02-2009, 18:36
Maybe you can greenstuff a larger mouth so it's cannon looking?

This is a cool idea though. Good luck with what ever you decide to do.

28-02-2009, 18:48

It looks like he gave the Wraithguard some sort of weapon to represent the cannons. After I found this a month or so ago I've been on the same mission to whip up some wraiths out of dryads. $35 USD vs $150 USD for one unit? Seems obvious to me.

My story is a bit different though, my craftworld had to flee deep into the eye of terror and have been warped and twisted by the ravages of chaos. Short on supplies and always fighting off attacks the wraiths have become twisted and jagged from the many onslaughts they've absorbed.

28-02-2009, 20:02
The best painted army at my UKGT heat this year was an Eldar Exodite one - use knarlocs with brain thingies as falcons.

02-03-2009, 19:35
Would be a cool idea for an exodite army.

16-02-2011, 21:15
some ace ideas here and then some.

i have been wanting an exodite style army for some time and had thought of using some warhammer models as "count as" eldar units:

-eagles / terradons / cold ones as jetbikes as shining spears
-stegadon as falcon
-woodelf war dancers or whatever as harlequins or banshees
-was going to find a suitable unit to represent striking scorpions and stick a "familiar" (maybe a tyrranid ripper or some other swarm) to the base to represent the extra attack gained by mandiblasters
-drak elves no longer seem to have repeater crossbows but i was going to sub them in for anything with a shuriken catapult

combine that with the dryad idea and some others posted above i think i have the makings of a viable and reasonably competitive army here. and for considerably less coin too by the looks of things. this is scarily close to actually becoming reality.

the whole exodie backstory would be perfect for the shunning of technology and using bows and the like, and the fact that they have been roughing it on maiden worlds against all manner of nasties will explain nicely why they can take on the 41st century. kind of like a militant quaker sect! haha

anyone got any suggestions for war walker substitutes (tooled up with elf bolt throwers of course) that would fit?

and anyone taken this idea any further (as it is an oldish post)? i'm talking pictures here people!

16-02-2011, 21:47
You may not! I bought my WG from GW for a fortune you'll have to do the same!!!!!!111111eleven

Seriously though, go for it man, paint them, probably get some eldarRunes going on there, I wouldn't mind :)

16-02-2011, 22:25
haha you are too kind! i was just about to hit the "go" switch on a mass buy of WG myself but couldn't quite justify the expense of umpteen pretty old and almost-certainly-due-to-be-released-in-plastic-soon-after-i-fork-out models. this way i can assemble a full army for the cost of 3 or 4 units - tis a no brainer really!

16-02-2011, 22:56
Fantastic idea for Wraith Guard and truly unique. I love it.

I would really like to see that on the table, I wish 1 of the Eldar gamers where I live would do that (I may have to drop hints).

17-02-2011, 01:08
I'm going to be the voice of dissent here, the Wraithguard are way too big to be represented by Dryads IMHO. This is my only real "problem" with the idea and I'm not opposed to it in any way, but it is worth mentioning and I am surprised nobody has so far.

Only problem is weaponry. Wraithguard have guns that you should try to represent on the dryads.

Well it's a non problem really, once you've accepted that Unit A is represented by Model B you've accepted that they have all their normal as-is wargear. You might have more of an issue on your hands if they had variable wargear, but they don't.

17-02-2011, 05:40
I can't see them getting redone in the next year.
They've been out since 1992, next year marks their 20th year on the market - which still makes them older than most of the gamers in my local GW.

17-02-2011, 11:34
Love the idea! (wish i'd thought of it)

Reading this thread makes me want to do an exodite army. Damn you all!! :p

Although, the Wardancers could be used as Banshees and just use normal Harlequins. I'd expect quins to look the same no matter where they were.

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17-02-2011, 12:19
This sounds like the perfect excuse for an Exodite army, so why stop at Dryads. How about using Orion as an Avatar, Treemen as Wraith Lords and Mounting Jetbike riders on War Hawks. Also some of the HQ figures would look great in Eldar Army, namely the Lord with great weapon and the floating Spell Singers.

Sounds like a great idea to me.

21-02-2011, 21:16
right well the ball has started rolling...first box of dryads bought to faff about with (hopefully as little as possible) to eldar up a bit. i would quite like to represent the wraithcannon in one form or another. size-wise they seem to be fairly close to the wraithguard in height etc so that shouldnae be an issue i'm hoping.

the idea behind the wardancers replacing harlequins is that they wouldn't be harlequins as such, more an exodite equivalent so i would want them looking like the rest of the army. i want to use the existing codex stats and the like but apply them to the wood elf figures - no guns and all that (eg, in the fluff which i may get round to doing, the shurican pistol would be "replaced" by something like throwing knives or a short throwing sword that returns to the dude a bit like a singing spear).

if all goes according to plan, and once i get this insanely busy bout of work out of the way, i should be well on my way to a medium sized army in a few weeks - enough for field testing. i might (might) even stick a picture or two up if i deem them worthy enough to grace the pages of warseer :p