View Full Version : 1000 pts TK list. noob nids help

pronto the 2nd
26-02-2009, 16:11
Iv'e got some experience with 40K but this is a first go for me in with fantasy. Not competitive altogether, yet I'd like to dish out a good fight.

The prince/king on a chariot is a must. Also Iv'e got the first 16 warriors with shields and CC weapons painted already.

Tomb prince-chariot, spear of antarahk-180
liche priest-115

3 chariots-insert prince

20 warriors-shields, musician, standard-175

20 warriors-160

20 warriors-160


exactly 1000 pts.

pronto the 2nd
27-02-2009, 06:50
come-on guys...I could really use some help here. I don't have enough money to go around and buy all the range of miniz. I really need to know I'm buying the right ones.

27-02-2009, 10:15
you dont have anything to deal with the big monsters you might come up against, and tbh you need a second liche priest to try give you extra magic

replace one unit of warriors with a liche preist , maybe cut down on the other unit and use spare points for a scorpion?