View Full Version : Rip this list open with your fangs and claws.

26-02-2009, 21:02
Ill be playing against a random army on saturgay and thought Id try a vampire army for the crack.

Ill post my list and then ask that any Vampire generals or players of vamps rip it apart with savageness of doom.

heres the list.

vamp lord. level 3. knows all spells, +2 dice, raise skellies with +1 to cast. Nightshroud, Tomb blade

Necro. cart. rod of flaming death, unholy lodestone, vanhels danse extra spell.

necro. scroll.

Vampire. 3+ ward against shooting, move like wolf talisman, infinite hatred, beguile. level 1.

20 zombies.
20 zombies.
20 zombies.
24 skeletons, fc. dead legion.
corpse cart. balefire.
6 dire wolves.
6 dire wolves.
6 dire wolves.

10 grave guard. great weps
10 grave guard. great weps

4 wraiths.

now the idea is one flank has 3 units of zombies as tarpits, with the necro on cart with rod of flaming death. that should hold one flank.

the middle will be a massive unit of skellies with two flanking units of gravy guard. big vamp and necro on foot join this unit.

the other flank has varghulf and wraiths.

the vamp on foot will run around picking stuff off, maybe joint charging with the varghulf.
the wolves will run interference.

10 powerdice, 3 bound spells.

Rip away!

26-02-2009, 21:15
Huh, well the "vamp on foot" running around and picking stuff off has no armor save and will be faily 'meh' in CC with 3 Str5 hits.

My main issue is there no real hitty unit save for the rares. No black knights, no Bloods either. You may luck out vs. opponents who cant deal with ethereals but otherwise will get crushed by many types of builds.

You got 2 casting Danse, but only 5+1+2 from the pool to throw at it, no power stones nor a book of Ark to draw dispel dice.

Your grave guard need to win CR but are too small and ineffective as std blocks of 10 to accomplish this so I assume you are using these merely to get off lucky flank charges on units you have trapped with the big skele core?? Dont know about it.

And the dire wolves running interference in my experience basically equals ranged attack bait/CC fodder.

26-02-2009, 21:51
grave gd are to hit flanks with great weps. I think there's too many points on characters but from what i can see there just isnt enough hitty power in the list and it needs its magic to compensate.

What would you change in the list?

28-02-2009, 01:03
Not gonna work. You have 1 unit of actual combat skill. zombies dont win combat on their best days to an enemies worst day. grave guard arent gonna do crap but die. combine the 2 units and stick your fighting vamp in there. your skeletons need warbanner more then dead legion. 25 will out number most opponenets anyway. Give your GG the banner of barrows. Nothing makes people cringe like str 6 hits on 3+. Combine a kill vamp in that and someones gonna be angry.