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27-02-2009, 04:46
Brave knights of Bretonnia, I ask that my call for aid be heeded in my time of need. I field a knight heavy Bretonnian army and I have rarely gotten off a decent charge. I would learn much by the combat experiences of other Bretonnians and to know that I am not alone in having a Bretonnian army. :D Sound off brave knights of the Lady! Glorious retellings of valiant charges and overcoming overwhelming odds and how you did this would greatly help myself and other Bretonnians to serve the Lady better in the future. Huzzah and quest on!

27-02-2009, 12:14
Good luck with starting the army, they're great fun to play with. I love cavalry and charging the lances across the board is about as close as wargaming gets to recreating the scene from John Boorman's Excalibur where Arthur and his knights ride out to me Mordred. Ahhh, if only they played Carmina Burana at every tournament...

Anyway, as for best charges. Mine would be in the GT heats last November, facing off against a daemon powerdice army from hell - 3 units of 30+ horrors, tzeentch heralds, blue scribes, flesh hounds etc.

The guy has a crazy moment and lets me go first - so the knights (2 full lances of Errants, 1 of realm, 1 unit of grails) charge across the board straight at the massive blocks of daemons. In his turn he casts a tonne of spells, I scroll a couple, dispel one and 2 others get saved mostly by armour and blessing.

Turn 2 I charge in such a way that there is crossover between all the units so its a combat between 3 units of knights (damn realms fail fear test as always - stick with Errants they're much better value). As the combat res is worked out for the whole combat it was absolutely horrible, killed something like 60 horrors in the first round after instability. Next round the rest all popped and it was game over once I'd dealt with the flesh hounds. Really satisfying victory.

27-02-2009, 14:28
When I started with Brets I tended to assume one lance of knights was enough to get the job done. I now almost always charge with two lances of knights no matter what the target. You can't just win combat with Brets by a little, you have to win combat by so much that there is almost no chance of the unit you charged holding. Brets win by overrunning units, not rounds and rounds of combat.

Like Ewar said, against a lot of the fear causing armies out there Knights Errant are great. Throw in the errantry banner with one unit for the strength increase as well.

I also would recommend putting a unit together with a lot of combat res- BSB, Warbanner, Virtue of Duty is a good combo that means you will be winning almost every combat.

Rolo Ramone
27-02-2009, 15:15
That combo itīs ok, but itīs like put all the eggs in the same basquet. The BSB became a big target for your opponent. I always try to give the warbanner to another unit in the game, not the same the BSB is in. For the BSB, I like the Virtue of Duty (itīs gold) and the Sword of Might. With that in a unit with standard bearer, you have +4 to CR if you have at least 5 knights. And the BSB can hit in a decent way.