View Full Version : 2000pt lizard w/slann

27-02-2009, 04:52
Have an upcoming tournament and was wonder if there was anything i could do to improve this list. Should i add razordons or something. I wanted to drop the temple guard to 16 maybe but figured if Im going to spend 800+ on the slann and his unit whats another 4 more guys.

445 Slann BSB Focus Rumination, Becalming Cogitation, war drum, plaque of tepok, plaque of dominion
150 Skink Priest diadom of power, dispell scroll
143 Saurus Hero sword of the hornet, charm of the jaguar, light armor shield
270 20 Saurus Warriors/spears Full Command
380 20 Temple Guard Temple Guard Full Command warbanner
240 22 Skinks w/2 Krox Full command
77 11 Skinks skirmishers
120 4 Terradons
175 5 Saurus Cavalry

Do the krox/skink units count the whole unit as fear causing?