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27-02-2009, 05:53
Hey guys,

I've been working on a list for a while that's both fun to play and fairly competitive, and this is my best stab at it for the moment (with the models I have). I'm not a WAAC guy and the fluff for the army is Mono-Tzeentch, so please don't suggest any other Marks or that I go all cavalry, etc. :) Barring that, I'd love to hear any comments or criticism! Thanks!

Sorcerer Lord (450)
L4, MoT, Disc, Golden Eye, Enchanted Shield, Puppet, SoM, 3rd Eye, Homunculus

Chaos Sorcerer (230)
General, L2, MoT, Book of Secrets, Warrior Familiar, Favor, Word of Agony

Chaos Sorcerer (230)
L2, MoT, Disc, Morrslieb, Spell Familiar, Bloodcurdling Roar

18x Marauders (110)
Flails, FC

20x Marauders (152)
LA, Shield, Mus, SB, MoT

17x Chaos Warriors (384)
AHW, Shields, MoT, FC, Banner of Wrath

6x Warhounds (36)

6x Chaos Knights (330)
MoT, Mus, SB, Blasted Standard

12x Forsaken (216)

Chaos Spawn (55)

Chaos Spawn (55)

TOTAL: 2248

Casting pool: 11 + 1 Bound
Dispel pool: 6

As for strategy, the two Discriders fly around and cast magic while engaging warmachine crews in CC and providing +2CR for Rearcharge (+kills) for any struggling Marauder units locked in combat. Spawn keep the backfield clear or also help out struggling Marauders. Knights move up the flank, Forsaken along other flank; Warhounds screen either Forsaken (if they have lots of baiters) or Knights (if they have lots of shooting). Sorcerer on foot waits for an enemy character to take the bait, pops his tricky stuff, then gets an EotG roll. I've never used Forsaken before, and honestly they don't seem like the BEST unit, but I converted them and like the models so that's why they're in there :X I don't know if 12 is too many, though; I figured 6 would get shot up before they did anything.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Thanks for reading! :skull:

27-02-2009, 06:13
As for strategy, the two Discriders fly around and cast magic while engaging warmachine crews in CC and providing +2CR for Rearcharge (+kills) for any struggling Marauder units locked in combat.
This won't work as well as you think, since you need US5 to claim the rear/flank bonuses. These guys are 2 each, and not terribly well suited to the task.

Word of Agony is also too pricey to put on a L2. He can only take 25 points of Gifts. I'd give him the Homunculus personally. Casting Gateway is nearly impossible for an unassisted L2. You can get agonizingly close, but getting the 14+1 is not gonna happen often (last game I played my L2 rolled 8, 13, and 4x 14 with Gateway. Homunculus would've been a gamebreaker). Risking stupidity on a L4 is also a huge gamble. He's only Ld8 after all.

My favorite build for a L4 Tzeentch Sorc is: Sword of Might, Bronze Armor of Zhrakk, Crown of Conquest, Spell Familiar and a Chaos Steed. In a recent tourney he was amazing, he only took 1 wound and chomped his way through countless unit champs, a few Vampires, and a host of rank and file troopers. He even fought a fully equipped Wardancer Highborn to a stalemate in combat. Those guys are usually total goons in challenges, but he couldn't put a scratch on my Sorc :D

I definitely suggest retooling your characters a bit. The rest looks interesting though. Everybody writes off Forsaken as useless, so you might sneak in under the radar and get some damage done.

27-02-2009, 06:27
Actually, you only need US5 to deny rank bonuses - anything at all that makes it into a rear or flank will grant the +1 or +2, as far as I know. I'll gladly be corrected if necessary :).

27-02-2009, 15:03
Ah, I just looked up the Flank/Rear attack thing, you're right, Jericho. In 6th Edition you didn't need US5, but in 7th you do to claim the bonuses. Stupid faulty memory! :)

Thanks for the comments. I like having my Sorcerer Lord on a Disc (just for fluff reasons, honestly, although he's more well-protected on a Steed with the build you mentioned), but I will definitely do some Gift swapping. It's a good point to put the Homunculus on the L2 instead of gambling with the L4, this indeed will help him as you mentioned, and a big block of Warriors is probably not going to be doing the charging anyway even if he doesn't fail Stupidity.

Although the Disc-riders aren't as effective at helping out combats as I previously thought due to my faulty memory, I think it might still be worthwhile to have them on Discs to mess with warmachine crews or just to get better positioning for their spells (also, so they won't run into challenges in units).

I toyed around with the idea of changing the L2 Discrider for an Exalted Champion on the Disc with the same equipment (Roar, Morrslieb), a shield and a Flail; do you guys think he would be worth it to charge into combats and deal 4 S7 to help out, or do you think he would be a waste of time and I should stick with the Sorc?

Thanks for the help :)