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27-02-2009, 08:57
I am new to WHFB and I am looking for some advised when creating my first army. Generally, I want my first models to be a platform to build up the army so some choices I have made maybe weird (stupid), any constructive advice will be appreciated.

Also my friend (also new) is building up his army of High Elves and will be my opponent for the first few battles at least. The only thing I know about his army that it will include Dragon Mage of Caledor, Shadow Warriors and a compulsory core unit (probably Archers). The rest of this army, knowing him, will be very elite and lots of magic items.

My army list for 1000pts:

Master on Cold One, lance, heavy armour, shield @110 (Lead the knights unit, extra punch and high LD for stupid test)
Sorceress, level 2 @ 135 (Get some magic)

10 DE Repeater Crossbowmen @100 (Looks to be one of the most effective units available to me, lots of shots and armour piercing)
12 DE Warrior, shields, Full Command @99 (Extra unit but worried due to small unit size, it will be destroyed before use)
6 Harpies @ 66 (Screening for knights/block marching/take out war machines. This unit could be my ace)

5 Cold One Knights, Musician, Standard @ 159 (The hammer unit?)
15 Black Guards, Full Command @230 (The Anvil unit? Large at 15 models, could strip 5 for some extra 65 points?)

Reaper Bolt Thrower @100 (The only thing available that could kill a dragon)

Total: 999pts

The observant people reading this will have realised that I have no magic items or banners. I have intentionally done this for 4 reasons:

Run out of points
Read about new players forgetting they have the extra abilities and wasting the points
Large amount of points for small units, less efficient. Eg 12 DE Warriors cost 99 points and apply a 25 point banner is a quarter of their cost
Don’t really know what items/banners are good.

This is one of the main reasons why I posted this list. Are there any magically items I should be taking? Is there anything that is a must that this newbie has left out?

I bow to your wisdom.

27-02-2009, 12:23
Any help will be appreciated, thanks

The SkaerKrow
27-02-2009, 15:01
For this being your first list, it's surprisingly sound. Good on that.

First, if you aren't giving your Master any magical armor (and even if you are), it's worth investing in a Sea Dragon Cloak. On a Cold One, the addition of a Sea Dragon Cloak will give you a 1+ Armor Save, and a 0+ against missile attacks. Considering that our Heroes and Lords are Toughness 3, bringing as much protection as possible is usually wise.

Your caster should probably be carrying at least one Dispel Scroll. Dispel Scrolls are really a staple in Warhammer Fantasy, since they're your most direct magic defense. You could either load her up with two scrolls, or take a Dispel Scroll and Darkstar Cloak, which will give her an extra Power Dice in the Magic Phase. Be aware however that two levels of Magic will struggle to achieve much at 1,000 points. You'd almost need the Darkstar Cloak, as well as good luck on your Power of Darkness spell rolls, in order to defeat opposing magical defenses.

Your Repeater Crossbow unit is solid. A lot of people choose to add Shields to RXB units, as it makes them surprisingly resilient in close combat. You may want to find enough points to give the unit a Musician, as they're helpful in rallying, and can win you tight combats. The unit of Spearmen is also sound, though I personally do not believe in assigning Champions to Spear units. The amount of points that you're paying vs. the return that you get for the extra Strength 3 attack is rarely worth it.

Alternatively, Cold One Knight Champions are certainly worth it, is you'll be delivering an additional Strength 6 attack on the charge, and will have the ability to protect your Master should you find him compelled to accept a challenge that he'd do better to avoid. Your unit of 15 Black Guard is somewhat large. Remember that Black Guard have two attacks apiece, so instead of running them 5x3, you might be better off in a 6x2 formation (with an incomplete rear rank of 3 if you want to keep the same unit size). The two extra attacks with the expanded frontage have the ability to score up to two combat resolution points on wounds, where the extra rank in the back will only ever get you one (assuming that you haven't suffered a wound and been dropped below 15 models before combat begins). Black Guard are made far, far more effective by the inclusion of a magical banner. The Banner of Hag Graef is by far the most popular choice on a unit of Black Guard, as it gives them Always Strikes First and protects them to a degree from getting chopped up in close combat. The Banner of Murder is also good, as the added Armor Piercing will give your Black Guard the ability to crack through some opposing medium and light infantry.

You shouldn't be fighting many Dragons at 1K, but don't underestimate your Cold One Knights. If they manage to get the charge, their Strength 6 attacks are actually capable of putting wounds on enemy monsters.

Popular Dark Elf magic items include the Pendant of Khalaeth (one of the best Ward Saves in the game), the Ring of Hotek (which is effective at intimidating opposing magic heavy armies), Armor of Darkness and Armor of Eternal Servitude. Crimson Death, the Whip of Agony and Caledor's Bane are all solid magic weapon choices in lower point games. Null Talismans and the Seal of Ghrond can provide you with extra magical defense if you find yourself facing a lot of magic-heavy opponents. If you do take the Banner of Hag Graef with your Black Guard, the Soul Render is an excellent item to give to your unit Champion.

27-02-2009, 16:07
Thanks for the help, SkaerKrow. You have given me so much information.

I am quite tight on points so some of the magic items I will need to incorporate when the allowed army points increase. However, I like the point you made about the DE warrior champion not really bringing anything and so I will use the points to for the Sea Cloak for the Master.

The 6x2 suggestion is great and I think I have read it somewhere before (wide front for high attack units) so I will drop the 3 Black Guard and use the points for Cold One Champ and Scroll/Darkstar cloak/banner. It would have been nice to have the extra models to soak up some hits but I need the points.

Why do you say that the Cold Ones hit with STR 6? It says STR 4 in the army book. Am I missing a rule on charging?

I believe the Dragon Mage is classed as a Hero and rides a Sun Dragon (about 300pts+) and that make him eligible for a 1000pts army. I am not too bothered about the Mage, he is very vulnerable on the Large Target but killing the Dragon will be an issue without the Reaper Bolt Thrower.

I’ll get my calculator out and try post a revised list later.

27-02-2009, 16:33
Why do you say that the Cold Ones hit with STR 6? It says STR 4 in the army book. Am I missing a rule on charging?

Cold One Knights carry lances which grants +2 str on the charge, making them S6.

28-02-2009, 07:58
A revamped list with some of the changes that I could get in with the points.

Master on Cold One, lance, heavy armour, shield, Sea Dragon Cloak @114
Sorceress, level 2, Darkstar Cloak @ 160

10 DE Repeater Crossbowmen @100
12 DE Warrior, shields, musician, standard @93
6 Harpies @ 66

5 Cold One Knights, Full Command @ 175
12 Black Guards, Full Command @191

Reaper Bolt Thrower @100

Total: 999pts