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27-02-2009, 10:10
So I have this large High Elf army I got really cheap, but after having played a few games with them, I'm realizing that their playstyle is really not my bag. Generally, most of the lists that come about generally rely on the strategy of "I shoot/magic you, you chase me, I mop up the rest." A lot of the casual games I play end up sucking, and they're not really that fun or good in competitive games either I think. Either way, I'm pretty unmotivated to paint them, and their model range is low on the wow factor for me at the moment anyway.

So I'm considering trading or selling my high elf army to start up a new army, but I'm not sure which. I have two middle tier armies of wood elves and warriors of chaos, but I've started to play at the Bunker around here and half of the lists are heavily competitive. I've just been having no fun getting my WoC handed back to me dead after 6 rounds of crotchkicking.

So I've got to balance an army that I like the theme/looks of, is strongly competitive on the table (at least in 1 build), and can also be toned down for fun games casually. I guess I need an army that can compete when the goons throw down DoC magic and dual hydras, but can also be fun when the friend shows up with tomb kings or BoC.

A few options I considered...

1. Daemons:
pro: Cheap, easy to paint, not that many models, highly competitive if built that way. I also really like all of the options in the book, which I also really like in WoC.
cons: Lots of people play daemons, and it's sometimes hard to create a fun list that won't demolish the occasional OK or O&G player.
Result: I'm considering a Tzeentch/Khorne force, where I can scale down the cheeze by adding khorne units for casual play, while ramping up the PD and magic in competitive play. Not sure though, as Tzeentch magic seems very boring when fully applied.

2. VC:
pro: I really like gothic horror, zombies, and vampire lore. There also seems to be a strong variety of units and build styles that can go from very competitive to kinda wacky. Zome units like skellies and zombies seem easy enough to paint en masse.
cons: Seems like a lot of people play daemons, and it sounds like the only competitive build is tons of PD and IoN spam. Also, this army requires lots of models and usually lots of money.
result: I'm thinking about doing a VC list that has minimal casters and plays more like a traditional army. I'll keep 2-3 casters around to raise up some units to keep it fun, but won't max out casters and IoN. I'll try to focus on blood knights, grave guard, and combat vamps. I'll throw down tons of magic if playing against the occasional daemon cheese or whatever.

3. OK: (to buck the trend)
Pro: Cheap. 2 batallion boxes and a little Ebay scouting for gnoblars can get a rounded army down fast. Painting is quick and fun. I've liked the models for a while.
Con: I don't think I'll ever have fun actually playing them, unless I'm showing someone their first game. I think if I were to make them more competitive, I'd ahve to sacrifice whatever draws me to O&G, which is big honkin ogres bashing stuff.

I'm leaning most heavily toward VC, because I like the theme the most, but I'm just afraid the games will turn out to be extremely boring and lacking any tactics.


Jack Spratt
27-02-2009, 10:41
Hey Angelust

I love the HE army. It is highly versatile IMO. Everything in the list worth using and everything is pretty average by the new pover-level-standart of 7th edt. Maby, as you pretty much say, you just do not like them very much?

I agree with you on the models. Too many of them are outdated and blow. Check out Gamezones range of elves, I am considering investing in an HE army made up mostly of these models myself, and getting rid of GWs models.

All armies can be toned down - how could they not :confused:

I would stay clear of Daemons because they are anything but cheap. Way too much metal. Also I find a lot of the models pretty bad. The greater daemons are downright ugly.

I have a very large VC army myself. I love it! Great models. Loads of plastic. Many, many options. There are few must-haves IMO as almost everything in the list works and are worth their points.

I also have a very large OK army. Of all the battalion boxes out there the OK one is the one where you save the most. And you can use multiple as the parts are interchangable (I got three). For instance you can make extra Ironguts out of the Leadbelcher bodies you do not want to use and so forth. The problem with Ok is that it is toned down all the time against all opponents. Shooting, magic, flyers and cavalry will smack your bigbellied fellows around. So if you like winning (even just once in a while) stay clear of OK.

How about a DE army. My usual opponent has a DE army and it is great. It is really good and has great models.

I hope this helps :p,


27-02-2009, 11:34
I'd suggest VC by what you say, as you really like the background to the army and can tailor it in different levels of power :)