View Full Version : Thoughts on DoW list for tourney tomorrow

27-02-2009, 14:03
Hey Warseer,

I am heading to a local HoH tournament tomorrow (2250 pts) and I have decided to bring along my DoW - a list that I have had a fair amout of success with in the past (at the 2000pt level anyway).

I was wondering what you guys thought of the list - comments and critiques are more than welcome.

The list is Lustrian themed (painted and based in Jungle scheme).

Wizard Lord - Pegasus, Lvl 4, Power Stone x2

Hireling Wizard - Lvl 2, Scroll x2

Paymaster - Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Morning Star, Pistol

Asarnil The Dragon Lord

x25 Pikemen - Heavy Armour, Full Command, Warbanner (as per HoH rules on the site)

x9 Duelists - Pistols

x9 Duelists - Pistols

x10 Crossbows

x10 Crossbows

x7 Luigi's Lustrian Lancers (Voland's Venators)

x1 Maneater - Heavy Armour, Brace of Handguns

x1 Maneater - Heavy Armour, Brace of Handguns

x1 Giant (ed)

2250 pts