View Full Version : Blue scribes - what happened?

27-02-2009, 16:34
Can anyone tell me what happened to the blue scribes beacause they are in my army book but when i go on the warhammer website, i can not seen to find them on the site.

Can anyone explain what happened to them plaese?:cries:

27-02-2009, 16:35
The Blue Scribes don't have a model.

You'll have to convert one yourself or wait and see if GW releases one down the road.

27-02-2009, 17:27
Quite a few of the named daemon characters don't have models yet - Plaguefather, and all the Tzeentch ones. GW has claimed that they intend to (eventually) have models for every special character in all their newer codexes, but until then just convert your own. look online for some examples.

27-02-2009, 17:51
are they not in a way flamers i think? or you could use the mystic or lexmechanic from the inquisitor range. the one with the chins and the mechnical body writing on the paper.... if you know which one im talking about then good luck.

27-02-2009, 17:57
they're horrors, olmsted.

It's a simple conversion, stick two horrors on a disk, add a few scroll and parchment, paint blue: jobs a good 'un!

27-02-2009, 19:47
eh there something thanks for the info

27-02-2009, 20:16
Due for release either in the 2nd wave (late 2009) or as a possible 3rd wave in 2010

27-02-2009, 20:20
Due for release either in the 2nd wave (late 2009) or as a possible 3rd wave in 2010

Confirmed that one of the herald models is one for the Blue Scribes or assumed?

27-02-2009, 20:41
Man I thought this thread would be a discussion about how the Blue Scribes were split! After all, two Blue Horrors had to have at one point been a single Pink Horror. Thats why Blue Horrors are always bickering, and the Blue Scribes are no exception.

For my Blue Scribes conversion, I used two of the really old skool Horror models, used parchment and scroll bits from the Plague Monks box, then mounted them atop a Screamer. I love how it came out.

28-02-2009, 06:46
hope they make it as soon as possible coz they look good