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27-02-2009, 16:52
With Skaven coming as the next new race, similair to the Tombkings wishlist thread and to satisfy the people who use the rumour threads as a wishlisting place:
I'd like to hear what you expect/want from the new Skaven.

I'll start with the Special chars:
- Return Ikit, Snitch, Queek, Skrolk.
-Give everyone of them a change in Mainstay unit if they are the genreal i.e.
- Skrolk: Plague monks mainstay
- Ikit: Double globadier units
- Snitch: Night runners mainstay
- Queek: 0-1 restriction on stormvermin lifted.
- And apparently Throt: Giant rats mainstay.
- Tanquol should cost somewhat less.

- Grey seer automatic 6 wp-tokens (one each turn).

- Plague priest: L1 mage automatic. Option couldron of a thousand poxes.
- WP-engineer: comes with PWglobes
- Master Moulder: Regeneration to any moulder unit he joins.
- Assassin: Nippon arts. (Just make him suck less)=Warplock pistol option

- Clanrats new models and 4pts.
- Swarms 25 pts per base
- Stormvermin S4 base, maybe ItP

- Jezzail sniper champ.
- Rat ogres S6 and T5

- WLC: Some less random
- New Moulder Rat Behemoth
- Eshin triads w. warplock pistol options.

-Pestilens breath: S4 or 5
- Vermintide 6+ to cast.

Did I miss any of the big ones? (Yes, I don't want a doomwheel)
What do you guys think?

27-02-2009, 17:05
i want the skaven to be able to hide their specials in their core units.
Like have globadiers, rat swarms, ratling guns, assassins, and or plague monks hid in the unit until the skaven player reveals and deploys them out of the unit, so at the start of the game you just see a bunch of infantry blocks, but you know they have something up their sleeves (as skaven would).

PS i wouldn't let them hide the rat ogres or seige engines before anyone makes the snarky comment.

27-02-2009, 17:13
total makeover by Jes Goodwin.
'nuff said...

27-02-2009, 17:19
With Alessio "Rat King" lending a hand no doubt!

I like the randomness of WLC, i really do :) the other day i was hoping for S2, as it was against a DE lord with Khaeleth, and it was the most likely way to kill it...

Hiding units, a la fanatics, could be good, however PWG really really wouldnt hide like that!

Wish would be:

- Weapons teams non sucky - i can see ratling gun not being autohit any longer as well
- Some interesting magic
- non hero Assasins! the way they work in DE is fine
- Bell updated so it can cause 6th ed style carnage again. Too many of the rolls are "meh"

27-02-2009, 17:32
I just hope the rumour I heard about a plastic Screaming Bell/Cauldron of Poxes box is true. It's be awsome to look at, and I love altar-type things like CoB, CoS and EotG.


- Kyte

27-02-2009, 18:20
mixed rat ogre/giant rat units
Str 4 stormvermin
assassins as unit upgrades rather than heroes
cheaper eshin item upgrades for said assassins
more lord choices (master assassin/plague lord)
let my damn battle standard take equipment like shield or great weapon
if you must nerf warplightning, it better not blow my warlocks/grey seer up...
rework skitter leap to cast it on opponents characters :) (for example allow the grey seer to move an opponent's character like 12" away from unit. That would be awesome!!
2 attacks base for plague censor bearers
make rat ogres not suck!!!!!

27-02-2009, 18:31
warplightening to be strength 4 no saves like 5th edition. Also, vermintide should restore 2d6 wounds to any ratbased unit (giant rats and ratswarms, not anything else!)

27-02-2009, 18:43
I'd like to have a bunch of options for unit upgrades.
So for every clanrat/stormvermin unit you could put in one of the following:
Ratling Gun
Warpfire Thrower
Poison Wind Globadier (With a rules change of course, i just can't bring myself to buy these guys at $10 for a 10 point model, maybe they could have death globes or something)

I thought I heard somewhere that PWG used to be one per unit, how did they work then?

I'd like to see the doomwheel too, but made more like the engine of the gods with lots of effects or something. Just plain warp lightning is too boring.
Also, I'd like to see warlocks be more than just warp lightning spammers, maybe they could improve skyre machines or something (I know I've seen this suggested before and I think it would be awesome). Also instead of regular spells, i think it would be cool if warlocks could pick 2 or 3 bound spells instead (with repeats allowed), so you could go all warplightning (have one like the storm demon), or maybe have a skitterleap bound spell to teleport and lightning units, etc, etc.

I think verminitude would be cool if you could choose to use it the normal way or to create rat swarms, this way it isn't useless when your wizard isn't near any enamy units. (As any good skaven hero should be ;) )
I'm hoping that some skaven will have the option to take some of the standard lores, maybe an eshin sorcerer could take death or shadow or something.
I'd also really like to see a hero level wizard, if not a junior grey seer, than maybe a proper pestilens wizard. Does anyone think that pestilens could warrant it's own lore?

A rare moulder creature would be really cool, but I'd be happy with a good set of rules for rat ogres. The moulder heroes need something to make them interesting too. I'd like to seem them be able to buff units for a certain number of points, like mutatons or something. It would be cool if both moulder and main 'warlord' units were buffable. It would make moulder armies more unique, as even the clanrats would be a bit different.

I hope eshin triads are in there too, and that assasins can take a pair of weeping blades instead of just one.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I've been thinkin on this a bunch lately. (As you can probably tell :p )

27-02-2009, 19:04
Rat Ogres/Giant rat mixed units
Better/Cheaper Rat Ogres
Giant tunnelling monster
Rare choices for each clan
reworking of assassins

27-02-2009, 21:52
-playable Rat Ogres (being able to join Giant Rat units like Kroxigors would be ideal)
-less expensive Grey Seers
-more flexible Warlock Engineers
-playable Stormvermin
-playable Rat Swarms
-the previously suggested idea of Vermintide being able to restore wounds to Giant Rat and Rat Swarms units
-better Leadership for Tunnelling Teams/Gutter Runners and the ability to have Assassins join Tunnelling Teams
-the Doomwheel! in plastic!
-the Vermin Lord as a legitimate Daemon

27-02-2009, 22:30

here's a thread afrom deep beneath skavenblight....