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Brother Constantine
27-02-2009, 19:48
I am just starting up a WE force and I was wondering what you think of this tentative 1000pts list I have come up with.

Comments will be most welcome, I have only purchased 1 box of Dryads as it stands, so the list can definatly be altered. I was thinking that this list will utilize the WE Battalion boxed set really well with only the puchase of 1 additional box of Galde Riders and an additional scout figure which I intend to use a Waywatcher for to complete.

Wood Elf Noble Spear, Shield, Light Armour, Hail of Doom Arrow, Rides an Elven Steed 123 pts
10 Glade guard 120 pts
10 Glade guard 120 pts
8 Dryads 96 pts
8 Dryads 96 pts
8 Dryads 96 pts
5 Scouts Musician 91 pts
5 Glade Riders Musician 129 pts
5 Glade Riders Musician 129 pts
Total: 1000 pts

I would like to eventually include a Spellsinger and a Tree Man and Kin, but I need to have a core force first. Oh yes, and learn how to play Fantasy

27-02-2009, 20:52
I don't think you're going to need the musician on scouts, but if you can't think of anything else to use the 6 points for, why not?

This is a pretty good core force, imo. Your wood elf noble probably isn't going to see a lot of fightning, as you don't want to send glade riders into combat. (At least I don't.)
If you did want a fighty commander, I'd swap the noble out for a Branchwraith with level 1, or a combination of beffudlements, cluster, or respelndence.
Drop the scouts if you wanna make her a wizard with some spites too, and boost your dryads with the extra points. (Giving the unit she is in a champion to baby sit.)

17-03-2009, 22:23
exchange one GR unit for wardancers

18-03-2009, 04:13
Looks pretty solid so far. Personally I m not a huge fan of the scouts. Your 20 archers have a 30" range, you have two units of Glade Riders to roll up the flanks quickly and pump out some shots too. I guess you were thinking of taking the scouts to disrupt/march block/deal with warmachines. I feel your fire power and movement with the Glade Riders could deal with most of what you will see at 1k.

At one 1k I'd consider dropping one unit of dryads and the scouts and add some wardancers and an eagle. Wardancers will help out the dryads with combat. Wood Elves need combo charges to win a combat. Then you would have a good combat support unit that can charge in and finish things off.

Off the top of my head, I m thinking a list something like this:

hero noble(your Kit) 123

core 10 archers 120

core 10 archers 120

core 8 dryads 96

core 8 dryads 96

core 5 Glade Riders 129

core 5 Glade Riders 129

Special 7 Wardancers 119

Rare Great Eagle 50

Total - 982

Your left with 18 points to play with. You could add another Wardancer( I would), or a musician or a champ to them. I would probably not take the champ. you just want this unit to slaughter the unit so you can break them with the help of a unit of dryads. I think this balances things out a little more and gives you some combat punch. Wardancers can be really nasty. you just dont want a prolonged combat with them, hence the combo charges.

The Eagle and 30 arrows should take care of most war machines(Dwarfs excluded). After they are down, just use concentrated fire on a unit your going to charge and then rest should write itself.

Learning to use an Eagle and the glade riders will be huge for you if you want to play WE. Bait and Flee is a big tatic for us Asrai and these two units do it very, very well.

Hope that helps a little. Welcome to the forest.

...just realized how long this post is...sorry.

18-03-2009, 09:43
Not at all bad for 1000pts, I do agree you could probably lose a unit of dryads and the scouts and go for something handy in combat, I'd have wildriders though, fast and capable of negating rank bonus, but wardancers are good too.

18-03-2009, 14:30
Thanks Cyberspite. I agree that Wildriders could also be pretty nice in a list like this. I suggested the wardancers cause it left enough points leftover to put an eagle and the OP said he wanted to get used to using WE units and learn some fantasy in general.

But the Wildriders would do a similar thing, since they bring Fear into the game and its nice to tandem them with the Glade Riders, lil bait and Flee and then BANG!!!! right in the flank.

@ OP, cyberspite raises another great choice for you try out in 1k, a unit of 5 Wildriders, toss in a musician and standard bearer with a Warbanner and there you go.

Brother Constantine
18-03-2009, 14:31
Thanks Preacher,
Your post is extreemly helpful :D

At what points range would you suggest bringing in Tree Kin and Men? I am a huge fan of forest spirits and have scratch built some, but I am unsure of where they fit into the big picture.

18-03-2009, 14:57
...another long one.

Hey Brother, I've seen your log on them, they are shaping up great. I'm not the biggest fan of the Tree Kin models but dont mind the Treeman model, I'm talking about the GW models here.

As far as including them into the game, its really up to you. The Treeman can be a real pain to your opponent in smaller games, say, 1500 pts. But it depends on how you play him. Alot of people will stick him in a wood and tree surf him around dropping his strangle root attack. I've done it. Didn't really like it, seemed....unfluffly to me. This big massive powerful monster just roaming around staying out of combat. I like to team him up with a unit of dryads or a unit of Treekin.

In a 1500pt game I've taken 3 treekin and a Treeman. Worked nice, its pretty hard. But I've found that just one unit of Treekin usually isnt enough. 2 units of 3 works nice with a Treeman but you'd need a bigger point game to do that, unless you wanted to run all Forest Spirits.

When you make the jump to 2k, a Treeman Acient can make a pretty solid lord choice for you. The two tree singings he gets is rather nice, and putting Anoyance of Nettlings on him, is just funny...for the WE player anyway.

You could take the current list and bump it to 1200 or 1250 and a unit of 3 Treekin. Again with Tree kin I probably wouldn't add a Champ(Elder I think their called). Just regular guys out there for me.

With your treekin, try using the wild riders Cyberspite mentioned. Treekin are tough enough to charge most units in the front(exceptions of course, stay away from characters or units with flaming attacks) and the Wild Riders are quick enough to get around and combo into the flanks. I always liked those two units together.

As you climb higher into the points your going to want to start thinking about bringing a mage into the mix. In a lot of 1500 point lists I take 2 lvl 2s an alter noble, 10 archers, lots of dryads, some wardancers and a treeman. Its a pretty solid list, haven't lost many games with it unless I ve deployed wrong. I went for a comabt heavy theme with some magic for spice. Wood Elf magic is usually underestimated IMO, its not meant to be deadly unit crushing, its disruptive not destructive.(I've started collecting High Elves so I could try a little more dangerous magic). The magic is meant to work just like our army does, screw with the opponent for a little before be mauled out of nowhere. Treesinging is one of the best spells in the game. Moving terrain can create nightmares for your opponent. I can't tell you the amount of times I have taken the enemies heavy cav out of the game by moving some woods around.

That probably seemed like a mish mash of ideas I know, but its one of the beauties of a WE army, we have a lot of units that work well together and to win, we need them to.

I'm in Canada too, WE seem to fit us don't they? LOL

Keep posting questions if you got them or send me a PM, I'm always happy to talk Wood Elves.

Brother Constantine
18-03-2009, 17:25
Seriously, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience :D
It is going to take me a little while to process this and decide on a direction.

There is something about Canada and a very WE feel isn't there! LOL!!!
Where abouts are you in Canada?

18-03-2009, 19:19
No worries at all Brother, I do like Wood Elves and I've played with them since just before 6th edition came out. My favorite army by far.

I'm in Brampton, Ontario. Just outside Toronto.

Get modelling and painting, I'm interested to see how all these forest spirits of yours are going to come out.