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28-02-2009, 05:32
Hey all, I'll keep this part short as I already posted in the intro forum. I used to have several 40k/FB armies, and life bit me in the butt, and away they went. Im an edition behind in 40k now, and out of the loop in general, which is where you come in, I hope.

I'm looking to build a 40k army again, but I don't have a supply of money to go drop on a ton of models all at once. Now, I've always enjoyed painting and modeling to pretty high standards, so I think the solution for me will be a slow process of buying a unit, converting it, and painting it fully before buying another unit. Most of my friends have stopped playing, so I'm not worried about not having a playable army right away.

What I AM worried about is which army. Like I said, I'll be spending a lot of time on each unit, giving it a story and character, because Im a geek like that. What armies are there now, in the current edition, that will allow me to really get a variety of units together? I mean, something where I could have space marines alongside inquisition alongside IG units... that kind of stuff. Or are there any combinations like this among non-imperium armies? Thank you.

28-02-2009, 05:44
Hmm. Chaos Marines and Daemons both allow lots of customisation, since Chaos Marines are often millenia-old veterans who have their own custom gear and unique battle scars, and Daemons can be made into anything by their very nature. However, Chaos Marines don't have a particularly broad range of unit types. They only have power armoured Marines, a few vehicles and the occasional daemonic unit. Daemons have a large number of crazy things to choose from, though, which is nice.
Orks can also be easily customised due to their crazy Meks and their tendency to loot things. They also have a lot of green and mean units that all look pretty unique.
Daemonhunters have very customisable units, because Inquisitors go around requisitioning anything they want and Grey Knights are all supersoldiers with pretty awesome equipment. However, they do have mainly metal models, which makes them very hard to convert. They do also have access to Guard and Marines, which gives them variety. Witch Hunters have less customisation, because Sisters of Battle are less individually unique than Grey Knights, but they're similar.
Just loyalist Marines don't have a very broad range of units, just power armour, more power armour and a few tanks. Imperial Guard have more variety, but they're just too numerous and organised for them to be unique. Tyranids have high variety but no uniqueness at all, and Necrons are the same. Eldar and Tau have good variety but little customisation, Dark Eldar have less variety but slightly more customisation.

The only races than can use units from other codexes are the Witch Hunters and Daemonhunters.

28-02-2009, 05:47
I mean, something where I could have space marines alongside inquisition alongside IG units... that kind of stuff. Or are there any combinations like this among non-imperium armies? Thank you.

Eldar come to mind. The different craftworlds/aspect warriors are similar to the Imperium mixing/matching of specalized units.

They have fantastic models that can be painted to a very high standard. Even though I don't like the fact that they're essentially Elves, Eldar have some of the coolest models in the game (Harlequins).

Plus, Eldar are one of the most powerful armies out there.

Chaos Space marines, with the removal of the 'ancient enemines' rule, allow you to pretty much field any unit alongside of anyone else.

Keep in mind that in 5th edition, there is an offical rule that allows you to field units that "counts as" something else. That gives you tons of freedom when it comes to painting and modeling. So if you wanted to use Eldrad as a normal farseer, you are offically allowed to (in case there are any whiny nitpickers about).

28-02-2009, 05:49
Mechorkinized lists can do a lot of customization. While Boyz and Nobs may seem similar, especially when you do masses, smaller groups can be really characterful. Ork Vehicles are designed so that it is possible to build an entire list and have no to vehicles look the same. Especially the new battlewagons.
Plus Orks seem to be the most funloving army, and the codex makes it possible to build more fluffy armies and still have at least even odds on the table.

28-02-2009, 06:07
Thanks for the suggestions thus far. I think when I stopped playing, the deamonhunters codex had just come out.

I like the idea of eldar and orcs, but Ive already played them both... I used to have a lot of armies. I think I'm leaning toward daemonhunters, as I love the fluff behind the inquisitors, and I think I could field a good variety of units and color schemes. I'll need to get a good look at their codex... unless someone here would be kind enough to give me a quick rundown of what I can exactly combine together, i.e. SM or IG tanks? Tactical Squads? IG Squads? Assassins?

Chaos is another major option, as I've been playing them lately in Dark Crusade. I'm leaning DH, but chaos is still an option.

28-02-2009, 07:04
Daemonhunters have the following options:

Inquisitor Lord - Not particularly effective in combat, but can have a pretty cool shooting-based retinue. Good customisation thanks to the codex being old and as such still having an armoury. When they get an update, Inquisitors will probably get huge customisation. Can have a pretty cool retinue.
Grey Knight Hero - Either a Terminator sergeant (bleh!) or a full Grand Master with super-death powers of awesome.

Grey Knight Terminators - Damn cool rules, BEST MODELS EVAR.
Inquisitor - Weaker and cheaper Inquisitor Lord.
Death-Cult Assassins - Massed assault-oriented Assassins.
0-1 Officio Assassinorum Operative - Pretty awesome assassin.

Grey Knights - Super Space Marines, but very expensive.
Inquisitorial Stormtroopers - Regular Imperial Guard stormtroopers, basically. Humans with better ballistic skill and armour.

Heavy Support
Grey Knight Dreadnoughts, Land Raiders, Land Raider Crusaders - As the Space Marine version. Dreadnoughts are big, stompy walkers, Land Raiders are bigger, stompier tanks.
Orbital Strike - It's a strike from orbit. Boom, death.

They can have allied Space Marines or Imperial Guard. You cannot have both allied Space Marines and Grey Knights, for no apparent reason. Your choice of allied units is somewhat limited. I can't remember exactly which troops you're allowed, but it's pretty much all the Troops, Fast Attack and Heavy Support that were available to each army when the Daemonhunters codex was released.

28-02-2009, 07:09
I think it is decided, and thank you squeekenator for that list. Between that and my own research I think I have a pretty good idea now of what DH are all about.

And it is good.

First of all, Ive played both IG and Marines, and love certain units, all of which seem to be available to DH. It seems like you can combine at least one of everything! It even gives me an excuse to have one of each imperial assassin model at hand.

Aside from that, this is EXACTLY the kind of flexiblity I was looking for, not to mention the higher detail and points cost of the models means a smaller army... and a smaller money sink.

Thank you guys for your advice, this is gonna be cool.