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vinny t
28-02-2009, 15:20
Sorceror Lord- Mark of Nurgle, Infernal Puppet, Armour of Zhrakk, Glaive of Putrefication, Enchanted Shield, Word of Agony

Sorceror- Mark of Tzeentch Book of Secrets, Dispel Scroll

Sorceror-Mark of Slaanesh, Power familiar, and Dispel Scroll


11 Warriors, Full command Mark of Tzeentch

11 Warriors, Full command Mark of Nurgle

11 Warriors, Full command Mark of Slaanesh, Rapturous Standard

20 Marauders, Great Weapons, Mark of Slaanesh

5 Warhounds

5 Warhounds

5 Marauder Horsemen of Khorne With Flails

5 Marauder Horsemen of Khorne With Flails

Chariot, Mark of Khorne

Chaos Spawn with Mark of Slaanesh

Chaos Spawn with Mark of Slaanesh

Warshrine of Slaanesh

2248 Points
11 PD
6 DD 2 scrolls

80 models

Alright, this is a new list for the March Hare (a tournament here in Omaha) Any advice is welcome. I will probably be fiighting...

Brettonia-Knight MSU

Empire- Horde


High Elves- Lord on eagle with bolt thrower bow, BSB on eagle, swordmasters, White lions, archers (I am most afraid of this one)


Dark elves- shades, assassins, blocks, magic

Daemons- Bloodthirster, or Skarbrand, tons of Special Characters (Skulltaker on jugger, Karanak) horror block with herald, daemonette block. Now, this player may or may not play. He is around 9-10 years old, so a total wild card.

Ogres-MSU, minimal magic

So, advice against these armies or on my list would be great. Thanks.

28-02-2009, 16:05
Don't forget VC's, they'll be there too. Plus I know a bunch of others from out of town will be coming in. Take on all comers is preferable, but focus on taking out daemons and VC, as they'll give you the most trouble.

On the list: Good balance, nice theme. You've got plenty of punching power for rank and file, plus plenty of defense against skirmishers. I would be most worried about monsters. You'll have to rely on magic to take them out, which can be risky, especially against blood thirsters.

On a personal note: If you're refering to Aiden for the daemon list, he won't be there. I would expect others to bring some, though. Also, my high elves are ready for you.:evilgrin:

vinny t
28-02-2009, 20:53
Well, against monsters, I would (hopefully) drown them under ASF spawn, against Bloodthirsters, my plan is to curl up in a corner and cry, as WOC seems to have a hard time against Greater Demons. Against VC, I have a cunning plan. Throw spawn into Spirit hosts, dakka cairn wraiths with magic, and throw horsemen into units to snipe casters, or buboes them to death. I think my daemon defense is mostly praying for miscasts and puppet, or, (maybe) owning Skulltaker with word of pain. As for your high elves, are they ready for me, or am I ready for them?;)