View Full Version : Chaos players, who uses C:Chaos Daemons as allies in apocalypse?

28-02-2009, 17:56
So who does it? I'm planning to add a 1500pts force that I can add to my main core of Chaos space marines (Word Bearers, funnily enough). But I can't decide on what to include. Should I focus on one god or mix and match?

28-02-2009, 18:08
Word bearers? Probably mix and match. I use generic daemons in APO games, since they can use the cool 'Warp Rift' formation, and I don't find any of the APO formations for C:CD very cool.

Anyway, try a unit of each of the aligned lesser daemons, plus a herald for each, an unaligned daemon prince (possibly taken from C:CSM), and a Sould Grinder if you're one of the players who find it cool and not goofy. That should get you up to around 1.5k and give you a nice unified chaos feel.

28-02-2009, 18:19
I played a 3K apoc game with 1.5K of khorne Daemons and 1.5K of world eaters. It was really nice to look at if nothing else!

Me and some friends are plannning another apoc game later in the year, chaos vs the imperium, i'll be fielding about 7K CSM, 4 of C:D, all painted, should look amazing!

28-02-2009, 18:22
the best army to do it with (from a tactical point of view) is a Nurgle one, as Epidemius has buffs for models with the mark of Nurgle.

28-02-2009, 18:25
I did consider nurgle, but getting 1500pts of them is expensive, and I dont like the models enough to get an army of them. I'll look into the mixed force...

28-02-2009, 18:32
Some games I do some games I don't, depends on how I'm feeling...the soul Grinder is always tempting though

28-02-2009, 19:26
My complete Chaos army comes in at 6775 points, and contians 2575 points Black Leigion, 1180 points Nurgle, 1360 points Lost and Damned and 1302 points Daemons, plus 360 points of Fallen Angels. It has yet to all be fielded, but when it is, it should be awesome...

In terms of what daemons, mine is a mix of Khorne, Nurgle & a unit of furies, which on its own at least was highly effective.

28-02-2009, 19:37
*Raises hand.* I have 3.5k game in a few weeks. running 1750 of each. The fun pair is Skarbrand and the Maelstrom of Gore. With 6 Khorne termies with lightning claws to boot. I'm hoping for one, maybe 2 turns of unimaginable violence.

28-02-2009, 19:40
I only run my chaos in apoc now, have around 2500 points of predominately Khorn marines lead by Kharn and around 3000 points of daemons lead by either Angron or a bloodthirster backed up by skulltaker's cohort of blood and a warp rift filled with Tzeetch daemons.

28-02-2009, 21:52
ive got around 10k points of chaos....3k of which are daemons.

use them together in apoc as much as possible...we have a few house rules for them though...letting daemons use marine icons etc etc...

28-02-2009, 22:21
My 16000 point chaos army consists of around 13000 chaos marines and about 3000 points of daemons.

01-03-2009, 01:46
I have an apoc game coming up next weekend where I plan to use my daemons and my chaos marines, were thinking of it being about 12k and I'm bring 10k of chaos for my side.....

For word bearers I'de probs go mixed, but the fluff for lesser daemons in the chaos marine codex describes how word bearers treat the daemons, so that's something to think about to........

Filthy O'Bedlam
01-03-2009, 05:13
1.5k of Khornate Demons can turn any CSM army into the assault army from hell. assault elements all armed with power swords and Character\Prince\Greater Demons with obscene amounts of attacks. Backed up by a solid core of power armour and ranged weaponry this can be nigh on unstoppable.

Plus the Plastic Bloodletters are really awesome models.

Cheers, Filthy

01-03-2009, 12:00
Heres the plan. 2500pts of Chaos marines, 1500pts of Khornate Daemons, and 1000pts of traitor guard. Thats a strong core of shooty/choppy, a strong choppy element and a very shooty element. What do you think?

01-03-2009, 12:11
I currently don't own any daemons or CSM, but am planning on starting a khornate daemons army soon and getting at least 2K. Then I'll look into World Eaters.

Its a great way to have different armies to choose from in regular games yet still have a unified feel when you get to the big points.

On a side note, anyone considered allying with traitor guard as well?