View Full Version : possible 4000pt VC vs old Chaos/tzeentech or deamons

28-02-2009, 19:33
well depending on how my friend fields his army, i have no idea we just agreed he would be using one of his chaos armies, either tzeentech WoC or deamons, and i would be using VC, but he doesnt have the new WoC book or the new Deamons book, so he will have the old lists of stuff, which im not really happy about because deamons are now a seperate army, but it should still be fun.

I have never played against a chaos army before with VC so i need to come up with a 4000 pt list that would be well rounded for either of the 3 army choices that he could field or even a combo fielded of his.

Any advise is helpful thanks!