View Full Version : [WOTR + SBG] Black Numenoreans - are they worth it?

01-03-2009, 13:11
Just posting this thread for a bit of advice, primarily from those who have played the SBG for a while.

Looking through the WOTR book, Black Numenoreans have grabbed my attention. I just love the look of the models (it may be my affection for Chaos Dwarfs, but the Big hats appeal to me), and the chance to use a whole force of them is tempting (taking the Dark Marshal makes them core formations instead of rare).

I also want to be able to use any WOTR collection in SBG as well which is why im posting this.I have a limited budget, and as an all metal force they will be expensive to collect. So if i was to use them in SBG, would i be handicapping myself? Can they stand up to other forces or am i just begging to lose every game? and what forces would you recommend supporting them with in SBG?

01-03-2009, 17:54
I also loved the look of the black numenoreans and they were one of the main reasons why I started playing the SBG in the first place. While I have not had the opportunity to use them in WOTR I plan to use a formation of infantry and knights.

In the SBG however I have used them quite a bit and have had a lot of success with them and won the vast majority of my games. They do not make a particulary good army on their own as they lack the punch to deal with most things effectively but it is when they are used to support other troops in your army that they come into their own. The are best used to either help out your orcs in combat with their higher fight value or to either protect the flanks of your army or any bottle necks that may be around as their terror causing ability and high defence means that they are failry durable if you just need some of them to hold up the enemy while allowing your main force to focus on a particular part of the enemys army.

Either the WK or a Troll drummer make excelent choices to compliment the Black Numenoreans as deducting one from the enemys courage can really make a difference with terror especially if fighting low courage armies such as Gondor, the troll will also help boost the low courage of your orcs incase you lose 50% of them. Morannon orcs make the perfect compliment for Black Numenoreans as they are fairly cheap and have a good strength and defence to add the killing power that the BN's lack while still being fairly hard to kill.

Hope this helps but the main reason that I play with them is because they look so awsome, and who doesnt want a bunch of evil Numenoreans. Morannon Orcs are also a good cheap way of boosting your armys points in terms of your limited budget as as you say a 600 pt army of all BN's is going to be expensive.

01-03-2009, 18:00
As do Morgol Knights, they hit very hard and go very well with the black numies! I run this army, entire army of terror causers is a lot of fun. Instead of the Dark Marshal I run the shadow lord in the BSG so my precious infantry doesn't get all shot up!

01-03-2009, 20:27
in War, Black Numenoreans are fairly bad ass; F 4, D 7 with shield wall, and cause terror. Boy I played with the Mouth of Sauron and he was in a unit of common orcs, and the Men of Minas Tirith failed a Terror check. It was not a pretty sight.

01-03-2009, 21:47
If you ally in some cheap Orc or Haradrim spear support, BNs can be nasty. Take a front line of BNs and some Morgul Knights led the the DM, ally in some Haradrim Spearmen and Bowmen, and stick in Suladan to lead the Morgul Knights with some Raiders and you're onto a winner. In WotR, they are so-so, kind of like a nerfed version of Elves for the Evil side. Your opponent will knwo what they do, and position his heroes so that the units he needs to charge will use their Courage, secure a charge, and overwhelm them. Morgul Knights are rather nice though.

02-03-2009, 00:48
They looked absoultely brytal in the WOTR book - the models look pretty good as well
Have you noticed that their helmets look similar to the DE helmets in Fantasy?

02-03-2009, 08:02
I have 6 of them and the Dark marshal (I also have 5 morgul knight who are applying to my Sod's law) and i have never lost 1 yet. they are some of the most elite troops evil can get and with magic and banner within range they are near indestructable.

02-03-2009, 08:09
I can only address SBG (so far), they are fantastic and excellent value. I find they make a great elite for the easterlings, and benefit from having an easterling spear or two behind them. The Marshal is good, and using the Dark Marshal is also recommended.

Morgul Knights are fantastic, if only for the fear they generate in your opponent.