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01-03-2009, 14:23
Hey there everyone. I've been playing Empire for a while now, and thus far have been using a pretty generic force, not really having much theme and being a mish-mash of units I want to use without consideration of any specific background. However, I'm now ready to let in-game effectiveness take a back seat, and let a theme I'm really into get behind the wheel.

I'm wanting to do a heavily themed Stirland army, and so I'm simply looking for your advice and any ensuing discussion on the matter. I've found a little bit of information on Stirland on a couple of websites, and this has helped a little, but I'm sure there's more out there.

Of course, still being a gamer, I'd like to maintain at least a little bit of effectiveness in my Stirland army, despite it's themed nature. So any help in that regard would be great too. Also, perhaps most importantly at this time, would be your ideas on any units in the Empire army that a typical Stirland force would most likely NOT have access to would be very helpful.

Captain prophet
01-03-2009, 15:08
I would think the Stank and helblaster would be on your list of to rare/expensive to have

i would also imagine you spamming spears and crossbows oh and huntsmen i would keep your cannons at 2 or under as well.

hope that helps


01-03-2009, 15:13
Warhammer Empire has an interesting article on Stirland's military:
The Scarlet Guard unit within seems kind of cool, if you don't mind using halberdiers!

The Wikipedia page has a lot of stuff too, though it's mostly sociological in nature. But it does mention that the Raven Knights of Morr are stationted there, and that sounds like it would be a cool unit to include. Besides them, the proximity of Sylvania would seem to add an 'undead hunting' theme which could be reflected by the inclusion of warrior priests and the appropriate magical items.
Huntsmen and maybe some mercenary 'pikemen' (spearmen) might be appropriate as well; there seem to be a lot of mercenary units mentioned, but sadly Dogs of War are no longer considered an option. Playing a Sylvanian tax collector army seems like it would be good for a laugh, too bad you can't take ogres and halflings anymore!

Other then that, it seems they are a poorer province, but not immensely so. So I personally woud think it is fine to have a cannon or a unit of handgunners or two, those are common throughout the Empire, just not a full artillery train and it should be fine.

02-03-2009, 14:54
Congradulations on makinbg a themed army. I think they are the most fun, both to play with and against. Its always interesting to see history (albeit fictitious in this case) unfold with the armies as they 'should be.'

As far as a Stirland force, there are a few things to keep in mind. Stirland is one of the less-prosperous counties of the Empire, so they won't have the money for all the new-fangled technology. Helblasters, Helstorms, Tanks, Outriders, and the like would all be very rare. The backbone of your army should be state-infantry armed with halberds or spears and militia. Archers would be more common than handguns or crossbows.

Knights and pistoliers would be available, but not in as great of numbers as other areas of the Empire. Afterall, armor is expensive. Of course there could always be some knights questing in and out of Sylvannia trying to carry on their crusade against evil.

All in all, I think a themed Empire army is one of the best looking ones on the table.