View Full Version : Pick me another RPG (D&D or Starship Troopers)

08-12-2005, 23:34
Hi guys

I want to get into another RPG (Im currently into Vampire, Werewolf and Mage in the nWoD)

The two that seem most appealing are D&D and starship troopers, simply because they seem to be the ones that everyone plays.

D&D strikes me as awesome because my fiance plays it and it seems fairly simple to pick up and play. However, when I look around at the suplements, I can feel my bowels loosening, there are just so many of them. Where exactly can I start?

Starship troopers seems like a good laugh, and the films kicked ass. Only thing that worries me is, if its by the same team that produced the ST board game, then the books are likely to be a mess, with stuff being incredibly hard to find.

So the criteria I have are:
1: Easy to pick up
2: Low cost outlay
3: decent background

Anyone have any ideas?

08-12-2005, 23:38
I'd say go with D&D since it is the D20 system (i don't know if the other games u play are) but d20 allows you to play so many other games with out haveing to realearn the entire system and it is extremly custom made. so you can really have free range with it. just mho

Hate Train
09-12-2005, 03:39
I agree with Bmaxwell. However enjoyable Starship Troopers may be, D&D is a versatile game and uses the nice d20 system, which, as Bmaxwell said, is used in many different games. If you really have the craving to play with guns instead of bows, check out D20 Modern, which I find to be an enjoyable game.

Hopefully Helpful, W. Slocumb

09-12-2005, 09:17
I would have to agree with Hate Train and Bmaxwell I used to play the older D&D But the new system was very easy to learn when I did give it a try and to tell the truth I kind of like the D20 system better

Crazy Harborc
09-12-2005, 20:05
D & D is likely to be the best "fit". For myself, I picked Starship Trooper. It's a fun game full of bugs:evilgrin: The game's growing in numbers of players and number of minies. Good detail at a good price (under GW's). 30mm bugs.

Did I mention those 30mm bugs, those "manly bugs"............oh, oh, oh, hummie body parts a flying, bed blood steaming in the cold:evilgrin: LUNCH