View Full Version : Scaly Things 2k (first try list)

01-03-2009, 15:18
Lizardmen 2000pts

Old-Blood, Light Armour, Maiming Shield, Scimitar Of the Sun Resplendent, Carnosaur Pendant.
255 Pts.
Skink Priest, Level 2, Ancient Stegadon, Diadem of Power, Dispel Scroll.
440 Pts.
Skink Priest, Level 2, Itxi Grubs
125 Pts.
Skink Chief, Light Armour, Shield, Battle Standard Bearer, Terradon, Plaque of Dominion
139 Pts.

20 Saurus, Spears, Full Command
270 Pts.
17 Skinks, Full Command, 2 Kroxigors
215 Pts.
17 Skinks, Full Command, 2 Kroxigors
215 Pts.
1 Jungle Swarm
45 Pts.
15 Saurus, Full Command
195 Pts.

3 Terradons, Brave
100 Pts.

01-03-2009, 15:21
Scary things in lizardmen without carnies and only 1 steggie?

01-03-2009, 15:23
Scary things in lizardmen without carnies and only 1 steggie?

"Scaly" not Scary :P

01-03-2009, 17:18
The point of this list is the Chief BSB sits back in the middle of the army stopping some of the casting from the enemy and gives me the Extra reroll for ld.
The skink preist on foot goes in one unit of skinks, using The lore of fire doing the ranged Damage and using the EOTG's one from the casting value for lore of fire.
The Saurus joins the handweapon shield saurus to add a big block of attacks.
The terradons are used as harrassment, and the jungle swarm is used as a flanking charger for one of the skink units.

Dead Man Walking
01-03-2009, 18:05
A skink bsb is too squishy if its not on a steggie, either go steggie or saurus char. The only way you can make a chief bsb work is to jump between friendly units and stay out of any possible charge.

02-03-2009, 11:33
Any ideas that arent just one liners

Necromancy Black
02-03-2009, 12:05
I agree, drop the single swarm and upgrade the chief to a scar-vet. Depending on who your facing I think you find the Shield of the Mirror Pool and Burning sword better spent then the plaque if it's an army with magic missile spells. Against undead the plaque may be better but most vampires are going to past the leadership then deliver you some pain.

Against shooty armies (as in shooting phase) the sun standard would obviously be better yet again.