View Full Version : Lizardmen 2250 which list do you like better?

01-03-2009, 20:00
I'm just getting into lizardmen and I can't decide what list I like better of the two that I created. Any thoughts or suggestions on which you like better or how you would improve them?

slann- BSB, rumination, mystery, cuppedhands, powerstone -415

lvl2 Skink priest EotG- PoT, dispell scroll - 430

scar vet- cold one, LA, shield, burningblade, war drum - 163

18 saurus warriors- full commmand, spears -246

10 skirmishing skinks- 70

10 skirmishing skinks- 70

16 temple gaurd- full command- 291

5 CoR-175

2 Razordon- 150

stegadon- 235


Strat: Try and use the slann, EotG, TG, and warriors as an anvil, casting magic and causing a mess of things. The scar vet, coldones, and steg flank while the razordons go on the opposite flank to discourage a charge on that side. The skinks harass.

oldblood- carno, LA, scim of the sun, maiming shield- 445

lvl2 Skink priest EotG- DoP, Dispell scroll- 440

skinkchief- warspear, ancient steg- 380

18 saurus warriors- full command, spears- 246

18 saurus warriors- full command, spears- 246

10 skirmishing skinks- 70

10 skirmishing skinks- 70

5 CoR- standard- 195

1 sally- 75

1 razordon- 75


Strat: stay alive with my core of warriors, skinks and engine long enough to get the skinkchief, oldblood and coldones into some combat. I'm worried about the saurus being too slow. I'm also worried about magic if my engine and priest goes down.

02-03-2009, 01:38
The one with the t-rex.

Although give him the shield of the mirrored pool and put him in line of sight with ONLY a mage, fall for it every time. (remember he is no a large target so you can screen him with SKINKS! 7-8 attacks is plenty, especially if you add a BsB to keep him in combat (see below) and you have 20 points on your lord, give him a talismen of protection, better than nothing and youl regret not having any ward save.

Drop the razordons and take salamanders, worth their weight in gold.

I would also say that a scar veteran with a bsb is WAY more valuable that a skink with the lance (keep the stegadon though, just make it a baby one, just lose the skink on top. This should free up some points for another knight, and units of 6 knights can all fit vs 5 rank and file, so they will work better.


Scar veteran,
Light armour
great weapon
bound steed of shadows
venom of the firefly
enchanted shield (he still has the HW as well as the GW)

170ish points.

Amazing for what he can do, flying him into a combat to support will scare the bejesus out of him. However i run this with one lvl 3 priest without the diadem, not sure if it would work with you at -2 power dice. I would lose the iadem, 5 dispell dice and a scroll (instead of diadem) is enough to last a couple of magic phases, and you have a 5+ ward on most of your army plus a crazy lord to kill mages.