View Full Version : Placement/Measuring Device

01-03-2009, 23:15
After a game in which my plama cannons gave my opponent a hard time, I came up with this idea.

A 3" template really only covers 1.5" on either side - models that were fully 2" apart from each other should cause only a single hit - but if you've lazily grouped your miniatures, there might be more.

Now, when playing Marines, or other low model armies, it's not too hard to do a quick measurement and be fine - but if you are playing Guard, Tyranids or Boyz-heavy Orks, this can take a while!

So I came up with this template, cut out of thin MDF.


You drop this on the table at the appropriate point, drop your models into the open slots, then pick it up, drop it behind the first rank, and deploy again.

For movement, you move the first model 6" up, then place the device again.

However, my friend thinks this may have some rules against it, or just generally be a bad idea. So, I'm throwing it out to you folks - what do you think? Good idea, bad idea? Completely illegal?