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02-03-2009, 00:37
Random question, would it be legal/ok to feild an inquisitor usin the DH/WH codecies along with ork allies.

I.e a very radical inquisitor thinks his 40 odd guard could do with some-back up so hires some random ork mercenaries as he's not really expecting them to survive the battle.

Or would I end up having to use my orks as counts as imperial guard. Or not be allowed to do this at all?

02-03-2009, 01:53
not legal/ok in a normal game of 40k

02-03-2009, 20:58
they can't ally together using the normal ruleset, you could agree to something with your gaming friends though. Apocalypse battles would of course be fine.

Otherwise, counts as would work, as inquisitorial armies may take certain units from either space marines or imperial guard lists. The limits on what and how much are spelled out in the DH and WH codexes.

The other alternative, is to field an IG list as the parent, and bring in some allies from WH/DH (again the rules are in the DH/WH codex). If you only really want to field a small amount of Inquisition forces, with a lot of ork-guard, this would work as you get all of the IG force, and most of the inq force to choose from (whereas bringing the SM/IG into an inq force is more restrictive).

02-03-2009, 21:10
The daemonhunter codex specifically says who they can take as allies, and who can take them as allies.. And orks is not one of them.