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Grand Warlord
02-05-2005, 22:06
+The Planet of Argus III had gone very silent over the past couple of weeks. No one considered it a problem until all the astropaths on the planet suddenly died, their psychic demise eminating from the planet causing a tear in warp space. Then the reports of Coups and overall invasion of an alien source. Argus III was an important Agri-world for the sector so the Administrtums response was swift and large.

Elements of the Argus Conscripts I, II, III, and X platoons made landfall near the Space Ports and remaining Arbite Precincts, the only locations to be really holding out against the enemy attacks. The Mechanicus Outpost was holding its own but nothing was coming out in protection of the people of the planet.

Initial reports placed the enemy as apparent drug induced cultists with various scripts torn into their bodies. At first glance it would appear to be the work of the Agents of Chaos, but upon further details (autopsy report 137.21 subject heretic davis) revealed much more. The carvings into the bodies were eldar in nature. They were dealing with the eldar, whether or not it was craftworld or pirate was yet to be discovered.+

+Onboard the Litanies of Sanctity the team gathered in their prespective transport ships and recieved their briefing (above for the most part)+

Well lets get into character with some intros and all tht good stuff and well begin.

03-05-2005, 08:01
Scythe was annoyed, he placed another counter on the map but he could clearly see he was losing again, in just a few moves trinity had turned the game from practically a draw to completely destroying him. He had entirely missed her last plan and now he could not find a single opening. He watched another counter appear on the screen, again he entirely failed to decipher any probal meaning from it's placement, he shook his head and ordered his surrender. He ought to be checking around the local sectors to see what activity their was there, it may help him discover more about the case he was know dealing with, the scattered details he had been briefed on previously seemed to make little sense on their own so he needed more information.

It was a pity he did not have one of his own ships close or he had not arrived on charted imperial vessels, then he could try another source. Though he was not going to take the risk of failing to erase one of the connected files form the conversation, and he was unsure about whether any one on this ship was actually of higher rank than him. He was going for probaly, since the information had been very vauge. Scythe did spend a short period of time skimming though the recent files, though he found no activity that was apparently related to the incidents (Although he could see five or six that may have links but that was probaly paranoid.) Scythe also noted the location of a world which he felt that may need closer inspection, (i.e it's data had large holes in it, and had a very nice water park.) He settled down to a simple Tarrot based game in the briefing room while waiting for the rest to enter.

03-05-2005, 09:08
Lothos entered the room, accompanied by a chilling sensation that seemed to follow him wherever he went. His mask was off, people could see the unnatural paleness of his flesh, the eerie whitenes of his hair, the bizzare coloring of his eyes.

He looked at Scythe. One word passed through his thin, severe mouth.


He gestured to the gaming table.

03-05-2005, 21:33
A fairly tall man casually swaggered into the briefing room, a bored look on his rugged face. Jakken Skartha, servant of the Emperor, may He reign forever, was hardly worthy of the title with which he styled himself at this present time, considering his mercenary background. But he was here to do a job. In one hand he held an autopistol, a matching pistol holstered at his right hip.

He looked around at the room's other occupants. Great, the usual kind of clientele. Jakken was used to this kind of group of people, having served at the side of Inquisitor Trask for a number of years - not voluntarily, he hastened to add to himself. This new Inquisitor had promised to reward him well for his service-well, his agents had, Jakken had not yet met the man himself.

He raised an eyebrow, and threw a mock salute at the room's other occupiers. "Wotcher. Jakken Skartha reporting for duty." He didn't really expect an answer, and continued toying with the autopistol in his left hand, scratching at a scrape on the barrel with his right fingers, as he often did, despite the scrape mark being thoroughly unremovable.

03-05-2005, 22:37
Alexis Stukov was sitting in a chair, smoking a cigar and cleaning his bolt carbine lovingly. He was wearing his carapce body armour, his helmet clipped at his side, and looked as if he was going into a war.

Throwing his glance towards the new comer, an upstart calling itself Jakken Skartha. Shrugging, Stukov stood up slowly and caught Jakken's eye.

'The name is Vetern Sergeant Alexis Stukov of Inquisitorial Stormtrooper Regiment XXII, well ex I should say,' Stukov said with a slight nod. His face was paralysed by a Tyranid spore mine, so he always wore an expression of grim death and could never show emotion through his face. His scar added to his malice.

Stukov hefted his bolt carbine into his hands and walked out over to the bar, grabbing a double whiskey.

'You want one?' asked Stukov looking at Jakken.

04-05-2005, 02:51
Themos felt a rush of exhilaration when he saw his future comrades. These will be my battle brothers, he thought, may the emperor let me protect this flock as well as my last.

After taking a second to familiarize himself with the room, Themos introduced himself to everyone and no-one in particular, making a point to glance into everyone eye at least once during his speech.

"Sons of the Emperor, it gladdens my heart to see so many good souls in one room united in a purpose so good. As we all know from the briefing, Argus III is in serious danger. The danger is always real when dealing with xenos, whose despicable form make a mockery of our divine image. (looks towards Scythe) Inquisitor, you know this better than all of us, you are a model we all should follow. (Looks towards Lothos) The craft of the Emperor are varied and magnificent, you are a shining example of his long reach. (looks at Jakken and Alexis) I hope that my faith stays as strong as your fighting skills, I feel safer know that I have you two on my side.

I will not lie to you; I have never fought in combat before. After all thatís why I have this flamer, its hard to miss (Themos smiles at his own joke). But when we land on Argus III there will be tens of thousands of souls in need of some reassurance, (Themos leans one hand on the table) and it is no lie to say that my sermons always held a large dedicated following back in my cathedral. If the defenses of Argus III can be organized, then the battle is half won. (looks back at the inquisitor) wherever you all lead, I will make sure that the Emperor's word will follow.

OOC: Scythe, Themos has heard none of the rumours about your character, and is naive to the concept of a radical inquisitor.

04-05-2005, 21:37
Scythe was sure he had not committed Regicide, well almost certain and was he allowed to anyway? It certainly was not one of the common rumours. There again Lothos would probably know more than hear say. On the other hand he was sure the name also coincidence with a game, which was another possibility. Then he saw the gaming table, well that was revealed. It turned out he had not committed regicide and the game was not a first person shooter. He was also beginning to get a head ache. The only disadvantage of working with Lothos, was the constant headaches.

Scythe stood up and began walking "Well, Greetings to all of you, as some of you already know I am Lord Inquisitor Scythe and I insist on driving (Looks at Lothos). I will be frank with you here, the situation on the planet below is fairly suspect, I fear that there is much about the situation that we have yet to uncover. If you want to make any bets, you would probably get a nice profit on one that we survive. That's about as inspirational as my speeches get, if you want to be inspired we have a man far more pious than I so ask him. Oh and I will be engaging in important work so if not vital do not disturb me" The 'inspirational' speech ended just as Scythe got to the Regicide table where Scythe set about his 'important work.í

05-05-2005, 18:35
Jakken raised an eyebrow at the soldier, somehow managing to stop himself from staring at his bizarre facial features. "Aye, why not, just a quick one. Best to keep on our toes, y'know?"

He took the glass. "Stormtrooper, eh? Fought with you boys before, never heard of y' regiment though. never really thought much of you glory boys." Especially when fighting against you he didn't add. The money had been right, after all. All respect to Him on Earth, but a man has to keep himself going somehow...

06-05-2005, 00:37
Jebediah listened to themos's speach, and closed his eyes, it sounded just like the old Chaplain. He walked over to the one person he could recognise, a storm trooper he had seen somewhere before, or maybe it was that all storm troopers looked the same, but this guy had a face he would never forget anyway. As he walked over he quickly scanned both their minds, before picked up the so called servant of the emperor by the back of the neck lifting him a good 3feet above the ground.
"dont even think about calling yourself a servant of the emperor around me kid or i will personnally feed you to my pet." The space marine taped his blade and kept the man held in his hand before he turned to the storm trooper. "Jebediah former fire hawk, and you are?"

Grand Warlord
06-05-2005, 00:48
Before more could be said between the groups the transports closed with a thud and the cargo hold doors opened the fires of war could well be seen even from this location. The transports darted out of the ships racing towards the planets surface with breakneck speeds the flak zipping past them grazing them with a ruthless abandon. And still the transports went on..

+Suddenly warning runes flashed everywhere some ships were exploding from the flak and anti air batteries that had fallen under control of the cultists.+

"This is Iron Spear to all, be ready to fight as soon as we hit ground... they are making a big push... we need to push back..."

+reception cuts out as the transport shakes smoke bellowing from the right wing+

+And then they were on the ground and out the door guns blazing as the cultists vaulted the last bunker and heading straright for the new troops...+

06-05-2005, 07:53
Jebediah took a last look at the mercenary, before he threw him to the ground."Save yourself littleman." He put his palm out facing the cultist and set the front rank on fire, as he drew his pistol and created an ethereal shield around himself and his party.

06-05-2005, 12:22
Alexis Stukov dropped to one knee and slung his bolt carbine round so he could use it.

'Another day in the Emperor's Service!' he mumbled as he switched the gun onto burst fire, single shot would not be effective for this situation.

He glanced round and saw that everyone had one way or another engaged the cultists. Good bunch, he thought as he saw that the Space Marine was busy doing what they did best: killing.

Seeing that he would have to get into close combat, soon, Stukov fired his bolt carbine, while taking small steps backwards. He would spend the entire clip before assualting, as he did all those years ago on his home world.

The bolt carbine spat death as the cultists charged into its kill zone. Stukov had fought cultists multiple times and was looking forthe most hidiously mutated ones, but oddly enough none had made this first assault.

Stukov knew that this was either the first wave or a feint attack, but he was in no position to make any statement over the vox-net as he needed all his concetration on the bolt carbine.

06-05-2005, 17:36
Jakken's hands leapt to his sides and drew his two autopistols. The gunslinger brought up his guns and trained them on a group of the cultists that surged towards them.

Bad day to be here, boys.. He pulled the triggers again and again, casings clattering to the stoney ground. One jerked backwards, chest blown apart, another dropping to the ground with a gaping hole in his temple. A third raised his rifle before Jakken's shots drilled through his torso, the cultists falling like a bag of rocks. Don't let 'em get close, Jakken, old son.

06-05-2005, 23:09
Scythe gripped the handle of the Neural whip, and felt as the fastenings lossened letting free his new weapon. Then he strode out of the briefing room into the doorway. The way to the battle was simply a matter of following the distintive sounds of battle, Scythe stepped firmly out readying his mind for forthcoming battle.

With that suddenly the world exploded in colours never before seen, complex shapes which exceeded four dimensions, strange howls tearing at his mind before the universe in what passed for normal reappeared around him. Scythe was now kneeling fairly akwardly in the Med bay, he slowly stood up and took his bearings. He felt fine, but yet why had he been pulled though the warp? He opened his third eye and again he could see the immaterium plane. Involentarily he shivered, the warp had a nature completely alien to man, obeying none of the emperors devout laws. Yet he could not sense another mind close to his, a mind with the prescence in this plane to have moved him. Though something was worse the light of the emperor was not in his sight, he had known there was a tear, but he had not excepted the emperors light to vanish so fully. He closed his eye, he stood up. Then he realised he had turned on the refractor shield. He smiled, well there was now a faster way to combat, he gripped a small plasma cutter and placed by where he unerstood the shield's egde to be, then he triggered the flow, and closed his eyes.

Again his mind was beset with the screaming of the warp, but he opened them on another scene of hell. Scattered guard forces, overwelmed by hordes of traitors. A grim smile appeared on his face, oonce again the Imperium was tested, yet what the traitors never realised is that in their petty heresy they proved only to strenghten the Imperium, each attack helping to forge the dull edges into the real blade. They would not truimph, whether it was eldar or Chaos Gods aiding them he was sure they would truimph.

Scythe focused and lashed out at the first attacker, he could almost feel the nerve impulses frying as that heretic fell to the ground. A blow came from his side and he leaned forward, feelling the knife impact of the shoulder guard, he threw the edge of the whip across those attacking in frount of him, and gripped the hilt of his Blade, carefully avoiding the fragment embedded in the blade. He spun sending the blade into the teeth of a chain sword, only to feel the butt of a blade slam into his back, he fell, impacting on the ground with a thud. The lack of his foes of any trace of skill was compensated by their numbers. The warp eye opened again and the area around Scythe was enveloped with a ball of fire, the traitors drew back from the conflagation. This respite only served Scythe till he rose then the assualt began again.

06-05-2005, 23:37
Holy ****!Themos gasped, This is it!... adrenaline surged through Themos's veins like electricity charging a machine. Themos stood for a moment at the breach of the landing ship of the other more well trained team members went to work. The twisted faces of the mutants shocked him, but at the same time brought him satisfaction.... here were enemies of the Emperor... to be destroyed...
"Suffer not the Unclean" he silently mouthed and allowed the gases in his flamer to congeal. A group of six mutants broke cover and made a rush towards the craft... they would be his first targets. Themos lightly depressed the trigger and a thin spout of flames struck a mutant in a bureaucratic uniform. Screaming he tried to pat out the flames, and even tore at his clothes, but the liquid jelly stuck to his skin.
Themos did not care, he fully depressed the trigger and lit up the rest of the group. "your crime is heresy, my gift is purification!" he yelled and followed with a guttural war-cry. Surrounded by so much death, Themos felt truly alive for the first time.

07-05-2005, 06:53
Lothos slunk off into the darkness. Moments later, key targets suddenly found they could breathe through their foreheads.

The Emperor's Wrath reaches long, indeed.

07-05-2005, 13:29
Jebediah looked at his waist and saw his sword waiting to be drawn but he dismissed the thought for now. Charging haeadlong into the horde he started doing his job, killing cultists.

07-05-2005, 23:03
More of the Emperor-forsaken scum was coming over the walls and the Marine was going to be overwhelmed. Seeing this, Stukov snarled and called to Jakken.

'Yo sharpshooter, run right, I'll left, we got to give that dam Marine some covering fire or he'll be shot to pieces!' roared Stukov.

'Is that really a bad thing?' he replied and then got serious, 'you got it.'

The two broke and ran in their directions, Stukov taking up fire points, the cultists coming into his firing range. The sharpshooter was already at his point, his pistols aiming, a wily smile on his face. The look of a killer in his eyes. Stukov too reflected this. They were both natural born killers. This was their Temple.

07-05-2005, 23:18
Jakken dropped behind a pile of rubble, slamming fresh clips into his autopistols. The whole movement, ejecting the spent clips and smacking in full ones, took under three seconds as the gunslinger readied himself. He leapt up again, and was glad to see the situation had changed very little. The soldier was giving effective cover from the right - time to blitz some of these cultists. He took aim with one pistol, training the dotsight on an advancing fanatic's face, and pulled the trigger. He raised an eyebrow as the bullet passed straight through the cultist's skull: the man stopped, unmoving, then hit the deck as another charging foe crashed into him. I thought that gun shot high...

No time for finesse now Jakken rolled to the side as a lasrifle was levelled at him, hopping back to his feet as lasfire stitched into the ground where he had been heratbeats before. Both autopistols blazed, and the second cultist fell, chest ripped apart in a storm of bullets. He grimaced at the unmoving corpse, and dusted his tunic off. Then the gunslinger aimed at the mob surging towards the Marine and opened fire once again, casings clattering to the ground at his feet.

Grand Warlord
08-05-2005, 02:22
+The cultists retreated quikly grabbing soem of the not yet dead guard and dissapearing into the fading light. As the night fell there was an unnatural glow emanating from the old capitol building it seemed to be blue flames but they never spread.+

+The team settled down for the night the basilisks opening fire their nightly barrage the only light in the darkness of the city once known as Argus III+

OOC: Ok I am out of commission for a couple reasons. So until i return monday Slazton has Co-Gm status. Hell get things ready for the next part which I have written out and ready to go.

08-05-2005, 03:03
Alexis Stukov was in the chapel, praying and cleansing his soul from the night's actions. The bodies were hidously scarred in ritual cuts and bleeding points. It seemed like a Slaanesh cult, but Stukov closed his mind and banished all thoughts.

Such things were not meant to be thought over. He walked away from the praying floor and sat against the wall, dipping cloth into holy water and began to clean his gun from top to bottom, gently taking care of it. He knew the blessed water was the reason the weapon never misfired.

As he gently polished it, Stukov began to remember the last few days before he became a storm trooper intiate. Ichor IV, his homeworld, was in its beginning of the Tyranid War. A horde of gaunts had overwhelmed the PDF, his father was amongst them. It was the only day he had left his bolt carbine at home. His mother, an Adpetus Adept of a very low rank, was then killed in her office, alledgly still working, even till death. Alexis Stukov was only 13, and heard the warnings, grabbing his father's cherished bolt carbine, he loaded it and joined the rest as they formed a firing line.

He personally got eighty-five kills before things became hand to hand. He had only a knife, but he fought on. It was then the wave was broke, a large creature was killed by massed lascannon fire from an Abrite tank. For three days they defended their area until they were reinforced. Stukov was then taken away.

His bolt carbine was his only memory of his dad and mom, nothing else remained. He was now a killer. All that matter was the Emperor's Justice. He dipped another section and then polished the bullets seperately, the ones that had not been fired as he reloaded the clip, each bullet gently cleaned.

'The Emperor will always protect,' he said with a smile.

08-05-2005, 07:21
Jebediah walked into the chapel, making the sign of the aquila as he entered. He could see the Storm Trooper cleansing his weapon, the librarian walked past him, all the way to the altar, as he kneeled, he placed his weapons in the holy water. First the pistol, then his sword, uttering prayers to the emperor as he removed the beast from its sheath. An animals hiss rang out though as the blade was bathed in holy water and the librarian smiled as he knew his servant felt the agony that would normally be placed upon others. He sheathed the weapon again saying to it "remember this pain, it is the that we all must suffer for the true god, even you, child of chaos, serve the emperor for eternity now and will suffer with us."

08-05-2005, 15:12
Scythe on the other hand had aquired an entirely different use fo holy water, he was sitting down with his power blade in one hand poised above a fairly large container of the blessed liquid. With out pausing he submerged the weapon into the water, the ruins on the side of the weapon began to glow a deep green and the water steamed up around them, a psychic cry echoed from the blade. Then he pulled it out again.

"Whatcan you tell me."

"Tell you about what?"

"The situation on this planet what is behind it?"

"Ah the revoult, the reason why thousands of Imperial citizens turned against you glourious God emperor and are attacking the forces of the Inquisition. Correct?"

"Yes now what is behind it."

"How should I know? Perhaps they realised that the false God they served was an expanionist war mongerer who ceased to be a threat a few millenia ago. Perhaps the planetary governer raised their taxes and they did not like it. When it comes down to it their are thousand of reasons to disobey your self important regime."

"Yes, but of these few involve Eldar symbols."


"This whole situation sounds something like you would be involved in."

"Yes, like I can actually be bothered to manipulate the eldar, the whole process takes far to long and their are plenty of races easier to manipulate, like Orks and Man even Tyranids are are easier to use.

"I am supposed to believe the word of a deamon."

"If you will not believe a word I say then what is the point of trying to glean information from me, plus if it had been me you would have known about it sooner"

At this point Scythe gave up but duncked the blade into the holy water again for good measure

08-05-2005, 16:09
As quickly as it had began, the cultist attack ended. The last remnants retreated over the small hill and into the thirty-mile long rows of wheat. The land on this Agri-World was very flat and far on the horizon, loomed the capital building.

Some of the mutants were still alive; their souls still clung to this reality with any remaining strength, afraid to face death. Labored gasps and wheezing revealed how thin the thread that held the their life was; once it broke, their souls would be consumed by whichever foul god they had pledged themselves too. Perhaps some of them could still be savedÖ

Themos knelt beside a bloody mutant, and opened a bottle of sacramental water. Judging by his uniform, this foul beast had once been a noble imperial guardsman, and ironically, a badge of distinguished service remained pinned on his shirt pocket. Themos cradled the mutantís head in his arms and lifted the water to his lips. "Drink this brother, and return to the Emperor."

The mutant convulsed and tried to break free, but his strength had already bled out of the gunshot wound in his stomach. "Return to the Emperor" Themos repeated, and poured the sacramental water into his mouth. The mutant drank deeply and seemed to regain his humanity, his twisted visage seemed to melt away, and tears appeared in his eyes.

The mutant looked up at Themos and tried to say something, but instead only managed to cough up blood. Themos answered anyway, "Be at peace brother, for soon you will be in the Emperors warmth". Themos then drew his pistol and shot the mutant through the head.

Themos administered this final justice to the other mutants, saving the souls of those who were willing. After firering a final round into the skull of the last breathing mutant, Themos rejoined his comrades in the Temple.

08-05-2005, 22:25
Jakken whistled to himself as he sat down on a shattered column in the wrecked temple. He walked over to the altar the others had taken water from.

"Holy my eye..." he muttered. If this wasn't just normal rainwater Jakken would be damned. He dipped his hands in and splashed the cool liquid onto his face, then shook his brown hair. Hard days work so far.

He checked his four pistols: all loaded and in full working order. He saw Themos executing the remainign mutants, and shrugged. Decent enough, he supposed. When he went, Jakken didn't want to linger either. Nice and quick. He blew out a heavy sigh, and leaned back against the wrecked pillar, waiting for something to do.

09-05-2005, 11:06
Stukov felt it suddenly, the tall tell tale backwash of Chaos energy. He was never tested for being a psyker until he was twenty-four, and by then it was too late to develop his weak psychic influence. It was best decieded to give him a ward, that hung around his neck, and keep his powers latent. However, it still allowed him the ability to detect Chaos.

'Librarian,' Stukov said with a look at the Marine. In his hands was a sword, that seemed to hiss and move, as if it hated to the holy water. 'How dare you bring that into here!' Stukov quickly slapped his bolt carbine clip into place and drew the gun level, pointing right at the Marine's head.

'I don't want to do this, but if I have to, I will. Your death will be for the good of the mission as by bringing that filth with you, you have already doomed us all! I will bring the Emperor's Justice!" roared Stukov as he shot three shots at the Marine, not giving him time to respond.

Two shots hit armour, while the third, that should have clipped the marine's head, dissolved as it hit something around the psyker's head.

Stukov did not break stride and fired the gun on full-auto.

OoC/No offense Diddimz, Stukov hates everything Xenos and Chaos tainted. With a deep deep passion, so go easy on the old war horse ;)/OoC

09-05-2005, 17:57
OOC:/Accusations of wrong doings, attacking other memebers of the party, and for once I'm not the heretic. Yay /:OOC

Stukov was not the only one capable of sensing Psychic energy, that and Scythe had the 'amazing' ability to 'sense' raised voices and gunshot from an ajoining room.

It was foretuneate Scythe decided, that he had been slightly more controlled in how he used his own weapon, he slipped it back into concealed sheath designed to conceal the blade as just a force weapon. He stepped into the room just as the conflict was begining, he watched the first bullets bonce of the marines power armour. Something had to be done, this mission was foolish enough without them destroying their own teammates.

"Cease this Foolishness this instant." Scythe said, the forceful surgestion rang out over the communication systems of the Chapel (Thanks to the quick actions of Trinity). With the words Scythe watched Stukov and fired.

The Graviton Gun creates a localised graviational force, far in excess of what a normal object of that size would create. The exact meathod this is achieved by is not of a level that is common knowledge, but the effects are fairly profound. The firing of Scythes weapon momentarily caused a new gravitational field to be created just above Stukov's head.

Something about the body suddenly begining to 'fall' towards a random point in the air has a tendancy to shake even the best markmans aim.

"The Imperium does not have a legal systems so you can take the law into your own hands. So let us handly this incident in a manner befiting the servants of the God Emperor, and not in tha manner of servants of Chaos, servants of the warp or the blight to this universe that is Xenos."

"By the power invested in me by the High Lords of Terra, highest of all the Emperors servants, I assume the case of Jebediah, Former Libarian of the Fire hawks. His acuser is Alexis Stukov, a Veteran Sergeant of the Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. I call on both the accused, the accuser and any who will Vindicate for either of them, to make a statement on their experiance of the events, in any order."

OOC:/ Now watch everyone ignore the Inquisitor and resume blowing pieces out of each other /:OOC

Grand Warlord
09-05-2005, 21:06
+From the shadows they watch smiling in the shadows watching the leader get ready to kill his own people... excellent.+

OOC: Anyone with psychic powers can feel a darkness filling the room but for now continue with the fight lol

10-05-2005, 00:45
Jebediah looked at Stukov, he was glad he had kept his psychic shield up, though the impact of the bullet made him have to strengthen it, he refused to hit the storm trooper unless he was forced to, and with one thought he reached into the bolt carbines chamber and detonated the rest of the bolts. the result was terrible as the gun exploding in stukovs hands and sent shrapnel flying everywhere.

ooc//sorry slaz didnt want to lay the hurt on you, as you know i wouldve done:p maybe a PvP fight is in order (oh and decide what happens to ya hands as they were holding the gun when it blew up;))

10-05-2005, 01:30
Lothos appeared silently by Scythe's side. "Guilty," he said in his raspy voice.

10-05-2005, 04:44
Themos returned to the temple, only to see Jebedia and Stukov fighting! He took out his prayer beads and began reciting prayers to the Emperor. Themos wanted to intervene, but it was too dangerous, a single stray shot could kill him. "What is this madness!" he cried, and continued thumbing his prayer beads.

Grand Warlord
11-05-2005, 03:12
+suddenly the shadows were very real and the laughing was loud and high pitched. the team doubled over as teh haemonculi materialized from the warp the pitiful guard around the team died quickly and painfully.+

"Pitiful Mon-keigh. you will not save this planet... she who thirsts will drink the planet dry in a blood bath unknown to your kind.. not even your inquisition."

+And suddenly they were gone the but they were still in the shadows waiting for the team to attack them...Scythe could see something similar to a psychic wall/barrier blocking his warp eye beyond into the city where he knew they needed to go.+

11-05-2005, 10:15
'My bolt carbine!' roared Stukov, his hands were a mess, but this did not matter. That had been given to him by his father, it was the last memory of his planet.

He felt pure anger rise within him. Stukov through a look of hate at the Inquisitor and the Librarian.

'I refuse to raise a case at this moment,' Stukov said before the Dark Eldar entered the room.

Stukov saw this and fell to the floor, on his knees, tears of blood dripping down his cheeks. The pain was emmence and Stukov thought he was going to die. Never before had he experienced this level of psychic powers, and it pained him alongisde a sudden thrill of the intesity of the pain. It was like being at the Scourging of Degabar VI once more, surrounded by psychic zombies of an alpha level, fighting for a blissful ending in death. Of course Inquisitor Andrew destroyed the alpha psyker, but that did not matter.

Stukov stood up and looked at the party.

'I'm going to need a new bolt carbine or something akin to it,' growled Stukov as he left the Chapel. He felt tainted, but did not care, the pain had cleared his thoughts of rage and anger, leaving only temptation to try more.

OoC/Well why not have a red herring eh? Grand Warlord, if we get a chance, we will need to chat about him via AOL k?/OoC

11-05-2005, 16:17
"You fools, while you fight amonst yourselves, the alien stalks amongst us; unite and fight the darkness!"

All Themos could do was be a good example, and hope the others would follow.

'Look for the enemy in darkness' Themos said, recalling a prayer he had prayed 10,000 times in his lifetime. he fired his flamer into the darkest corner of the temple, and lo and behold a haemonculus bolted out of cover. The dark eldar had been to fast, and Themos's human reflexs slightly too slow. The flames followed hotly on the haemonculus' tail as it broke cover.
'Kill it!!!" Themos screamed, hoping the others would shoot the beast down.

11-05-2005, 16:25
Jakken shook his head to try and clear it. "Sounds like someone's wife wants them..." He whipped out his two Bolt pistols, tracking the dot sights along the walls, hunting for a solid target.

The Haemonculus that Themos had torched darted into his line of vision, and the gunslinger pivoted and slammed down the triggers, firing a dozen rounds off at the horrific alien. The Haemonculus' chest erupted in a spray of dark blood, and it collapsed to the floor. Jakken turned again, guns raised. "Where the hell are these things?"

Grand Warlord
17-05-2005, 01:57
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17-05-2005, 08:03
Jebediah instantly turned to the new arrivals and instantly lit the room up in a psychic glow bright enough to see them easily. He took aim with one palm and torched one before he slammed his fist through it to finish it off.

17-05-2005, 20:48
Scythe ignored the paranoia, for the eldar to have appeared like that they were using some technology beyond the primitive weapons they had, even his Xenos equipment palled in comparision with top of the line eldar equipment. If the Xenos were not here to fight he doubted any attempt could stop them.

That and something rang false in Scythe, something was wrong Nearly all contact with the Dark eldar had been in slave raids so why were they insigating a rebellion, the numbers of corrupted humans required to escalate such a conflict would be a large bounty for any slave raid and the Dark eldar could easily be left with less human 'cattle' at the end than the begining, they had never seemed interesting in capturing ground and this region of space seemed to close to serious imperial planets to be an advisable course. Also if the eldar had such a large presence already established on this world any item or person they wanted would have been long gone. So why was this happening? There had to be something he missing, or a motivation he hadn't thought of:

Yet he seemed to be faced with two disturbing conclusions this was either a distraction or designed to weaken their forces. If it was either they had fallen for it and were now fighting for their lives, that led to the third reason maybe they were lured here, a rebellion was not to far, but if that was the case which of the team or items of did they want? or were they aiming for another party. The most logical target for Scythe was the deamon blades but who knew what Dark Eldar wanted.

Grand Warlord
18-05-2005, 13:05
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Isuran Greifenherz
06-06-2005, 09:24
may i join, i know its a bit late but i would be cool if i could.