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02-03-2009, 04:02
I am getting the assault for black reach box set and I want to add on to the army after but I dont know what to get.
What should I get?


02-03-2009, 04:07
Minimum another tac squad so you can field a legal army.

Given you get elite choices with it I would go with either predators and rhinos or land speeders and assault marines depending on what you want your army to be like.

02-03-2009, 04:08
I would get the $90.00 battle force

02-03-2009, 04:13
yeah vote 1 for a battle force. maybe another rhino or drop pod. im also thinking a heavy support choice.

Born Again
02-03-2009, 04:13
Yes, the battle force + the AoBR pretty much makes an army, imo. Commander, 2 tac squads (one in rhino), scouts, assaul squad, termies and dread. Add on some heavy support (either devs or a predator would be best) and you're laughing.

02-03-2009, 04:20
Don't forget the codex that helps to. But excluding that I would get another tac squad. As a heavy support choice I am finding the whirlwind is an amazing 85 point tank very well rounded. Finally my favorite unit these days is those sternguard but they are very costly and if they die it sure does effect smaller games.

02-03-2009, 04:26
I also vote for the Codex and the Army Box.

02-03-2009, 04:32
If you can swing the cost, AoBR, then the BF are the best values, so start there and then look at what else you'd like your army to have. :)

02-03-2009, 12:41
even cheaper, get another AoBR and swap the orks for marines with a chum... you now have 30 marines 15 terminators and three dreads :P.

Grand Master Raziel
02-03-2009, 16:36
As it happens, I started a thread over on Bolter & Chainsword about this very topic. I'll copy-and-paste my opening post here.

Howdy folks! As you can all well imagine, Assault on Black Reach is a great inducement to get players both new and old to try out Space Marine armies (and Ork armies as well, but that's off-topic for this site). So, you're going to have a lot of new players starting off with the AoBR Marines and wondering what to do next. Being a lover of all things Space Marine and wanting to be as helpful as I can, I decided to bend some thought towards the best way of building up based on what AoBR provides. Here, I'd like to offer what I've thought up, and open up discussion to see what other people can come up with.

For starters, if you've been living in a cave and are not aware of the contents of Assault on Black Reach, here's the take for SM players:

1: Captain with power sword and bolter
2: 10-man Tac Squad with ML and flamer
3: 5-man Terminator Squad
4: Dreadnought with multimelta and DCCW with integral storm bolter

For this, plus all the Ork stuff, plus the rulebook and accessories, you pay $60US. Assuming you can work out a deal with somebody who wants the Orks, we can call that a $30 initial investment - a fantastic deal for a new player, but not enough to play legal games with (only one Troops choice). So, based on the assumption that it's better to buy the package deals whenever possible, we add the Space Marine Battleforce, which nets us:

5: 10-man Tac Squad
6: 5-man Scout Squad
7: 5-man Assault Squad
8: Rhino
9: 5-man Combat Squad

$90 for this, and it gives you a little more variety. Solves the issue of army legality, as you can field 4 Troops choices (two 10-man Tac Squads, a 5-man Tac Squad, and the Scouts). However, it doesn't create what I consider an entirely satisfactory SM army, as you've got only a 5-man Assault Squad, a 5-man Tac Squad with no upgrades, and only one Rhino. None of the other package deals really lend themselves well towards fleshing out what AoBR and the Battleforce provide, so we go to individual box sets. What I think are the most intelligent purchases are:

10: Assault Squad (yes, another one)
11: Rhino (yes, another one)
12: Devastator Squad

That's another $90. Why this stuff? Here's why:

1: The Captain, Dreadnought, and Terminators from AoBR are fielded as-is. You pay for the captain to have a power sword.
2: The AoBR Tactical Squad is given a sergeant with a power weapon from one of the Assault Squad box sets, and a plasma cannon from the Devastator Squad box set (retains the flamer and the squaddies with bolters). They also score one of the Rhinos.
3: The other full Tac Squad gets a sergeant with a power fist from the other Assault Squad box set, and another plasma cannon from the Dev Squad box set. They get the other Rhino
4: The two Assault Squad box sets are merged into one 10-man Assault Squad with a pair of plasma pistols and a sergeant with a power fist.
5: The Scout Squad hits the field with sniper rifles and camo-cloaks.
6: The Dev Squad gets 2 MLs and 2 LCs (the MLs coming from the AoBR squad and the Battleforce Tac Squad, the LCs coming from the Dev Squad box set), plus the additonal 5 guys from the Battleforce to bring it up to 10-strong (extra meatshields, and can be combat squadded)

This gives you a pretty well-rounded 1500pt force (1485 to be exact, if I've done my math right) with no glaring flaws. What everyone should be doing ought to be pretty obvious. My only niggle is that there's no convenient way for the Captain to accompany the Tac Squads without combat squadding them out, which wouldn't be my first choice, but that's just me. Other than that, I think the force is pretty solid, and will give a good showing against any opponent. The units in the army don't have to be given exactly the same upgrades as I've listed here - it's just what I would give them. With the hypothetical purchases, you're going to wind up in the 1500pt ballpark regardless of how you use what you've got.

Money-wise, the total outlay for this force is $210 (again, assuming you can go halvsies on AoBR). Throw in Codex: Space Marines, a tape measure, dice, glue, paint and brushes, and I reckon you're talking $300, which isn't too shabby.

Edit: It's been suggested that I mention online discount retailers and eBay. I think that's a good suggestion, so I'm mentioning them. If you're the sort that can defer your gratification for a bit in order to save money, you can get some respectable discounts online. Also, keep an eye on eBay. Sometimes things go for fantastically cheap. I don't think you're going to improve much on the price of AoBR, but you stand a pretty good chance of getting the Battleforce and the individual unit/vehicle box sets for less than you'd pay retail. Just watch out that your shipping costs don't make your total expenditure match or exceed retail price.

Okay, that's me. What would you do with AoBR?

The whole thread can be seen here (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=159800) if you're interested. It's not very long, and some of the other folks had some good advice.

02-03-2009, 16:52
As it happens, I started a thread over on Bolter & Chainsword about this very topic. I'll copy-and-paste my opening post here.

The whole thread can be seen here (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=159800) if you're interested. It's not very long, and some of the other folks had some good advice.

That was most informative and thanks :)

02-03-2009, 17:01
Add another vote to the Battle-force Ballot! That would be the best way to go i think you would have the following if you do.

2 full 10 man tactical squads
1 combat squad.
Scouts (best unit evar)
assault marines

pretty sweet list huh. If you can get a either a pod or devs box, cos you get 8 Heavy weapons in a dev box and enough body parts to make 5 guys. So dev box + combat squad from BF = 2 dev squads which in turn = teh yay! and the pob will give your dread a head start and land him up the field.

02-03-2009, 23:20
Grand Master Raziel has outlined a very good pathway forward for the OP. I was going to suggest a Battleforce and second Rhino, but his pathway also expands to a full Assault Squad and adds additional heavy weapon options beyond missile launchers for the Tactical Squads plus a devastator squad. The 5 man squad can be added to the Devastators, or use the Devastator bodies for a third full Tactical Squad. Instead I will suggest a Razorback for a third transport. If you don't glue the turret in place it can double as a Rhino or act as mobile heavy fire support for a squad. Maybe act as a shield for the Devastators.

03-03-2009, 00:03
Thanks guys,

Since I have the cdex I am pobably now going to get the BF

03-03-2009, 00:38
Sm battle force , 2x devy squads and a command squad , thats what my mate has just got

Nice rounded 2000pt army.