View Full Version : St. Aidens Warriors Club. Do you go there?

Getifa Ubazza
02-03-2009, 09:58
Im looking for members of Warseer who game at St Aidens in Clarkston, Glasgow. Ive not been in a while, But would love to get all the guys who post here to let themselves be known. Im planning to go next week (March 8th) So if anyone wants a game vs my Orks (The ones in my sig) Then let me know. Thanks

Insane Psychopath
02-03-2009, 15:20
Don't know if this help but if your a memeber of Bolter & Chainsword there a memeber called VAGABOND (Ryan) who gose to this club.

There a few people I know there but not really seen them since last year. Best thing to do is just go in, have a look around, talk to them, etc...


Getifa Ubazza
02-03-2009, 17:40
Thanks IP. Im not a member of B&C, But i will check that out.

11-03-2009, 16:35

I'm a member of the club. St Aidens is a great club with a very friendly atmosphere, easy to get to and for its members, amazing discounts on GW products.

Have a look at our website ( http://www.ukclubs.org/info/StAidans/ ).

If your interested in checking out the club contact Scott on: ScottdeMolay@aol.com