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02-03-2009, 13:44
I'm entering a tournament in a few weeks and this is the first time I'm entering with my Dark Elfs. I went for CC, what do you guys think? First i have 145 pt left I then added another unit Dark Riders + warbanner for warriors. Got any improvements?

Dreadlord @ 254
Lance, HA, SDC, SH, Cold One, 2x Null Talisman, Pendent of Khaeleth

Master @ 210
HA, SH, SDC, Lance, BSB, Hydra Banner, Cold One

Sorceress @ 150
Dispell Scroll, Dispell Scroll

Assasin @ 146
Additional handweapon, Manbane, Rune of Khaine

Assasin @ 146
Additional handweapon, Manbane, Rune of Khaine

20 Warriors @ 180
Full Command, Shields, Warbanner

20 Corsairs @ 225
Full Command, Sea Serpent Standard

5 Dark Riders @ 117
Repeater Crossbows, Musician

5 Dark Riders @ 117
Repeater Crossbows, Musician

5 Hapries @ 55

14 Black Guards @ 257
Full command, Standard of Hag Ghraef, Null Talisman

5 Cold one Knights @ 215
Full command, Ring of Hotek, Banner of Cold Blood

1 War Hydra @ 175


02-03-2009, 16:16
I'll give it a go...
20 frenzied corsairs seems a bit much. You want their frontage as wide as possible to maximize hits, so 6-7 wide. Run it 6 X 3 and you can drop two models. Or drop it even lower to 7 X 2 and save even more.
Your only shooting is the RXBs on the DRs. You're not going to kill much with that. I'd lose it.

Finally, two characters in one CoK unit is really overkill. Most people will spend the game trying to avoid/shoot it. Not easy to do, but 680 points in one unit is a real points sink. I would reconsider my Dreadlord build to find another use for him. Hope that helps.

Andrew Luke
02-03-2009, 17:21
First of all, you MUST either drop the champ and or add more coldone riders. As it is now, one cannon shot and bye bye BSB. (You only have 4 rank and file models). Besides, this unit doesn't really work. Hydra BSB units need to be at least 8 models or more so they actually survive.

What are your plans for the lord? He seems pretty expensive just to survive and be LD 10. I think he'd be better of on a dark steed, so he can move where needed to provide his leadership to a key combat. Also, look for some kit so he can actually deal some damage. Potion of strength is a great little surprise. (Even obsidian armoured BT's need to worry about 4 Strength 9 attacks on the charge!)

02-03-2009, 18:18
Heya aimbob,

First of all your drealord ain't legal - you've gotta either drop Pendant of Khaeleth or Null Talsman (you can only have 1 Talisman).

Otherwise the CO's seems a bit like an "all the eggs in one basket"-kind of unit. And if you want this you should consider moving the Banner of Hag Graef to them instead - as it will be expected on the BG's and a single failed stupidity could ruin your expensive cavalry otherwise...

I'd probably get rid of one assassin and redo the other to Rending Stars + Manbane... Then let him go with a unit of Shades and add 1 more unit of Harpies aswell...

The shades (with GW's) are really awesome at dealing with harassers and pose a threat with their str5 hatred attacks... the assassin can then kill off any chariots with t5 and pose a great threat to any other nasties (hitting and wounding on 2+ with 3 shots - yum yum)

As pointed out the Dreadlord seems a bit off - but he could be a nice counter for any biggies the enemy gets... perhaps let him ride a DS and give him Pendant of Khaeleth and Armour of Eternal Servitude instead so he can charge and challenge anything big like Greater deamons, etc...

HF and GL with it!,

05-03-2009, 12:27
doh my dreadlord is illegal xD I hadn't changed him yet I originally had a second unti CoK but i scratched that I hadn;t changed the lord yet Had him planned in BG with GW.

05-03-2009, 19:29
What about dropping the warriors, taking a few less corsairs and taking that second unit of cold ones (one with the dreadlord, one with the bsb) those two units supporting each other would make a mess of anything