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02-03-2009, 13:49
Hello this is my new list. I tried it for two games and lost both, but I played pretty porly in one of the games and my dice rolls where sickly bad in both. What do you think, do my list suck or is it my game that is the problem? :D


Char: (920p)

V Lord = 445 (Go in bunker or GG)
-1 lvl magic -50
-Dark Acolyte -30
-Master of the Black Arts -50
-Summone S -15
- Helm of Kommendment -30
- Staff of S 65

Necro = 115 (On Corps or in bunker)
-Extra spell -15 = Vanhells
-Power Stone -20
-Dispell Scroll -25

Wight Lord = 165 (Go in GG unit)
-Steed+Barding -20
- Sword of Kings - 25
- Nightshroud - 20
- BSB -25

Vamp = 195
-Dark Acolyte 30
-Summone S -15
-Black Periapet -15
-Book of Arkhan -35

1* Corpse Cart 75+25 = 100
3* Ghols 20 & 15 & 10 +2*Ghast =350
2* Bats 3 = 120
1* Grave Guard 20 FC/Great W + Banner of the Barrows 45 = 335
1* Black Knights 5 =120 (No Command)
1* Blood Knights 5 =305 (All Command, exp Campion)

02-03-2009, 15:55
Well first thing I noticed is that the list is illegal. You have both the Black Periapt and Book of Arkhan on your vamp, which are both Arcane items.

The only issue I have with this build is the Blood Knights. They are not nearly supported enough to be effective in this list. You have no regen banner or shooting ward banner to protect them, so you are effectively handing out 300+ free VPs to any decent opponent. Blood Knights are tough offensively, but relatively weak against heavy shooting or magic, and they will be targetted by both continuously. I would swap them for 5 wraiths with Banshee or even a varghulf. If you are intent on keeping them, you need to restructure the list to support them. Add in some dire wolves, give them the Banner of Blood Keep or put a BSB with the Banner of Drakenhof with them ( or both if you want all eggs in one basket). You could also drop the caster vamp and add a mounted vamp with Blood Drinker to that unit.

02-03-2009, 16:06
Couple of things:

-With no armor that vampire should almost never leave the bunker. The skull staff is pretty expensive and you may want to drop it for a 2+ save and a weapon to make him more effective.
-No real reason for an extra spell on the necromancer I find. Dedicate him to a spell and just work it into your tactics. Necromancers just aren't good enough to waste points on.
-Grave guard just aren't that great with great weapons. Sure witht he helm of commandment and the banner of barrows they can do ok, but they are still going to take a beating when they get charged. I find it works best to use them for strong static res and leave them with their shields and give the unit a warbanner. Them most units will just bounce off of them.
-Two units of bats is probably more than you need and the points could be better used elsewhere.
-The black knight unit is small and only has a 3+ save. You have to be careful or they can easily be wiped out before you can heal them. I'd give them barding or at least at a knight or two.
-As already said the bloodknights are a liability unless you have the hounds to support them.

Hope that helps.

02-03-2009, 18:34
The combination on you lord ain't that bad but he looses his uses in CC - and that's sad coz the 4 ws7 str5 attacks is a neat extra bonus :)

I'd like you to try:

Master of the Black Arts
Forbidden Lore
The Master (in whatever form you'd like)
Skull Staff
Sword of Might

- this gives him a whole new lore of his liking + the summoning with +2
- 4 str 6 attacks before any1 get to strike him
- 5 PD's, 2 DD's and +1 cast/dispel

The Helm of Commandment is a nice piece of equipment and should go to the 2nd vamp instead of his Book of Arkhan...

Otherwise the list is quite okay imo... the Bloodknights could use some Wolves to help them with their frenzy - otherwise use your bats (who should be under special units aswell), they're even better at it but you might need em elsewhere...

And then as a last thing the BK's are a bit easily shot down for the amount of points spend on them...

GL an HF,