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03-03-2009, 02:03

My mother was thinking of trying to start a warhammer gaming group at our local library (she works there). A while back I saw the email for the person whom helps with such groups, so I wanted to know If anyone had this email. Also any tips would be helpful on running such a group.


03-03-2009, 03:19
Can't help with the email, but if you can find the Warhammer warbands rules online, they would be good for starting a club. I think that's what they were called - basically you start with a small force, and build it up over time. Perfect for new players just beginning to acquire and paint armies.

If you can't find them online, I believe I have the pdf files here. Somewhere.

03-03-2009, 08:07
First stop, rules of the club (heres a copy of mine)

Aim is to promote the enjoyment of table top strategy games such as WH40K and Warhammer. However other strategy games are welcome.


Club fees are currently 80p a night ( from 1st May 2005) with the first night free. Players can owe up to 2 nights fees but are not allowed to play owing more than this.

All day meetings (10am-5pm) are sometimes held to allow very big battles to be fought. The cost per player is 3 and even first timers must pay.


Club nights are fortnightly (see next meetings list) but are not held on banks holidays. Sometimes all-day meetings will be organised which will be notified to all members.

Players are expected to help set up and pack away games equipment at the meetings. The job takes 6 people 5 minutes or one person half an hour. I take the equipment out of my house and put it back again, but I'm not going to do all the work myself, If I get left putting stuff away on a Monday night. the next Monday will start late by as long as it took me to pack the stuff away.


1. Dice etc come to the club in boxes, put the stuff back in the boxes when you have finished.

2. Treat the figures with care, If figures are mishandled they be withdrawn.

3. When putting away the terrain, remember.
Hills, woods and rivers go in first.
The buildings go on in last.


There is to be no fighting or other skylarking between members.

Punishment ranges from a single meeting ban to a permanent expulsion from the club.

03-03-2009, 08:43
Aren't libraries supposed to be quiet? I can imagine that players screaming "WAAAUGH" might annoy the other patrons.

03-03-2009, 09:02
Check out the community page at games-workshop.com.
you need to get in touch with a lady called Bek Hawkby who will be happy to give you all the advice and support that you need! I've posted her email below for you.