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03-03-2009, 02:31
which ones are worth using? and which ones are rubbish, i'm pretty sure i want grimgor, but other than him i dont know who is worth fielding, or for that matter i'm not entirely sure if grimgor is worth it?

so... pointers please? any help on who i should pick?

03-03-2009, 07:35
No-one - I'd suggest asking the mods to move this to general discussion, as there isn't a rules questions here ;)

Personally - if you run gobbos only then the Ld8 gobbo character is a good one to have, you may not run away then, else Grimgor is a beast.

03-03-2009, 08:40
They are all nice. Not really special, but also not very pricey. They mainly add flavour.
Only exception is Grimgor. He is quite hard. But you should be very carefull, if he manages to flank your unit so that Grimgor cannot fight, and they start running, then you got a problem. Otherwise definately worth it.

I once fielded Azhag, but I found his stupidity too annoying to do so again (failed 3 times...)
Skarsnik is nice. Especially if you field all-night goblin armies, then his leadership of 8 is a good thing.
I haven't used Grom and Gorbad yet, but I can see their uses.

03-03-2009, 13:38
I've tried all of them in the past (most of them in one big battle...) so I'm happy to give you feedback on the lot of them...

Gorbad- Ld 10 over 18" is good...but less fun when he's wounded and only units within 6" can use his Ld. Having an extra unit of big unz isn't really usefull, unless you have a hankering to field big un boyz and boar boyz. In combat he can do well against heavily armoured troops, but is only truly effective against hard characters if they don't have a higher I, but defensively he's pretty weak as his only protection in a 3+ save...

Azhag- Stupidity is a bitch, but being able to make units re-roll animosity failures is useful for making sure certain units get off their important charges. He's got good attack and defense (and a wyvern!) and can be used effectively in an army with 3 more level 2 shamans. The only problem is if you don't like the idea of your general leaving the units of boyz behind. I personally don't have a problem with this and even sometimes field him as a non-general lord in 3k games...with the other lord also being mounted on a Wyvern! :D

Grimgor- Combat monster, nuff said...but most opponents are wise enough to not engage him head on these days. And flank charges can ruin your day even if he is in a massive unit of Black Orcs.

Grom- Effective when backed up by other chariots, Grom's pretty tough with his 5+ ward and regeneration. He also loves elves, as the chariot impact hits and 5+ killing blow can mince through their best infantry (with the exception of PG...bloody ward saves!:mad: )

Skarsnik- Great fun in a NG only army, as it's your only access to Ld 8. Hard hitter in combat and a bound spell is always a bonus. His extra abilities can mess up your opponents deployment/ early battle plans and make facing a pillbox even more annoying.

Hope this helps...personally I prefer to use characters of my own making, but using special characters from time to time can add extra flavour to a game.