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03-03-2009, 12:18
make a WoC army completely dedicated to Tzeentch would it be competitive and viable?

I want to get back into fantasy, but instead of picking up my empire or lizardmen army i want to do something new/evil/different. I dont want to play empire again , they are fun and tactical but at the end of the day they are humans. As for Lizards, i know they just got a new army book... but i would rather cut myself then play with those (IMO) gawd awful models. Also im not such a fan of the new army book in general. nothing wrong with it that im aware of, i just don't fancy the feel.

I've always liked Tzeentch and generally hated/disliked the other chaos gods but i keep reading that single god armies do poor. I know Tzeentch was powerful in there previous edition but how do they fair now?


Dead Man Walking
03-03-2009, 13:20
If you do it right theres absolutely no reason to ever get into combat, with an almost all flying army theres no reason to step into a charge range. I know someone who plays all Tz and frankly he wins a lot. His only complaint is that he rarely gets to use all his casting dice because he ends up miscasting at some point.

When in doubt, proxy a game or two.

03-03-2009, 13:41
DMW: That's likely daemons, Warriors doesn't really have the "all flying" aspect on Tzeentch any longer.

Now, as for a Tzeentchian army, you are in luck, Warriors heavy tzeentch with disc characters and a sorceror lord or daemonprince is one of the stronger armies out there if you know how to use it, it's won two tournaments with different players leading it. The Lore of Tzeentch has access to one of THE most powerful, unit destroying spells out there, the Infernal Gateway.

Pop into the Warriors of Chaos tactica in the tactics forum, ask around and read a bit and you should be fit for fight with an army dedicated to the Lord of Change

bork da basher
03-03-2009, 16:15
i play all tzeentch and am so far undefeated in 9 games. i play a cavalry army with 4 sorcerers (lvl4 &3lvl2) all on discs and the army really works in harmony with each other. you can throw out a truly fearsome magic phase and when your flying about on discs your in range of more or less everything on turn 1 onwards.

plenty of builds to try but in my experience tzeentch benefits from fast n hard hitting elements over foot troops.