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03-03-2009, 11:41

Vamp Lord 415/420
general, +1 lvl
Powers: MotBA, lord of the dead, Dark acolyte.
Nightshroud/flayed haubrek, Dispel scroll, powerstone
Goes in bunker

vamp BSB 300
Powers:Dark acolyte, Avatar of death.
Drakenhof banner
goes with GG

vamp 200
Powers: dreadknight, infinite hatred
Sword of battle, Book of Arkhan
Goes on one flank, opposite of the varghulf

Vamp 190
powers:Dark acolyte, lord of the dead.
Helm of command, Cadaveros Cuir...
goes in bunker


15 Skeleton warrios 180
FC, spears, war banner

15 Skeleton warrios 140

10 Ghouls 88


5 Black knights 185
FC, Banner of endless nightmare

13 Grave guard 221
FC, Royal standard of Strigos


varghulf 175

3 Cairn Wraiths 150

all in all: 2244 points
PD 13
DD 7

The idea of the army is to more or less just wait and raise the skeleton units, while the Wraiths, Varghulf and dreadknight run around the oncoming storm of Warrios and marauders.. Wraith on the other flank than Knights of chaos, while the BG with vamp is suppose to threaten the knights of Chaos.
The center is established around 2 large units of skel(or they will be) and the GG. With the bunker from witch the Lord and caster vamp support the units.
He has NO dragon or other flying monster coming down fromt he skies after my lord... So nightsshroud might be enough..? lost 3 times in a row to this guy, and fairly new to VC so help is more than appreciated:)
I run a Wight king instead of the BSB vamp, but thought this might come more in handy, for support of Wraiths.

Thank you in advance..:skull:

03-03-2009, 17:31
You have too many points in your characters which is leaving you with gimped support units. This is mainly due to the expensive BSB.

Keep in mind that a bunker is a place where your casters can hide (duh) and that if they are hiding there then they shouldn't see combat. If they do see combat then it should be a dragon (which you said he won't have), fast cav (which they can easily beat), or they broke through your lines and the game is over anyway. So I would drop the ghast and all armor from characters that will always be in the bunker.

If you give your lord flayed haubrek and say the sword of might then he can be a front line fighter. All you have to do is bounce around to avoid his characters.

Dreadknight gives you a lance, why take the sword of battle? Use these points to give the lord the sword of might (if you are going that way).

3 wraiths are not enough to be effective and 13 grave guard is too small. You may want to drop one or the other to make the other strong.

With his strong fighters I wouldn't take a varghulf.

SNEAKY TRICK!!!: Your characters are basically untouchable. If you want magic superiority then give them whatever you want and forget about combat gear. Then put them right up in the front ranks. When you get in combat he HAS to issue a challenge which you can always turn down. The trick to this is to have no unit champ and only have one character in each unit so he has to pick that caster to go to the back (and to safety). Just watch out for units with no champs in them.

04-03-2009, 17:00
have to disagree with you... the 13 GG, with drakenhof banner can stand against any of his units, and the wraiths still can be able to flank attack and take out 3-4 kills which is vital for CR. The varghulf is about the only one who's proven to be more than the points worth.
I see your point with caster vamps and dreadknight.... The sword of battle was for defence if he got charged.
But i'm gonna take another look on my charachters and the points used on them.

But would you prefer wight king over the vamp bsb?

04-03-2009, 17:20
13 GG can take any of his units, hmm? I can see a nice juicy Hell Cannon target myself. Heck, a Sorceror Lord with just a flunkie in support could give you all sort of trouble.

04-03-2009, 17:47
I would rather take the banner of barrows with the battle standard since he goes with GG. Killing blows are gonna be your best things versus those armor saves.

04-03-2009, 17:50
side ?, what do people feel is more effective: banner of barrows + vc lord with helm throwing WS7 on the them, effectively hitting on 2s

or hatred banner with WS7 from helm hitting on 3s?

04-03-2009, 17:55
side ?, what do people feel is more effective: banner of barrows + vc lord with helm throwing WS7 on the them, effectively hitting on 2s

or hatred banner with WS7 from helm hitting on 3s?

Hatred banner with ws7 lord. lets calculate the chance to hit ^_^.
hatred banner+ws7 lord has .89 chance to hit. (.67will hit first time, reroll will have .22 hit)
banner of barrows has .84 chance to hit.( just the one hit will miss 1/6th of the time, generating .16 to miss bieng a .84 to hit. not a large difference)
hope my math is right. The over all question is, does that extra .05-.06 worth having to persue every time?