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count chocula
03-03-2009, 14:30
I am currently working on my vampire counts list and after having abysmal luck with magic ( miscast when ever using two dice) I have came up with a more combat oriented list

vampire lord-infinite hatred, red fury, walking death, sword of battle, flayed hauberk- 345 ( hangs out with the guard)

wight king- banner bearer, banner of dracken hof - 225 ( hangs out with the guard)

vampire- dread knight, walking death- 150 ( helps black knights win combat with additional combat res and awesome profile)

vampire- ghoul kin, summon ghouls- 140 ( summons ghouls whole game)

20 crypt ghouls- champion - 168

20 crypt ghouls- champion- 168

20 crypt ghouls- champion- 168

corpse cart- load stone- 100

19 grave guard- banner of barrows, champ- 297

9 black knights- barding, war banner, champ- 309

vargulf- 175

03-03-2009, 14:42
I've never been a fan of the ghoul heavy approach, but I hear it works well. The only recommendation I have is to change the sword of battle to the sword of might. You're already going to pull off an almost certain 4 attacks with Infinite Hatred and S6 will negate 4+ or worse to nothing, allowing you to take full advantage of Red Fury. Not to mention if you should face tougher opponents you'll still wound them on a 2+, again allowing extra attacks with Red Fury.

count chocula
03-03-2009, 14:56
thanks therat for the advice, i have been debating the sword of battle vs the sword of might and with lots of monsters starting to appear at the store it might be a wise choice

03-03-2009, 16:34
Why a unit of 9 black knights, why not make it say, 7 strong and buy some doggies with the spare points?

03-03-2009, 18:19
The advice of Makina sounds good to me. Dire wolves are fast and very annoying for any kind of opponent.

Beside. Why not put 2 vampire in the guard unit and the wight king with the black knights. To me it's a more logic choice cauz that way you can keep the advantage of moving like ethereals creatures.
You could keep the BSB in the black knights with the banner the double you US or drop it and let the thrall in the guard unit be the BSB