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03-03-2009, 22:16
Hi there, I am a relatively new player to warhammer FB. I've been collecting a bit of lizardmen, and I finally decided to make a new list with the codex that came out last month.

Slann mage-Priest
Plaque of Tepok
Divine Plaque of protection
Unfathomable Presence
Transcendent Healing
Blood Statuette of Spite

Saurus Scar Veteran
Standard Bearer
Totem of Prophecy
Light armor + shield

Skink Priest
Diadem of Power
Engine of the Gods

Saurus Warriors x19 (to be joined by scar vet)

Saurus Warriors x20
Full command

Skink Skirmishers x12
Javelins & shields

Skink Skirmishers x12

Cold one cavalryx5
Full command
Sun standard of Chotec

Razordon Hunting Pack

Terradon Riderx3

I think thats about 1999 points. C&C would be appreciated.

04-03-2009, 10:23
This is a list I would not play in this condition. I give you a few opties:

I disslike your slann-mage
1. you have 2 enchanted items and that's illigale you have divine plague of protection and blood statue of spirit becouse your slann is on his own loze the blood statue of spirit he realy needs the 2+WS vs shooting. (save 25pt)
2. plague of tepok give you only 1 extra spell so there is a chance that you dont get the powerfull spell you want so In my oppinion loze the plague of tepok and get focus of mystery (save 15 pt spent 50pt)
3. I see you realy are afraid to loze your slann becouse you take the 2+WS for shooting the regeneration and magic resistance. in my oppinion loze the unfathomable presence and transcensent healing. But if you realy want to protect your slann more than take Higher state of consioousness or transcendent healing (save 50 / 100pt)
4. for realy doninating the magic phase take: the focused rumination so you have a extra "free" power dice with each spell you cast (spent 50pt)

Scar-veteran BSB What can I say... You dont get the points you spent in victory points never in anny battle. here this is what U can do.
1. if you realy want a BSB take a chief skink BSB with the skavenpelt banner. drop him in a unit off Saurus warriors give them spear's and tada a frenzy unit off saurus warior's with 13 ws3 str4 and 4 ws4 Str4 attacks on the first line. second line you got 15 ws3 str4 attack's... hhmmzzz quit nice aight? you will spent more points here if you do! (save 50 points?)
2. Take a kick ass scar-veteran with kick ass attack's! for example:
scar-veteran, Light armour, aditional hand weapon. enchanted shield, venom of the firefly frog, carnosaur pendant. totaal point's: 132 and it will give you a 2+AS 5 WS5 STR5 attack's and after 1 wound it become frenzy zo 6 attack's ;).

skink priest like him :). only consider to give him a dispell scroll! can also be with your slann....

for the 4th character you can take another scar-veteran so you will get 2 hard hitting scarry dino's. or take another skink priest so you will get more domination in your magic phase!

Saurus warior's full command fine :) so give your second also a banner! (spent 12pt) a BSB can be killed in a combat but your unit banner will picked up by your unit so it will stay till the last man is down!

skink skirmizers I realy like skink skirmizers they are fast, block line of sight for enemy's, you can lure frenzy unit's upon to you and you will be protected agains fire shot's. They will die verry fast but thats not a problem that is there duedy to die! so reay get ride of the brave sort them to 10 and let them keep the blowpipe's! AVOID COMBAT WITH THEM. every combat (exept agains other skirmizer's or marchblocker's) they will get beaten up badly. if you do you will save 52 points!!!!!!!

The terradon's I like a lot :D but get ride of the brave again! that extra STR on your brave isn't worth it! you dont get more attack's so ;) (save 10pt)

The cold one cavalry I like I never play with them but I quit like them. They are fast, and can kill easy ;). consider to give them a scar-veteran on cold one!

Razordon Hunting Pack this is only 1 razordon? hhmmmzzz bether take a single salamander then... or get ride of it and spent more point's on your army becouse these thing's wont do it on there own. I alway's play them with 3 and than they will give some dmg.

In my opinion that are the thing's you can do in your army. at this point you will save a lot of points so I got another few thing's:
Mayby also get rid on the cold one knight's and the razordon and take a unit of temple guard's 16 should be enough to make a block with 4 rank's. consider take 20 so you stand 6wide. ofc. full comand! than your slann is extra protected and you can need to take Unfathomable presence. you will get the magic resistance 3 so your slann and the unit are save for magic. you got the look out sir! on your slann. so you dont need the divene plague of protection. you will save anther point's there so you can protect your slann for misscast's with soul of stone. take all so the other 2 disiplines that I said with your slan and you will dominate magic with your slann. at that point you also can take the blood statue again becouse you dont have enchanted item's. If you got some point's left consider to take another unit of skink skirmizers or razordon's/salamander's. or ofc. the terradon's will do.

have fun and good luck.!

05-03-2009, 21:24
Okay, I did some editing, heres a new list:

Slann mage-Priest + Plaque of Tepok + Higher State of Consciousness + Unfathomable presence (or any other discipline) + Battle Standard

Saurus Scar Veteran + Light armor + Enchanted Shield

Skink Priest + Diadem of Power + Engine of the Gods

Saurus Warriors x19 + Full command (to be joined by the Scar vet)

Saurus Warriors x20 + Full command

Skink Skirmishers x12+ Javelins & shields

Skink Skirmishers x12

Skinks + Kroxigor

Temple Guardx16 + Full Command

Salamander Hunting Pack

05-03-2009, 22:16
Give the scar veteran a great weapon, this way he can choose which to use, if he is not in much danger (remember he is T5) then 4 S7 attacks will win a combat.

I prefered your original list because it had no temple guard. I think you will have more options if you give your slann the 2+ ward and use him on his own. This makes yuour army on a whole faster, and the enemy will focus loads of shooting and magic at the slan, all of which will be largly pointless because he is nigh on impossible to kill.

You dont need a 4th hero, lizards should never play with a full compliment of heroes (i know you havent, just saying)

You dont need the diadem of power, you have a slann, so you want a devastating magic phase, removing 2 of your dice will not help this.

If you ever get any spare points, get power stones on the slann, remember he can use his free dice with them, so each powerstone is 3 dice for casting, well worth 20 points.

Slann being a bsb is a very good idea, dont drop that.