View Full Version : dusting off my clan eshin army...

04-03-2009, 03:22
2250 skaven clan eshin

master assassin: ws amulet, bands of power, weeping blade, smoke bombs
sorcerer: lvl2, smoke bombs, eye of the horned rat, dispel scroll
sorcerer: lvl2, smoke bombs, ws stars
sorcerer: lvl2, brass orb, smoke bombs


6 nightrunners, xhw (x5)
6 nightrunners, throwing stars (x2)
6 nightrunners, slings (x2)


5 gutter runners, poisoned hand weapons, tunnelers(x2)
10 gutter runners, poisoned hand weapons, poisoned throwing stars, black skaven
3 plague rat swarms


eshin triad, smoke bombs, (x2)

going to spring this on a buddy tomorrow if we can get a second gamae in, haven't played it since 6th ed, my main concern is getting march blocked, and trying to find something that won't kill the swarms too quickly.

basic tactic is to try the bands first a thing. if he dispels it, go after a soft wizardish target, if he doesnt, whack the general w/ str 9 d 3 wounds. get the brass orb, ws star guys in the backfield to tax the units i need to hurt, and harass and annoy with the rest, triads hunt down small units and depleted foot troops. assassinate, evade, and annoy.

Eshin FTW!