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04-03-2009, 03:41
when you are shooting at a single model on foot you suffer a -1 to hit penalty

when you are shooting at a single character on foot you suffer a -1 to hit penalty

where is it defined in the rulebook what a "single model" is? so like i thought it was a roughly man-sized model what is this....? how big a stand?

my question is i played my brother in a game last weekend and he has Vampire Counts and he used a Varghulf vs High Elves and he was in direct line less than 12" away from my Bolt Thrower....he claimed he had the "single model " shooting at it? so i suffered a -1 to hit against it and missed how is this possible first to be realistic the base its on is a monster base....? its huge not a LARGE TARGET however....but how is this roughly-man sized! its not a character i think its a RARE choice in army book if im right? please help this didn't sound right...but i could be wrong here? i just don't know the right answer. thanks.

Necromancy Black
04-03-2009, 04:26
This has been erreta'd and the wording changed.

Now it's all US1. A unit or single model of all US1 models get the -1 to hit bonus.

Models with a larger US, like calvary, Salamanders and Ogres, don't get the -1 to hit bonus.