View Full Version : Anyone ever have an opponent get upset that you didn't take a WAAC list?

04-03-2009, 10:28
I admit I'm not the best player and I do make some weird lists from time to time. And just for fun I will try a powerlist once in a while but usually anything that does too good is extremely boring to me. I like a challenge, so I tend to bring a balanced list that rely more on tactics then overpowering. Seems like some people I play with though get upset that I don't take the most powerful builds I can possibly come up with. Are WAAC players becoming that much of a standard that they are like the opposite of normal players who want balance? Most people I thought hated powerlists, but it seems like people who play powerlists all the time hate it when you don't try and build something up to their powerlevel that they can compete with. Anyone else ever have this problem?

Disciple of Caliban
04-03-2009, 10:39
extremely boring to me

This i think is the important part. You find using a 'power' list (i wont say WAAC list, because such a thing cannot ever exist) boring, because it is generally a point and click type force, and either wins big or loses big based on what it comes up against, yes?

So look at it from the other guys perspective, how boring do you think he finds it walking all over your army? He also wants a challenging game, and its quite feasible to have a challenging game when both players bring very powerful army lists.

Personally, i would never complain to someone for their choice of list. However, if i had brought a powerful list that i was trying to fine tune for an upcoming tournament or some such then i probably wouldnt want to play against a 'weaker' list, simply because it isnt going to help me get any better using my chosen force.

The best solution for this type of thing is to play gamers of a similar disposition to yourself, if however that isnt possible, then try and agree on what type of lists your going to bring (flufffy, uber powerful or what) before the game, so both players know what they're up against

04-03-2009, 10:51
I wouldnt complain outloud but tbh its kinda lame when you bring a sledgehammer to deal with a china vase so to speak. Massacreing my enemy holds no joy when they are playing a common goblin only theme and i have vampires for example.

04-03-2009, 10:55
I entirely agree with you on the point of power armies, I also find them boring to play when you just keep winning by walking right over your opponent, in some cases quite litteraly. (Or rather, rolling over them when you take an army of TK chariots against the gnobblar hoards. I know not exactly WAAC against most other armies, but against that opponent it was.)

While I won't put an opponent down for choosing a poor list, I will give a few pointers, both in army lists and tactics, after the game. I usually tell them the weakness of the army I just used, and ways to maximise the list against them. This has been difficult when I take Skaven, whose strength is their numbers, but their weakness is their lack of powerful (and I mean deathstar powerful) units. Not easy to take advantage of that because numbers are very hard to deal with at times.

Saying this however, I do leave a few things out, just so that they can't just make tailored lists to fight me with. I try and lead them towards a more balanced list, so that they will be more effective against the army just used, but also still good against the other armies out there.

If a person says that they are building a themed list, or they say they love using a unit I recommended replacing with something else, I say 'that's fair enough'. I know that it is really fun to use themed lists at times, even if they can get annihilated against certain armies. Eg, I've made a nigh complete etheral list for VC, consisting of min. squads of Ghouls as core, and then wriaths, spirit hosts and etheral vampires. I don't care that some enemies would wipe the floor with them, I just love using that army.

But, going back to the OP, I don't think that I'd ever complain that an opponent didn't go WAAC on me. Unless it was to see whose WAAC army was better, that is, and they ended up changing the list a bit which dropped the WAAC level a bit.